Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner Reviews: Does It Work or Is It a Scam?

I’ve worn glasses since I was a kid, and one thing I realized is that no matter how often you wipe the lenses, it will always get dirty. And it will only take a few minutes before your clean glasses get smudged again. Using microfiber cloth seems to get the job done, but after a while, we tend to get lazy and use any cloth to wipe it. Lens cleaning is such a mundane, mindless task that so many of us don’t even think so much about. So, you may be in search of the best eyeglass cleaner. Well, here’s a product that will make lens cleaning more efficient and enjoyable: Peeps eyeglass cleaner. Here’s my Peeps review:

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The issue: Scratched glasses

Let’s admit it, we’re guilty of using a microfiber cloth to wipe our lenses during the first few weeks after getting new eyeglasses. After a while, we eventually get tired and just use any rag or T-shirt to clean it.

In case you don’t know, this practice is really bad for the lenses. Cloth scratches the surface of the lens, making it blurry as time goes by. And those microfiber cloths are to blame as well.

So when I saw this gadget, I thought, why not try it out? Turns out it’s by far the best eyeglass cleaner I have ever used.

peeps eyeglass cleaner

In this Peeps eyeglass cleaner reviews, I will discuss what it is, how it works, and what its features are.

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The solution: CarbonKlean Peeps glasses cleaner

Unlike traditional cleaning cloths that are made of fiber, Peeps lens cleaner is the product of aerospace technology. It’s a small cleaning tool that comes with a brush and a cleaning pad to effectively lift dust and smudge away.

peeps lens cleaner

It uses carbon molecular technology, similar to what NASA uses to clean their screens. Until now, it has only been available for use in the government but thanks to CarbonKlean Peeps, you can use it to clean your lenses too. I mean, if NASA trusts it to clean their screens, I’m pretty sure you can trust it with yours.

The best thing about Peeps glasses cleaner is that it’s non-abrasive. It won’t create micro scratches on the lenses because it lifts dirt instead of smearing it around. You’ll exert less effort and actually remove dirt instead of just transferring it to another area. Your eyeglasses will last longer and you won’t have to replace it more frequently. A clean lens will let you enjoy the world in HD minus the annoying smudges.

It was even featured in Eyecare Business, NBC, and Kevin Harrington. CarbonKlean Peeps is trusted and recommended by 12,500 optometrists worldwide to take care of their patients’ eyeglasses.

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Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner Features

In this part of the Peeps eyeglass cleaner reviews, I’ll enumerate its features and benefits.

  • Carbon molecular technology. As I’ve mentioned, it uses carbon to attract dust and easily wipe smudges away. The carbon also repels oil and dirt to protect the lenses in the future. There’s no need to use microfiber cloths, rags, or even lens cleaning sprays. All you need is this efficient cleaning pad.
  • Lasts a long time. You’re not paying for it to just throw it away after a few uses. CarbonKlean Peeps is good for up to 500 cleanings with every pad. After that, you can replace the pad with a new one. With proper care, it might even last a lifetime.
    Safe for all lenses. Whether you’re using eyeglasses, sunglasses, or reading glasses, Peeps glasses cleaner is suitable for all of it. It’s also safe to use for all types of lens coatings. No wonder people call it as the best eyeglass cleaner of the century.
  • Works in any condition. Since NASA uses it in space, it generally works in any condition here. It’s cleaning power is not affected by heat, humidity, or cold. So no matter where you are, Peeps eyeglass cleaner will still work as good as it normally does. Yup, even in space.
  • Eco-friendly. The carbon pads are all-natural and the cleaner itself is reusable. You won’t have to dispose of it every after use since it lasts up to 500 cleans. This means that you’ll have significantly less waste and no chemical residue. You’re saving money AND being eco-friendly at the same time.

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How to use Peeps glasses cleaner

It might be used in space by NASA, but it’s not as complicated to use as it might sound. CarbonKlean Peeps has a simple two-step cleaning system.

  1. Use the non-abrasive, retractable brush to remove all dust and dirt particles from the screen.
  2. Open the carrying case to use the carbon pad. Place the lens between the two pads to clean both sides at the same time.peeps eyeglass cleaner

And it’s done! To recharge the carbon molecules so they are clean as good as the first time, simply put it back in its case.

Where to buy Peeps by CarbonKlean?

After hearing all those features such as carbon molecular technology and non-abrasive brushes, you might think that it’s very expensive. On the contrary, what Peeps is all about is being an effective eyeglass cleaner that’s portable and affordable.

It retails at $19.99 but you can get it for as low as $0 each when you buy more than one. Plus, all deals include free shipping across the US. Click the button below to know why people are calling it the best eyeglass cleaner.

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I’m adding Peeps eyeglasses cleaner to my list of everyday essentials. As an eyeglass wearer, I wonder where this product has been all my life. It’s such a great investment. I like how it totally removes smudges and dirt from the lens and not just smear it around. The non-abrasive quality is such a great one too because I have to replace my lens every year due to scratches. Not only is it costly, but also affects how I see, so using Peeps glass cleaner will surely prevent me from having blurry lenses.

Another thing that I love is that it’s eco-friendly. I’m a fan of sustainable products and I avoid using chemicals as much as possible so this is a plus. As with all the other Peeps glasses cleaner reviews out there, I’m really impressed. Overall, I’m giving Peeps glasses cleaner my seal of approval. It’s the best eyeglass cleaner for me.

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Peeps Review: Approved

Peeps lens cleaner is the product of aerospace technology. It's a small cleaning tool that comes with a brush and a cleaning pad to effectively lift dust and smudge away.

  • Suitable for all types of eyeglasses
  • Carbon molecular technology
  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • Pads fall off after many uses
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