Why Is VPN Important?

You might have seen it browsing online. And say what is VPN?

You might even have an idea what it is.

But chances are, you are probably not that interested to use one.

But, if you do not want to regret later on, then you really should start using one when going online.

What Is VPN?

Virtual Private Network, VPN in short, is a group of computers or discrete networks which are networked together over a public network, most commonly known as the internet. In simpler terms, a VPN will connect your tablet, smartphone or PC to another computer (known as a server) somewhere on the internet and allows you to browse online using that computers internet connection.

Therefore, if that server is in a different country, then it will appear that you are coming from the country and allows you to access things that you could not normally.

So, What Makes VPN Important?
  • Protect Your Online Privacy

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) copyright trolls as well as hackers can easily track whatever apps you use or websites you visit.


Browsing activities can be traced back to your IP address. By using VPNs, you can mask your IP address and your browsing activities and you can have your own privacy.

  • Use Public Wi-Fi Networks Without Worries

Who does not love free stuff, right?

And the same can be applied to free internet connection being provided at airports, restaurants, cafes and other public places.

Most people do not even hesitate to connect to such networks. However, you need to understand that such hotspots are not that safe for confidential logins and browsing.

But, if you really want safety?  the only possible way is to invest in a quality VPN service and keep all your communications encrypted and secure.

  • It Adds Security Against Cyber Attacks

In the most recent years, data thefts and cyber-attacks have been too common across the globe. And even some of the biggest companies and organizations such as Tumblr, LinkedIn, Yahoo and leading banks have been receiving unending attacks and forced to deal with security breaches.

The most common cyber-attack is called ransomware. It is a type of malware which encrypts your files and holds them hostage. It demands you money in order to decrypt the files and payments will be made to anonymous bitcoin attacks. During the year 2016 and 2017, ransomware becomes so rampant that these cybercriminals have made over 1 billion USD for such attacks.

However, with a good VPN, you can greatly enhance your security to your internet connection and reduce that chances of your data being misused and stolen.

  • It Avoids Surveillance And Censorship

There are a lot of countries which impose censorship and restrictions on the use of the internet. This restrictions usually prohibits access to particular websites and other online services.

Users living in such restrictive countries can benefit from VPN by connecting to a server which enables them to tunnel out the restriction and access the full World Wide Web. Moreover, VPN can also conceal your internet activity and data from any surveillance.

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