Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder Review 2024: Say Goodbye to Super Glue

bondic review

Are you tired of those messy situations you find yourself in every single time you use glue? Well, we all know how hard it is to fix things on our own. Is there a possible way to do this without getting your hands dirty with the traditional adhesive you use? Yes, there is! As a matter of fact, you can now say goodbye to your typical glue forever and welcome Bondic liquid plastic welder in your life. This is our Bondic review, I swear it isn’t like other Bondic reviews.

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Does Bondic work? Yes, fix anything without making a mess!

We've all tried glueing our favorite toys and gadgets, failing miserably, or even making it worse in the end. With this liquid plastic welder, the struggle is over!

Updated on 16 July 2024

Join the DIY revolution with Bondic UV Glue!

You don’t have to say goodbye to your broken glasses or favorite mug.

It would feel just too awful to throw things away when they’re broken. Now, you will no longer need to do that as often. It is such a waste when things like broken glasses have to be replaced just because the glue you use is not capable of really fixing things.

So hold on, don’t be ready to trash it so soon. We have the effective solution that you’ve been silently hoping for.

$56 BILLION is the estimated fortune that is currently running in the market of adhesives & sealants. And this new product showcased the potential to be a disturbing force to this balance.

This new and excellent innovation can transform how you view DIY fixing and mending.

bondic replaces glue

With simple steps to follow, you will definitely forget all about super glue and switch to this cool mending tool instead.

Now, believe me, this is no exaggeration to get you to purchase this product. In fact, we don’t need to do that. Numerous Bondic reviews have already proved its effectiveness and efficiency so why not see it for yourself today too? Keep on reading for more Bondic reviews.

What is Bondic?

It is a pro liquid plastic welder that helps you fixing any broken thing. Sadly, you can’t use Bondic liquid welder to fix broken hearts…Anyway here’s the first part of the Bondic review where I’ll talk tell you what it is:

Not your typical glue

Just for all of you to know, this Bondic review will prove that this product is definitely NOT A GLUE. On the contrary, it is a solution for the times when an ordinary adhesive like glue fails to work.

Unlike glue, this cool plastic welder only hardens the moment you need it to. To prove that, leave it uncapped and see that it will never dry out. For this reason, you can always guarantee that it will never leave you hanging during the critical times.

So, to fix something, you just have to apply an ample amount of this liquid plastic welder to the parts damaged. Afterward, simply use the special UV light on it for about 4 quick seconds. And the damaged part will be mended through the hardened and frozen clear plastic liquid exposed to ultraviolet light.

As a matter of fact, you can also smooth it using sandpaper if you want to hide the mended area.

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Convenience and Power in One

With this amazing plastic welder, convenience and power come in one. Who would’ve ever guessed that a clear liquid which transforms into a rock-solid material would become the next big thing when it comes to fixing things nowadays?

bondic and its box

In just 4 quick seconds, you will instantly get the results you need. Would you like to know the best thing about using plastic welding tools like Bondic starter kit?

It provides top-notch results that are intended to exceed your expectations.

Bondic Can Do That for You

Do you still remember the times when you used to get so frustrated because you couldn’t fix the things you once cherished?

Even though it sounds like a dramatic scene from a movie, you can now turn back time with the best plastic welder in town. There is no need for you to glue things together again. With this plastic welder, you can now fix things without actually using glue.

fix cables with this liquid plastic welder

Do you need to fix glass, metal, wood, ceramics, plastics? Name all the things you need to mend, and this smart product can do that for you.

Once you have applied its unique liquid formula on the damaged area using the needle applicator included in it, back it up by shining the ultraviolet light on the liquid. Then, count up to four seconds to see the finished result.

fix anything even glass

This excellent product works great on items made out of metal, plastic, fiberglass, or wood, metal. It’s also great if you need to simply fill up gaps.

Through the Bondic glue technique, you are allowed to overlay plastic layers on top of one another in order to fill gaps in between various materials. Keep scrolling to learn more in our Bondic review.

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Bondic reviews: Let’s dive into the features

Let’s continue our Bondic reviews with its advantages. Struggle no more with these top offers:


Do you still doubt its capabilities? Let those doubts fade away once you use this amazing solution on wood, plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, etc.

This liquid plastic welder boasts versatility. In fact, it can handle mending a wide range of different materials that you can’t even imagine.


Once mended, it will never be broken again. The liquidized plastic solution is specifically formulated to last forever. Hence, it guarantees a long-lasting hold to stick things together for good!


You can now say goodbye to the messy situations you get from the traditional adhesives you normally use.

This hardened plastic cures with a clean and smooth finish. So, once you shine the special UV light on it (you can control everything with the LED light), you are ensured to get that sleek and smooth finish in a swift moment.

bondic features

Controlled Drying

Who wouldn’t be annoyed by all the times you forgot to cap a tube of glue which then inevitably dries out?

Good thing you can now forget those pesky things when you use this advanced mending innovation. Just like what we mentioned above, the special UV light that comes along with the product and allows you to control the drying of its unique clear liquid solution.

Unlike glue that dries out quickly whether you like it or not, this new innovation of adhesive and sealants only dries out when you want it to.


This is absolutely a non-toxic product.

Also, it eradicated the risk of burning because it does not require heat just like glue guns.

Use it freely all around and you won’t run into any problems with it.

Great Customer Satisfaction

This sleek product is a great solution for your fixing problems. By following the 4 simple steps of this product’s technique: clean, fill, cure, and shape, a lot of anxious people become happy again.

This product has actually helped numerous individuals to save a sea of precious things from being trashed. That is the best way to make customers happy.

As proof, see numerous positive Bondic reviews swearing by its legitimacy.

Bondic reviews: The Techniques  

How can there be Bondic reviews without some tricks and tips on how to get it right when it comes to using this welder? Here is the best way to solve that broken cup you have collecting dust.

bonfic fixing technique

Just follow the clearly illustrated step-by-step instruction below, and you are set to be a Fixit Master.

  1. First, you have to apply the unique clear liquid formula to the damaged parts. It is the same method as to how you used to apply a traditional adhesive in the past.
  2. Second, turn on the special UV light and shine it on the liquid for about 4 seconds and observe how it becomes hardened.
  3. Lastly (but it is optional), use sandpaper to smoothen the cured area.

Following these steps gives you a waterproof, rock-solid permanent bond that can last for a long time. It is also weatherproof so you will no longer have to worry about different weather hazards like heavy rain and excessive heat. We’ve come halfway through our Bondic reviews, but there’s a lot more to love!  Keep on reading Bondic reviews to find out more.

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How Much Does It Cost? Where to Buy Bondic?

Unlike other Bondic reviews, I will not tell you in this Bondic review that this product is cheap. However, if we compare its price and its advantages, I can say that it is well worth it.

With the best deals possible, you can get a Bondic Kitas low as $19.99. After that, you are already set to fix all those things you thought would be gone forever.

Stay Where You Are, You Don’t Need To Visit the Hardware Store!

Whenever you have something to fix, you instantly run to the hardware store and hope to find something of use there. Then you go back home hoping that it works – without even being sure of its capabilities.

Now is the right time for you to drop that habit and go for a sure thing. Getting this reliable product sets your mind at ease because its efficiency and versatility are guaranteed when it comes to fixing glass, wood, plastic, ceramic, and many more.

Need this liquid plastic welder right at this moment? Where to buy it? Actually, you don’t have to move from where you are right now because there is a convenient way to get the product in an instant! Simply click here and you are set!

Bondic Reviews: Let’s Hear From The Real User

I accidentally broke my wife’s favorite mug in two and thought my life just ended right there. I cannot get her a new one as it’s a personalized mug gifted to her by her (now dead) best friend. I tried my best to fix it with every type of glue I could find, but nothing worked. None of those glues could hold the mug together for more than seconds. I was about to give up when my friend from Digitogy send me this product to try out and give a Bondic review.

Let me just say this Bondic kind-of-like-glue-but-better product may have just saved my marriage and my life altogether. Guys, this thing worked like magic! The broken pieces cling together as if the world’s ending. In fact, their bond is stronger than mine was with my own parents. I have been testing it for three days now. I have used the mug, washed it, put it in the dishwasher, and it is still going strong! The personalized mug gifted to my lovely wife by her dead best friend is now as good as new. My wife is happy about it, and if the wife is happy, and happy wife = happy life!

The trick to getting the best out of this Bondic kind-of-like-glue-but-better product is to use it right. I recommend watching tutorial videos on how to use this welder the right way. Use it right, and it will not disappoint. It is definitely worth spending $20 on this Bondic kind-of-like-glue-but-better product instead of thousands and thousands of dollars on a divorce attorney.


Q: Is Bondic glue safe for children?

A: Even though there is no risk of skin sticking in a way that is dangerous. The best practice is to not let children under the age of 12 handle Bondic.

Q: Does Bondic work in places where there’s no light?

A: Unfortunately no. Bondic can harden only when it is exposed to light with a specific wavelength. If you want to bond two parts together where the LED light cannot reach, make sure one of the two bonded parted is translucent so that the light can get to the Bondic formula.

Q: Can Bondic glue constructions be modified by adding more Bondic glue to them?

A: Absolutely! You can use Bondic as much as you feel the need to. Adding a fresh layer
Of Bondic on an already harden layer of it does not cause any trouble whatsoever.

Q: What is the temperature range of Bondic?

A: Bondic has a temperature range of -40 °C to 150 °C. Anything outside this range can cause its material to react unfavorably.

Q: Can Bondic glue be dyed before curing?

A: For sure! You can dye Bondic liquid using acrylic color microparticles (color powder).
Use a toothpick and load the color powder just the tip, then mix it well with a drop of Bondic. The intensity of the color depends on the amount you use. Please note that inking may require a longer curing time, depending on the color. It is also advisable to reduce the thickness of each layer you put on.

Q: How can I remove Bondic from smooth surfaces?

A: Using a scrapper is a great idea. It is recommended that you try to give Bondic a short, sharp shove from the side that dislodges it cleanly from the base. You can easily remove the remnants with any conventional cleaners at hand.

Q: Can Bondic glue be used as an insulating material?

A: Absolutely! Bondic can act as a perfect insulating material, but only for low voltage circuits only. However, please note that it is not a replacement for solder. Any work involving high voltage current must be carried out by capable professionals only.

Q: Can Bondic be used on a dump surface or underwater surface?

A: Of course! You just have to make sure that the surface is wet from water and not greasy from oil. You can get a full setting and an adhesion depending on the structure of the surface. For example, you can attach an object to the inner side of water-fill containers such as a jar, tank, or even an aquarium.

Q: What happens if I left Bondic glue outdoor?

A: Although Bondic is resistant to sunlight after hardening, it is possible that its color could change slightly to yellow, depending on the environmental conditions.

Q: What is the difference between Bondic vs super glue?

A: Fundamentally, glue is an adhesive that sticks two fractured parts together. For those two parts to stick together and become one, they have to be fit together perfectly. Glue does not replace missing parts, and it also does not produce 3D properties. UV light glue needs pressure between two parts to work. Bondic, on the other hand, provides adhesive properties that are plastic in a liquid format — that means the two fractured parts do not have to be perfectly fit for it to work. To add to that, with Bondic, you can replace the missing parts by making them out of thin air.

Q: What is the shelf life of Bondic glue?

A: The shelf life of an unopened Bondic unit is at least one year or many more, (kept at room temperature). The purpose of the black tube and metal box is to protect Bondic from UV light, however, unlike typical glues, it won’t cure when exposed to air.

Q: What is the shelf life of the welder/substance in an opened unit?

A: The welder/substance in an opened unit can last at least a year or more when kept at room temperature. Once the lid is put on, it is securely sealed. And once you put it back in the Bondic tin, it becomes well-protected again.

Q: Is there any substances that Bondic glue will not bond with?

A: Please note that Bondic is not a bonding agent like we used to know and expect from typical adhesives. Instead, Bondic introduces a new concept that is essentially a portable plastic 3D freehand printer. It can be used to connect objects with smooth surfaces, just like glue. But unlike your typical glues, this is a new tool with a whole new concept.

Q: How much use can I get out of a Bondic tube?

A: The use depends on the size of the tube you purchased. Generally, with the 4g tube, you can expect as many as 20mdrops per ml or about 80 blobs of material. However, it also depends largely on the nature of your repair work. One tube of Bondic can cover many mobile cables and other gadgets or widgets. Or it can only cover just one ultra-expensive object, as stated, it all depends.

Q: Can Bondic glue be used with a dishwasher?

A: Bondic is definitely dishwasher-friendly! The material becomes waterproof after it has completely cured, so it is 100% safe to put into the dishwasher. However, please make sure the bond is secured enough to survive the pressure of the dishwasher.

Q: Can I wipe Bondic glue off a surface while it is still in liquid form?

A: Absolutely! You can wipe Bondic off a surface that is not absorbent. Organic solvents are recommended in order to make the cleaning process easier.

Q: What is the life expectancy of the LED? Why can’t I just replace the batteries instead of the whole Bondic?

A: The battery life of Bondic is not different from that of any battery-powered device such as flashlights or remote controls. You can expect to get as much as 8 hours of total use from the LED light, which is an adequate amount of time considering you only need to use it for about 4 seconds at a time. You can replace only the batteries, but it is not advisable as the automated production of these items basically makes it difficult to do so.

Q: Does Bondic glue work better on smooth or rough surfaces?

A: Definitely rough. If the surface is smooth, Bondic may come off in one piece or chip off easily — that is because Bondic is not a glue. It contains adhesive properties, but for it to stick to smooth a surface, it needs surface tension instead of stickiness. If the liquid Bondic manages to get into cracks and crevices, it will hold extremely well. In other words, the rougher the surface, the better Bondic sticks!

Q: Is Bondic made in the USA?

A: Yes, the Bondic material is made in the USA. However, different components and parts are made in other countries. It is a goal to keep much of the production within the USA, so the product can be as local as possible.

Q: Can I use Bondic glue to join two poly traps together?

A: Sadly, no. Joining two poly traps together is a job suitable for traditional glue, which is formulated to be used with this type of plastic. Bondic is not a glue, so it can’t do this particular job.

Q: Can Bondic become a health hazard when being in contact with food?

A: Unfortunately, Bondic is not an FDA-approved food-grade plastic. So it’s best to keep your tube away from food.

Q: Can Bondic glue fix my broken fingernails?

A: Weird enough YES! You can use Bondic to fix your fingernails by applying it in thin layers on your damaged nail. You can also work with a surplus and use a file to get the shape you want. Not only that, but you can polish and vanish it as well. Please be careful as the Bondic gets warms during the curing process. The tip is to harden Bondic on your fingernails by flashing the LED on and off to extend the set.

Q: Can Bondic glue mend my broken heart?

A: 100% if your heart is made out of plastic…, or wood, metal, PVC, steel, rubber, wiring, ceramic, figurines, vinyl, Kevlar, polypropylene, and leather.

Bondic reviews: Conclusion

With just one tube of this smart innovation, you can fix a dozen things that need repairs. It is a great investment that never goes to waste unlike the impractical buying of incapable adhesives from hardware stores.

Do not let the chance of leveling up your fixing skills slip away! What you have to do now is to leave everything behind and grab Bondic plastic welder today here.

Bondic reviews are also done by credible sites like Gizmodo, New Atlas, Cool Things, Mashable, Geeky Gadgets, and Trendhunter Tech. Also, this unbelievable stuff is getting numerous positive Bondic reviews online proving its real capabilities.

And for this reason, people around the world are continuously getting more interested in this amazing innovation. This leads to multiple purchases and as of now, there are no signs of slowing it down.

9.3 Total Score
Bondic Glue Review

  • Strong
  • Effective
  • No-Mess
  • Controlled Drying
  • Cannot replace batteries
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  1. So it works like a glue gun? i have to buy refills for them whenever it runs out right?

    • That’s right! You just have to refill it anytime it starts to run out. And don’t worry, it’s very easy to find these refills online!

  2. Can I use this for school projects? As an alternative to glue? I’m an architecture student and I think I need something more durable for all my plates.

    • You definitely can! It’s a great alternative to glue and glue guns. Plus you can achieve better precision with this since it comes in a pen-type form.

  3. If I use this to fill in cracks, should I paint it to make it less obvious? Or can I just leave it as is? I really hope I can just leave it. It’s too much work to have to paint it.

    • If you want it to look seamless and brand new, I will definitely recommend going out of your way and painting it. Depending on the width of your crack, it can sometimes get obvious that you just plastered it back together. Better to go the extra mile for the perfect finish!

  4. This is safe to use on computer parts right? It won’t burn or leave a smell? Just don’t wanna damage any of my equipment.

    • It is 100% safe. It is non-toxic and works on different materials – including computer parts. It’s great for plastic, metal, etc. Rest assured, your equipment will be a-okay.

  5. I’m really satisfied with my unit. Works just like a glue gun but 100 times better. Really durable and is super easy to use. Doesn’t burn when I glue paper even. Would rate it a solid 10/10

  6. Seems pretty cool. Would it work with this crack I have in my bedframe tho? Help a brotha out. Just trying to save on some cash. My pop told me not to use no super glue. Maybe this’ll work out?

    • Yes it definitely would! You can fill in that crack using layers of Bondic and even smoothen it out with sandpaper. If you want to go the extra mile, I recommend painting over it so that your bed frame looks good as new!

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