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Dodow Review: Does It Help Against Insomnia?

dodow review

Having a good quality sleep is something that not all of us can achieve. Lack of adequate sleep could have plenty of reasons: feeling stressed, staying up late, or having a clinically-diagnosed illness. Adults need 7 – 9 hours of sleep to function at their best. If you don’t achieve this, it can affect your daily activities and cause health complications. So when I discovered this sleep lamp, I was hesitant but hopeful. Does it really help against insomnia? Find out in my Dodow Sleep review

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Sleep Disorders and Problems Are Common

I don’t have a proper sleeping pattern and, believe me, I’ve tried so many different products to help me sleep better. I’ve taken melatonin capsules, used essential oil diffusers, temperature regulator sheets, and even new pillows.

I read about how to sleep early and tried all the methods that were suggested. Nothing seems to work. Discovering this device that helps people sleep better and also doubles as an insomnia treatment piqued my interest and made me want to try it immediately.

Of course, I wouldn’t try something that isn’t reputable. And I was glad to know that there are so many positive Dodow sleep reviews from customers. It was even featured in online publications such as Indiegogo, The Daily Mail, Mashable, and Digital Trends.

Plus, it was built by insomniacs for insomniacs, so it’s a sign that it’s truly effective.

In this Dodow review, I will share my experience and insights on this sleep aid and insomnia treatment. Keep your eyes peeled for a special deal found in this article as well.

What it is and what it does

Pegged as ‘revolutionary’, Dodow Sleep lamp is a device that slowly projects a rhythmic glow on the ceiling. It’s supposed to be placed on the nightstand beside your bed so you can see the halo of light as you’re lying down.

The rhythm of the light helps clear your mind, slows down your breathing, and relaxes your body so you can quickly drift off to sleep. So basically, it uses light and breathing exercises instead of ingesting hormones and chemicals that could harm the body.


The breathing exercises and the calming blue light are designed to retrain your brain to fall asleep on its own. Customers swear by its effectiveness and said that they don’t need to use it anymore after a few months.

dodow sleep aid

And fortunately, it’s all-natural and light-based. Unlike those products that are advertised online, it doesn’t use hormones, sound, chemicals, and other ‘insomnia cure’. It aligns with homeopathic remedies (the belief that the body can cure itself) that are becoming popular today.

Features and Benefits

This wouldn’t be an authentic Dodow review if I didn’t try this out for myself. So I tried this natural insomnia cure for one week to see if it can help me sleep better.

Here are the features that I loved about it.

Safe physical device

First of all, this device doesn’t require you to ingest, sniff, or hear anything for it to work. It resembles a dish that’s as big as your hand, and that’s it.

dodow packaging

All you have to do is place it on your nightstand or bedside table, turn it on, and focus on the rhythmic blue light. It’s completely safe and non-toxic.

Light metronome

The calming blue color of the light acts as a metronome to help you clear your thoughts.

If you don’t know what a metronome is, it’s the device that you see in movies with a hand that sways back and forth with a clicking sound. It’s portrayed in movies to hypnotize characters, but what it truly does is divert your busy thoughts to another object.

The result? A calm, clear, and focused mind.

2 sleep modes

This device has two sleep modes: 8 minutes mode and 20 minutes mode. This is the amount of time that it will be on and project the light on the ceiling. After that, it will turn off by itself to save battery life.

dodow insomnia treatment

You can choose which mode you think will help you fall asleep. It’s also dimmable so you can adjust the light intensity or ceiling height.

Breathing techniques

Whenever you lie down and focus on the light, you have to sync your breathing with the light’s rhythm. You inhale when the halo grows, then exhale when the halo shrinks.

The device guides you from 11 to 6 breaths per minute and it’s the same breathing exercises used in yoga and meditation. I tried this during my desired bedtime and after I turned on the light, I was in a relaxed state after a few minutes.

Retraining the brain

As I’ve mentioned before, it is perfect for insomnia because it can retrain your brain to sleep on its own. So you’re not just sleeping early, but also improving your health and your life.

with and without

Before I used this, I was sleeping at 2 AM and waking up at 11 AM. But with the use of this natural sleep aid plus establishing a nighttime routine (no gadgets an hour before bedtime, taking a warm bath, winding down), I was able to switch back to a healthy body clock.

Dodow where to buy: Pricing and Deals

The lamp is sold individually at $59 plus shipping and handling.

But for our Digitogy readers, you’ll get a very special deal. Buy 1, get 1 at 50% off plus free shipping in the US and pay only $88.50. It’s perfect for you and as a gift to your loved one.

And if you buy 2, you can get 1 free plus free shipping in the US and pay only $118. Share the gift of better sleep and good health through Dodow sleep lamp.

Overall Dodow Review

This product has my vote. It has helped me achieve a proper sleep cycle in just a week. I have been struggling with sleep ever since I can remember and I’ve taken melatonin capsules and anything I could think of.

Not only did I sleep well, but I also learned how to focus and clear my thoughts. I liked how calming the rhythm of the blue light is. My only concern is that I wish the light projected higher or had a brighter intensity.

For people with a high ceiling, it might not be as visible. But it works well for me and I believe it’s worth the purchase. I highly recommend Dodow insomnia treatment for people with insomnia, stress, or those with unhealthy sleeping patterns.

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