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CoolAir: The Best Mini Air Conditioner


Summer is upon us, every one. Are you excited to go out and explore the most beautiful beaches in your place? How about see the mesmerizing flowers bloom all around you? I’m sure most of you also carry the feeling of unexplainable excitement every time that seasons change. Nostalgia comes in and the thought of making new and better memories of the season come rushing by. But before that, I think you wouldn’t mind it if we’ll warn you as well of the uncomfortable heat brought by summer. So without much ado, here is CoolAir review to introduce you the best mini air conditioner you must have to fight the heat of summer.

What is CoolAir?

CoolAir is a three-speed portable air conditioning unit that can help you stay cool in summer days while saving money along the way. Using an air conditioner for 24/7 can cost you a lot of bucks especially if you use the bulky ones that take so much space. More so, this CoolAir device is the best alternative to ACs as well as a powerful and efficient replacement for the traditional fan we use today.

CoolAir boasts a compact and portable design that makes it perfect for every environment. Whether it is for your office, home, or take it wherever you go, this amazing mini air conditioner can help you beat summer with no sweat. Besides, it can cool the air around you and allows you to consume energy and space of just a small fan. With this excellent device, you can now skip paying a sky-high electricity costs as well as having a troublesome AC unit that needs pricey maintenance from time to time.

Additionally, this excellent portable air conditioning unit is powerful, compact, and lightweight compared to other ACs introduced to us by the major brands. For this reason, you can easily take it anywhere you want making It possible for you to take comfort on the go.

CoolAir doesn’t only cool your air literally, but it also creates a natural and clean atmosphere around you. It purifies and humidifies the air without producing an annoying machine sound that obviously makes it far better than any air conditioner existing today.

But there is more than that. The relaxing breeze of clean and cool air together with the soft and soothing night light allows you to create the perfect condition for your body to relax. Therefore, if the heat of the summer sun is too extreme to handle. Click the button below to grab your CoolAir unit right away. This way your life will be improved in the unexpected way you don’t even imagine.

This outstanding portable air conditioning unit is incredibly elegant in terms of design and functionality. You can place it in your living room, office, bathroom, bedroom, and even anywhere you like.

How Does It Work?

In this CoolAir review, the most surprising thing you will ever learn about this excellent mini air conditioner is that it only needs water and a little bit of power to help you stay cool for eight long hours. Isn’t it so easy to use? Moreover, it resembles a standard air conditioning unit. Well a smaller version exactly. The only difference is that you don’t need to go through complex installation nightmares, unlike actual ACs. Rather, you just have to fill up its internal tanks with water. Then, plug the device with either a wall outlet or a USB port, for example, a power bank. After that, expect the air that surrounds you cool in just a few minutes.mini air conditioner

CoolAir device can purify, cool, and humidify the air around you. It is the perfect instrument you need if you want to create a better and more personalized space that suits your needs. Moreover, it comprises a mood light setting that features 7 different soothing colors that offers a wide range of options to set the perfect tone for you during night and day.

So, how does it work? It is quite simple. CoolAir pulls the warm air from the area where it is placed using its evaporative water filter then fill the place with clean and cool air that provides definite comfort.

The best thing about this small, sleek, and portable air conditioning unit is that it fights an incessant battle against summer heat with a continuous cool air production without actually producing an annoying machine sound. It is just amazing that a powerful AC can be small, lightweight, cost-effective, and ultra-quiet too. Proving that CoolAir deserves to be called the most effective and low-cost solution to beat hot days and nights, not only during summer but all the time.

Key Features

For an in-depth understanding of this sleek mini AC, here is our list of CoolAir’s outstanding key features:

  • Three-Speed Controlled Fan
  • Built-In Water Tank with 8 Hours Capacity
  • USB-Powered Design
  • Cool Air
  • Humidify Air
  • Purify Air

Who Needs CoolAir?

Anyone can pretty much benefit from this amazing device. Whether you are working in an office who eventually got tired of the deadlines in an airless environment which you have to stay at from eight to five from Mondays to Fridays. Or, a mother who has children having a hard time going to sleep due to the uncomfortable heat of the room. This portable mini air conditioner is the best for you. This device is actually popular for children because it features a soothing soft night light that can change color with up to 7 different options.

Moreover, if you need a cool breeze and a little bit colder temperature in your workplace or home. This product can absolutely help you with that. Like so, if you want to watch TV and relax in your living room, or trying to make something delicious in your kitchen but the intense heat is giving you a hard time. You will realize that CoolAir is a definite must-have in your life. So, for ultimate effect and comfortable air, use CoolAir device today.

Benefits of CoolAir

Read the following benefits of this outstanding mini air conditioner:

Ultra-Quiet Fan –  Who would even sleep in a cool room with a disturbing noise that forces you to wake up? This makes this device a perfect replacement for your bulky air conditioner that produces loud machine sounds.

Soothing Night Light – This feature makes this device very popular especially for children. It projects 7 variety of soft colors that can help you to set the mood in the room, relax, and be relieved with your stress and pressure due to the heavy loads you carry throughout a tiresome day. Likewise, it can help you to sleep better and wake up refreshed and energized for another big day.

Fast Cooling – Imagine, you can now enjoy the premium benefits of a great, temperature controlled personal space in less than a minute. With this device, you can now keep the air in your surroundings cool and you sweat free. Experience the fast cooling power of CoolAir today.

Portable and Compact – The combination of these two outstanding characteristics is very essential for devices, especially for those that are actually intended to accompany us while traveling. You can plug CoolAir directly in a power outlet for home use. Otherwise, use its USB port if power outlets are not available in your area. Carry it everywhere and feel comfortable wherever you go.

Long-Lasting Tank – CoolAir includes a water tank that can store a good amount of water that can last up to 8 hours. Because of this, you can sleep, watch, cook, and name everything that you got to do, without having to refill the water for the next eight hours from filling.

Three-Speed Fan – This mini air conditioner can match what you exactly need. How? It features a three-speed fan perfect for different heat intensities. Why not try it when you work, sleep or play sports?

Low Cost – Unlike the traditional air condition units being used today, this portable air cooler only consumes a small amount of electricity that you can actually use a power bank to make it work. Isn’t it the perfect device to use if you want to save lots of money in the long run?

CoolAir VS Traditional Air Conditioner

portable air conditioning unit

You will only waste your effort fighting the heat of the sun if you don’t include a powerful and effective AC in your summer plan. Besides, the sun can always find a way to make your space sweaty, dehydrating, and incredibly uncomfortable. But can you afford to shed lots of money and effort with the traditional ACs today? Not only that it requires complex installation and increase your monthly electric bill to a shockingly sky-high amount. But also, high-end air conditioning units are too expensive and costly when it comes to maintenance. Good thing we have here a better solution than that.

You don’t actually need to shed a lot of money, effort, and sweat because you can always choose the first ever personal space cooler in the world. CoolAir is the newest revolutionary air conditioning device that can give you an immediate relief against the heat of summer days and nights. With this 3-in-1 gadget, you can now purify, humidity, and cool the air in your personal space anytime and anywhere you want.

Tips on How to Get the Most Out Of It

Mind Where You Place It – Choose to place this excellent device on a spot where you can easily turn it. This way, you can get a 360-degree cool air all day.

Filling The Tank – Better if you fill the water tank with cold water or include some ice cubes on it. This is the best technique if you want to get a cooler room faster.

Light – its default color is blue but you can choose from 7  color options. If you are easily annoyed by light when you sleep at night. You can always turn it off by pressing the color switching button.

Air Conditioning – Save electricity by turning off your larger ACs while CoolAir is at work. For most room sizes, this portable air conditioning unit is quite enough.

How to Get a Clean and Cool Air?

coolair review

Don’t miss the chance to make CoolAir yours today. Immediately check their official website to grab a unit. In fact, you can see the best deals of this amazing product by just clicking the button below. Buying in bulks can increase your chance to save lots of money and they offer FREE shipping for your every order every day as well.

You can choose between three different CoolAir packages in which you can see on their website. In fact, their best seller can help you save more than Php. 4 682. The best seller package includes 2 CoolAir units plus 1 FREE. No wonder most people love this pack though. Besides, getting more while saving more is the wisest thing you can ever choose when it comes to buying excellent products online.

On the other hand, if you only need a single unit. You can get one CoolAir for only Php. 4, 630. More so, if you need 3. You can buy 3  plus  2 FREE units for only Php. 13, 889. This can help you save more than Php. 9, 260.

Additionally, you can get up to 50% discount if you get yours today. Plus, it is very important for you to know that we don’t include hidden fees on your purchases so you can guarantee clean and fair online CoolAir shopping. Moreover, expect your package to arrive right at your doorstep on time because we have an excellent package tracking system that can help us meet and exceed your expectations.

Any Queries or Need Technical Support?

For further queries about the product you can send your questions directly on their official email account: support@hyperstech.com . And if you want to reach Hyperstech CoolAir’s customer service, you may connect to the team via dialing the following contact numbers. For international: +44 20 3808 9234 and for Brazil: +55 15 98147 1395.


Cooling a wide space is the experty of the high-end traditional air conditioning units. However, this is not economical at all. What we need is an excellent air cooling device that can cool the air where we are. This way, we can save an enormous amount not only on money but also on electricity.

A personal cooler like CoolAir is the perfect device to do the job. Not only that it can make the air cool where you need it the most. But also, it has a lightweight and compact design that can fit perfectly in any space and environment. This device is not considered as a top-notch technology. However, due to its characteristics such as cost-effective and affordable. Simply relieving you from the heat of summer nights and days can actually make it the best mini air conditioner among other brands existing up to date. Grab yours now!

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