Kailo Patch Review 2021: Are Any of Its Claims Legit?

If there is one thing desired by all, it’s a pain-free life. Several commercial products promise immediate relief from lingering and recurring pain. And people are desperate to try them. One product continues to trend as an instant-cure for any sort of pain. Branded as a revolutionary nanotech patch, this gadget is said to “turn off the pain” in a matter of seconds. And there appears to be a hype going on. In fact, it has crowdfunded its development to a whopping $1.055 million-plus on IndieGoGo! However, are any of its claims legit? In these Kailo pain patch reviews, I set the record straight on the question – is it for real?

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Kailo Patch Reviews: Getting Rid of Pain

We all agree: pain is an inevitable part of existence. As we live the daily grind, our bodies become subject to physical and mental exertions that lead to pain. And, as we go through life’s motions, aging makes us vulnerable to pain. So yes – pain is a fact of life.

But what if there was a miraculous way to make the pain stop in seconds? That would forever change the way we live and the quality of life we lead. Because this is what the nanopatch is all about. It’s advertised as the “future of pain relief” because it attempts to do something unimaginable.

By applying advanced nanotechnology to a fundamental human problem, this adhesive sort of presents itself as a miracle cure. But is it really?

Kailo Patch Reviews: What Is It?

Kailo is a Nanotech Patch engineered in the United States. And it’s supposed to be a bio antenna that can fix pain by treating the body as an electrical unit. Treating the body as an electrical system is nothing new. Indeed, acupuncture pretty much uses the same principle. However, what the nanopatch does is to take it up a notch with its non-invasive and rapid relief capabilities. Just place it on your skin, and the patch will manage the pain signals.

Kailo Patch Reviews: What Does It Do?

By now, many of you are thinking about Kailo does it work?

Well – there are mixed Kailo reviews.

The makers of this product invite you to understand that in order to conquer pain, the fastest way is to fix the body’s communication system. The nanopatch acts like an antenna that allows all the electrical signals in the body to communicate and function better. Each of these patches contains billions of nanocapacitors.

kailo pain relief on thigh to reduce knee pain

One Kailo review says that the adhesive lowers the electrical signals that trigger pain, resulting in almost instant relief. So, it’s like the patch is sending an SOS signal to the brain. And the brain responds accordingly. To some people, after application, their skin grows warm until the pain just dies down.

kailo patch is waterproof

While there are positive Kailo patch reviews, there are also negative ones. An independent Kailo patch review by a materials engineer, for instance, said that the product is a sham. He alleges that if the patch really were a bio-antenna, placing it near their heads would put the users in danger. Second, even if there were a gazillion nanocapacitors in one patch, the signals generated would still be too weak to stimulate pain relief. Therefore, all the makers are trying to do is sell a fake pain relief patch.

kailo reduces pain when exercising

But despite this negative review, the product seems to take off. Many users continue to vouch for the astonishing effects of this Kailo patch.

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Kailo Patch Reviews: Who Is It For?

Kailo patch is a great pain relief solution for those who are suffering from a wide array of pain-related issues. You should give the patch a try if you:

  • are struggling with chronic pain.
  • usually sit for a prolonged amount of time.
  • are recovering from workout fatigue.
  • are recovering from injuries.
  • are dependent on pain-relief medications.
  • prefer a natural alternative.
  • find other pain relief methods ineffective.

Kailo Patch Reviews: Key Features

Several reviews laud its features.

100% SAFE AND CONVENIENT TO USE: This nanopatch is 100% substance-free and is applicable to any part of your body. And it can be used to ease back, neck, head, arms, knee pain, and more.

INSTANT RELIEF: Users have testified feeling relief in a minute, max. Imagine instantly feeling pain go away in less than 60 seconds.

NO SIDE EFFECTS: Unlike pain relief medications that may have complications, this nanopatch is both non-invasive and non-transdermal. This means that when it is applied to the skin, no chemical or synthetic substance enters your system. It’s like the adhesive strip of a band-aid.

REUSABLE AND HANDY: You can wear the patch every day and not worry about its effects over time. If you continually use it, you only need to replace the adhesive after 3-7 days. If you think about it, it’s really cost-effective. And it’s a lot of value for your money.

STILL WORKS OVER LIGHT CLOTHING: The nanopatch doesn’t need to come directly in contact with the skin to work. You can place the path over the thin fabric, and it would still function well.

WATERPROOF AND DURABLE: You can wear the patch completely worry-free as you go about your daily routine. It’s wearable anywhere – around the house, in the gym, while running, walking, or swimming.

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Kailo Patch Reviews: How to Use

Using it is straightforward. Place the pain patch close but above the painful area. Afterward, gently move the patch outside of the pain to the direction of your brain. In other words, the patch should be placed somewhere in the middle between the zone where you feel pain and your brain. This is supposed to be the spot where reducing pain would be most effective.

To place the patch, identify the ideal location first. After you have identified it, expose the adhesive and place it directly on the skin or over a lightweight garment.

Kailo Patch Reviews: Let’s Hear From Other Users

I get a lot of pain from an active lifestyle. And I strain my back, knee, ankles, almost everybody part when I work out. And this patch really helps!
I bought this patch for my Mom who suffers lower back pain a lot. She swears by it now. We are recommending it to our friends and neighbors.
it doesn’t get rid of the pain totally and instantly. But I like that I can wear it in the shower. And it’s not a hassle to use at all.

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Money-Back Guarantee

For those who want to experience pain relief, you can avail of their money-back guarantee. Buy the patch with the Kailo discount code. If within 30 days, you’re not 100% convinced, you can return it, no questions asked.


Q: How does Kailo work?

A: Kailo is a pain patch that uses innovative, non-transdermal technology to help your body relieve pain naturally. The technology featured in the patch is primarily developed for use in advanced-tech applications such as antennas, signal transmission, bio-identification, and energy storage. Kailo works with your body’s natural electrical system. The patch’s astronomical numbers of tiny capacitors are designed to work with the electrical charges in your body. It enhances and propagates the body’s natural communication signal, and with that, it effectively reduces pain by turning down your pain receptors.

Q: Will Kailo help with my back pain?

A: Absolutely! If you are suffering from a bad back, the patch is exactly what you are looking for. Kailo is a pain relief patch that works with your body’s natural electrical system. It effectively reduces pain by turning down your pain receptors, so you are good to go again.

Q: Can Kailo help with menstrual cramps?

A: Absolutely! Menstrual cramps are something every woman experiences at some point in their life. Even though the levels of pain may vary, pain is still an unfavorable sensation. Period pain can ruin your day, and it would be great if there is a way we can relieve the pain. This is exactly when the patch comes to help. Kailo is a pain relief patch that works with your body’s natural electrical system. It effectively reduces pain by turning down your pain receptors, so you are good to go again.

Q: How long can I keep Kailo on?

A: You can wear Kailo for as long as needed. The patch has no proven harmful effect on your body.

Q: Which side of the Kailo patch should I put on my skin?

A: You can place either side of the patch against your skin, and both will work just as fine. The differences in textures of the patch are only in the design, to function. Though, when it comes to putting on the adhesive, the smooth side is recommended, as it sticks better and is the side that ends up on your skin most of the time.

Q: Can I wear more than one Kailo patch at a time?

A: The simple answer is YES, you can wear more than one Kailo patch at a time. However, please keep in mind that the patch works hyper-locally, in most cases, it can focus only on one area of pain at a time. Most people can wear two patches, and many wear three patches at a time and reported good results. But we still have to consider the definite threshold that often varies from one individual to another. To some, wearing more than one patch at a time may reduce the effectiveness of it, and to others, it may not. The best way to go about it is to try to add one patch at a time, find the right spot, see if it’s working fine, then add the additional one, and repeat the process.

Q: How should I care for my Kailo?

A: You can clean your patch with warm water and mild soap. Goo Gone is recommended if there is adhesive residue from the medical tape, please make sure you clean it gently afterward. Avoid substances that can deteriorate the patch over time such as caustic cleaners and alcohol.

Q: Does Kailo contain metal? Does the metal have a harmful effect on my body?

A: Kailo contains two conductive metals. However, research has shown that these conductive metals cannot be absorbed into your body. So you can be sure that the patch does not post any harm to you in any way.

Q: Can I wear my Kailo patch to the shower?

A: Definitely! Kialo patch is made of a waterproof polyester substrate and is covered with a dielectric coating. Not only that, but the patch has also been tested for water-resistance and full submersion. You can wear your patch to the shower, to a swim, or any other water-involved activities. Just be sure to dab it with a clean, dry towel and allow it to air dry after use.

Q: How long does Kailo patch last?

A: The patch is incredibly durable. With good care, it can last for many years before needing replacement. Overall, Kailo offers great value. It is reusable and comes with the long-term potential for a one-time purchase.

Q: Is there a battery involved?

A: No, the patch does not have a battery. Kailo is a pain relief patch that works with your body’s natural electrical system. The patch’s astronomical numbers of tiny capacitors are designed to work with the electrical charges in your body. It enhances and propagates the body’s natural communication signal, and with that, it effectively reduces pain by turning down your pain receptors, so you are good to go again.

Kailo Patch Reviews: Kailo Scam?

Despite eager reviews from satisfied users, there is no actual scientific data to verify Kailo patch’s effectiveness. The pain relief could just be a placebo effect or just biased self-reports from clients. Still, the fact that so many are living more functional lives because of this patch speaks volumes about the product. Add to that – the money-back guarantee being offered is definitely a win-win situation for any user.

Our Kailo Patch Review
9.3 Total Score
Our Kailo Patch Review

Value for money
Ease of use
  • Substance-free
  • Promises instant relief
  • Easy to apply
  • Water-proof
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Not backed by scientific data
  • Mixed reviews on effectiveness

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