PhotoStick Reviews: The Best Photo Backup Device of 2024

Memories are priceless. I keep them. You should keep them too. And there are several ways that you can choose to keep those priceless memories of yours. Pictures and videos are the most accessible options to us all. In times where our mental capabilities fail us, pictures bring us to moments far spent. Storing these pictures, however, is a challenge that’s not well addressed. Several solutions have been created. Cloud storage, memory disks, external Hard Drives, and all. Among all these options, PhotoStick is my most trusted tool for safekeeping the memories of cherished moments.

I’ve written this ThePhotoStick review to describe my experience with using Photo Stick. I will cover what ThePhotoStick is and how it works to help those new to the technology understand it. Also, you will learn how to use the PhotoStick as well as the many benefits that come from using it and, of course, where to buy ThePhotoStick at huge discounts and a money-back guarantee.


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Updated on 20 July 2024

What is The Photo Stick?

ThePhotoStick reviews everywhere describe it as a USB storage device. But, it is not just another USB storage device. At least not to me.

Unlike most other USB storage devices, ThePhotoStick is designed to automatically backup your memorable pictures and videos for you to access at a later time. You might say that other USB storage devices do the same and you won’t be wrong.

For me, the ease with which ThePhotoStick backs up my files is incomparable. Also, it keeps your files organized and backed up to optimize space without compromising quality. How is that even possible?

Discover the Latest Innovation!
Recently, The PhotoStick’s Company released a new universal version that works on every kind of devices and Operating Systems such as iPhone, Android and Windows allowing you to backup and transfer your pictures and videos seamlessly. Discover more about the PhotoStick Omni by reading our review.

How to use PhotoStick

It’s simple. Do you remember Google Photos and iCloud photo backup? Do you know how they back up your files?

Well, for Android users, the Google Photo is automatically installed on your device to send your pictures to your Drive. And for iOS users, iCloud is installed to back up your photos, except you turn it off. If you prefer to back up the photos on your smartphone offline, you can check out the Photo Stick for Mobile. It fits perfectly for iPhones and Android devices.


It is basically the same with ThePhotoStick for PC. However, you have to install The Photo Stick on your PC by yourself. Don’t blame The Photo Stick. They don’t have a huge deal with computer OS makers. Not yet.

So, to use it on your PC, simply insert it into your USB port. For Windows users, an action “window” will pop up. Click the “Run” option. If it doesn’t, you can easily go to “File Explorer” and find “ThePhotoStick® Windows.exe” somewhere on the list of Drives. By double-clicking on the file, the “Run” window will pop right up.

If you are a macOS user like myself, you probably already know that our lives are a little more complicated than our Windows counterparts. That’s because Apple decided to keep us airtight without windows for security reasons. Nevertheless, using ThePhotoStick on macOS is just two clicks simpler.

First, plug ThePhotoStick into your USB port. Click the “PHOTO-STICK” icon that shows up on your screen. Select ThePhotoStick®Mac and press “Go”. What’s next?

Join me, sip some espresso, and let The Master (that’s what I call my PC lol) do its thing.

Installed, it will back up your pictures and videos just like you already know without leaving duplicates.


What are the benefits of ThePhotoStick?

Several Photo Stick reviews have echoed the benefits of using this portable backup device. Although most ThePhotoStick review seems pretty textbook-like to me, I’ve experienced them while I used the stick. But here are some unique advantages that I discovered as I used the Photo Stick.

Enormous storage capacity

If you are panicking that the Photo Stick cannot contain all your photos, then I’m sure you’re panicking for the wrong reasons. The Photo Stick has up to 128GB of storage capacity to hold all your pictures.

This 128GB storage capacity can hold up to 35,500 pictures. This includes images of significant moments in your life. For myself, I have my high school graduation pictures backed up, my first pictures with my high school sweetheart, and some early-stage memories with my folks. Well, I won’t forget to mention prom night and the first time I smoked pot (I never tried it again after that day. lol)

Just like me, you can keep all of those and more in your own PhotoStick.


Automatic and instant backup

One thing I usually hate about backing up my photos is the need to select multiple files from my heap of random goofy pictures. But with the PhotoStick, backups are automatic. So, when pictures on my iPhone are synced with my MacBook, all it takes to receive a lifeless and rent-free backup is to simply plug the Photo Stick into my USB port and phew!

Compatible with all Operating Systems

For no reason at all, my sister prefers Windows. And for the reason of intentional inconvenience, she backs up her photos on my PhotoStick even though I bought one for her too. Well, who doesn’t love to be accorded such a level of trust anyway? I do love her above and beyond.

The PhotoStick serves both of us, regardless of the device we are connecting to. By simply plugging into her “doorless” Windows PC, all her photos are backed up automatically. Same thing happens when I plug it into my MacBook. Tada!

Insane file organization feature

I may think that I take a lot of pictures. But compared with my beloved sister, I’m camerophobic. Having both or pictures backed up in the same storage device could have made it hard to find some of my treasured pictures. However, with PhotoStick, that’s not the case.

This storage stick comes with an impressive organization feature that automatically sorts your pictures into folders for easy differentiation.

Also, the cataloging is cool. With the search feature on your computer, you can easily pull up any part of your memory in the snap of a finger. Sttsaap!!!

Still asking how does PhotoStick organize photos?

It ain’t rocket science.

Unimaginable security advantage

We’ve all heard about people’s cloud storage accounts getting hacked or infected. Well, all those happen because files are hosted over the internet.

When you use the Photo Stick, your files are saved offline, somewhat similar to using an External Hard Disk Drive but it is quite better than that in some ways already discussed. And in one more way.

It’s very portable

Unlike with my External HDD, I don’t bother about finding the space to fit my Photo-Stick. No matter how stuffed my backpack is or how skinny my jeans are, I can always slide the Photo Stick in somewhere and it could be totally undetected.

It’s a juicy idea and I like it!

thephotostick review

But it does have a few shortcomings.

Like everything created by man, the Photo Stick is far from perfection. I found it wanting in a few ways that I believe you should be informed about.

Limited storage options

ThePhotoStick is available only in three storage options: 8GB, 64GB, and 128GB.

I would have opted for a 256GB option if they had it. However, the 128GB is serving me excellently. I’m sure it would do the same for you.

Can’t connect to mobile

ThePhotoStick has a Type A USB port which is only available on host devices like desktop computers and laptops. Our smartphones are equipped with Type Micro B and Type C ports mainly.

Where to safely buy PhotoStick

I’ve been asked a lot of times, “does the PhotoStick really work?” And every time, I answer that question by showing them how it works, the next thing they ask is: “Where can I buy one?”

photo stick

Well, Digitogy has made it easy for interested buyers. They negotiated a 50% discount for loyal readers who want to backup their treasured memories in photos and videos. You too can enjoy this huge discount by clicking on the button below to order one or more units of ThePhotoStick.

Also, as a part of the deal, buyers get a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase. So, you are free to return the product within 60 days if you don’t like what you received. It’s that simple.

Returns can be mailed to ThePhotoStick Returns, 206 N. Colorado Ave, Haxtun, CO 80731.

And don’t forget to shoot an email to to inform them about the return and request your money back.



Other than those two basic questions, here are some of the questions that I’m frequently asked when I talk about ThePhotoStick with anyone.

How much does ThePhotoStick cost?

ThePhotoStick costs between 35 and 80 dollars only. And you can enjoy the discount by using the button above.

Do I need to download a software to use PhotoStick?

No, you don’t need to download any software to use ThePhotoStick. All you need to do is simply insert it in your PC and follow the simple process described above to start using it.

How long does it take to get it set up?

It takes less than 30 seconds to get this device set up and back up your photos automatically.

How does it take to get shipped?

If you’re ordering from the United States, the Photo Stick can be delivered to you within 5-7 business days. But for customers outside the United States, you may have to wait up to 20 business days. Sorry!

Can I use this Photo Stick for my phone?

No, you cannot use this particular product for your phones because it’s only compatible with computer USB ports. However, there is a Photo Stick for mobile built to connect with Android and iPhones.

Concluding ThePhotoStick Review

I can tell anyone that this storage device is worth the try. I’ve used it myself and I’m impressed with how much thought went into its design. The security and ease of backing up my files have never been this relieving. You should give it a shot if you worry that your cloud storage might get compromised in any way in the future. An extra assurance does no harm.

ThePhotoStick Review: Approved!
9 Total Score
ThePhotoStick rating 2024

  • Portable
  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Automatic backup
  • Large storage
  • Compatible with all PC OS
  • Limited storage options
  • Not compatible with mobile phones
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  1. What do you have to back up photos from an Android Samsung cell phone?

  2. Will it download from a Sony digital camera

    • Hi Jim, if you have the app on your computer and if the digital camera is mounted as a drive, it should. If it doesn’t automatically find your camera, you can add the folder manually to the locations to scan.

  3. Does it handle Raw files.

  4. Can I plug it into my Android phone?

  5. Does it keep photos that I have already organised into albums, in those albums. These photos have all been taken on different dates over the years? Also how do you view them once on the photo stick?

    • The device not care where are the photos, takes any kind of images present on the phone. The photostick is a special USB device: one side you connect on the phone, the other side you can connect on a computer for copy the images after backup.

  6. once the photos are moved and organized onto the stick…can they be copied back to the PC. .so organized on pc and stored on stick for backup

  7. I already have a lot of cloud space. Should I get this instead?

    • I will definitely recommend getting a photostick. With cloud storage, you’d have to continuously upgrade and pay monthly fees to keep storing more photos. But this one is only a one time purchase which gives you a lot of other benefits.

  8. Reply Avatar photo July 7, 2019 at 2:53 pm

    does it need WiFi? like does it have a separate cloud that it uploads to or is it just a USB? would be cool if there was a cloud too tho

    • No it does not need WiFi at all! It doesn’t upload to a cloud so that you have all your files on-hand and ready to go at any time. Plus, you don’t have to pay for extra storage since it’s a one time USB purchase!

  9. Been thinking about a product like this for years! Great to hear they’ve finally made one. Hope it lives up to its review. I just might get one.

  10. seems great for pics but how about videos? completely useless if it doesn’t allow me to store videos too. for people like me who are too lazy for photos and prefer videos, its too much effort to have to copy them individually. less work, but still exhausting

    • Good news for you! It works with videos too! That’s right. It can back up all your precious videos AND photos all with the push of a button.

  11. woah this is so cool. im totally considering getting this now. prolly another one of my stupid impulse buys tho

    • You should definitely try it out! At first I thought this would be one of those one-time use buys as well but guess what? I’ve been using it all the time for my photos and videos. I even got my friends to purchase a couple and they’re all loving it! So you probably would too.

  12. I’m a photographer and I tried using this a couple weeks ago after I saw this review. It works like a charm and makes my job so much easier. I can go through my portfolio so quickly now

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