smartDOT Review 2024: Protect Yourself Against EMF Radiation

You may not know it yet, but our high-tech lifestyles are placing us under great risk. As we demand better service and Wi-Fi coverage on our mobile devices, we also increase our exposure to harmful electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure. But don’t worry. Scientists have come up with a revolutionary EMF protection technology called the smartDOT – and it promises to protect us from a danger that we can’t even see. Does it work? Or is it mere pseudoscience? Find out in this smartDOT review.


Technology is part and parcel of daily life. But sometimes, too much of it can be bad for our health because of radiation. Deal with it by using the smartDOT radiation protection device - the revolutionary anti-radiation patch. Order it now and SAVE UP TO 50%. Limited time offer.

Updated on 20 May 2024

EMFs here, there, and everywhere

You may think you’re doing everything you can to keep your family safe and healthy but think again. Our entire society is now super-exposed to electromagnetic radiation amounting to 10 million times more than 5 decades before. Harmful invisible energy known as EMFs is found in virtually every modern device we use. EMFs are potential cancer-causing forms of energy, according to the World Health Organization. EMFs can also lead to infertility among men and cause brain damage in children.

How to protect yourself from these unseen EMFs? This smart DOT review will tell you.

smartDOT Reviews: Introducing the smartDOT

Scientists are confident they’ve found a solution in the smart DOT EMF blocker. It is a proactive EMF shield that sorts out EMFs at the point of origin before they could do any harm to the body when absorbed.

EMF is a stick-on solution that automatically offsets harmful radiation at the source before it can penetrate your body. The smartDOT EMF protection device is advertised as the “gold standard” as far as EMF protection is concerned.


smartDOT Reviews: How it works

The smart DOT EMF blocker presents itself as a technopatch that acts as a filter against toxic EMFs. Through a process called entrainment, it contains Phi energy that comes into contact with radiation and negates the EMFs found in well-loved gadgets. From toxic-bearing EMFs, the device claims to fine-tune that into a natural harmonic that doesn’t harm the body. Stick it to your smartphone, and it will help your blood circulation.

Smartdot anti-radiation

That’s pretty neat for an anti-radiation device, but is it legit?

The science in the smartDOT radiation protection device is quite interesting. Think of your body as an electrical system. Every cell you have works like an antenna that picks up and transmits even the most minute of electromagnetic energy. What the device does is that it harmonizes the EMFs from gadgets you frequently use so your body no longer absorbs this harmful radiation.

smartDOT Reviews: How to use it

Using the smart DOT EMF blocker is a no-brainer. You just need to stick one of these wafer-thin discs to any wireless device that is causing you electro-stress. This could be a gadget you fairly use for different levels of discomfort such as eye pain, headaches, or anxiety. If you decide to use it on your smartphone, peel the protective paper off the disc and stick the smart DOT to the battery compartment.

smartdot how to use it

If it doesn’t fit there, attach it to the device itself or on the protective case. There is no recommended position for the smart DOT to be placed on your device. But it is recommended that you stick one on each device. Say, you have a laptop and Wi-Fi router, stick the smartDOT radiation protection device on each.

Smart DOT EMF harmonizer can be used on any of the following devices:

  • Mobile phone
  • Tablet
  • Wi-Fi router
  • Laptop or PC
  • Game console or device
  • Car
  • Baby monitor
  • TV
  • Hairdryer


smartDOT Reviews: What’s to love

By now, you ought to have a good picture of what and how the smart DOT EMF blocker works. A smartDOT review should tell you its benefits and advantages – and here they are.

Proven and Independently Tested. So many self-proclaimed miracle cures don’t have any science to back them. By contrast, the smart DOT EMF blocker has been reviewed through a battery of independent tests. It has been scientifically proven to reduce electro-stress from heavy mobile device use.

Personal Safeguard from EMF Transmitters Around You. Like earlier suggested, EMFs are a silent pollutant. It’s best to have a personal EMF shield from otherwise beloved objects like your TV, smartphone, laptops, and tablets.

High-Quality Device. SmartDOT’s quantum technology is a trailblazer in the field of anti-radiation. Manufactured with the highest quality of materials, it is durable, effective, and could last a lifetime.

Nifty and Easy to Use. Attaching the smart DOT EMF protection device takes only two steps. First, peel off the protective cover then stick it to your device. It automatically works, too!

Gives Peace of Mind. We all know how staring at our screens for too long at work or home can give us headaches and fatigue. When choosing between our gadgets and health, the two are not mutually exclusive. With the smart DOT EMF blocker, you can maximize technology fully without stressing over health consequences.

smartDOT Reviews: Let’s hear from real users

I can’t believe how effective this smartDots are. Since I’ve used them on all my gadgets, my phone, laptop, router, I’ve slept better, and I don’t experience headaches like I used to. I swear on this smart DOT EMF blocker– you should, too!
At first, I was really doubtful because well, think about it! A small disc that promises to cure me of radiation and take my headaches away? All of those doubts were erased when I started using it. Three months using now, and I’ve recommended it to all my gamer friends.
When you have a growing family, you can never be too careful. I used the smart DOT to protect my baby from all the radiation in the house. My husband and I use a whole lot of gadgets. So, right now, I don’t see any noticeable difference, but I’m not complaining. This smart dot gives me peace of mind.


Price and money-back guarantee

The smart DOT EMF blockers are available at different price ranges. You can get it at the best value by buying 3 Smart Dots and getting 2 of them free.

smartdot sticker

There’s also a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee – if the product doesn’t meet your standards- no questions asked.


Health is often the price we pay for a modern lifestyle. But it shouldn’t be. As discussed in this smartDOT review, this proactive technopatch that promises to prevent electro-stress and radiation-induced illnesses from ever happening. Smart DOT reviews from real users offer a promising outlook on this product – but still,  you have to use it to believe it.


Q: What is Electro-stress?

A: Electro-stress, sometimes known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) or electro-sensitivity is the negative effects that EMFs (emitted by wireless electronic devices such as smartphones, Wi-Fi, or 4G/5G) on our body. The international health community has recognized Electro-stress as a real syndrome. Some cases have reported a wide range of non-specific health problems that can be caused by low-level exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF). The most commonly reported symptoms include anxiety, headache, burning sensation, body discomfort, lethargy, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), nausea, and heart arrhythmia.

Q: Is the smartDOT radiation protection device scientifically approved?

A: Without a doubt! The smartDOT radiation protection device is thoroughly researched and scientifically proven. It has been put through a series of rigorous tests by the trusted experts in the fields. Thousands of Americans are currently using the smartDOT radiation protection device and find it useful.

Q: Is there reliable scientific research on smartDOT?

A: Absolutely! There are plenty of scientific and government papers regarding the negative health effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) emitted from Wi-Fi, smartphones, and other wireless electronic devices. Many of said reports are available on the internet. The manufacturer tries their best not to cloud people’s judgment, they recommend that you look at the research and form your own opinion. What is evident though, is the support they have from thousands of users who have personally seen the benefits of this product.

The company’s double-blind placebo-controlled studies, including medical thermal imaging and blood microscopy, are available on the official website. These independent, yet reliable studies basically confirm the possible harmful effects of EMFs on our body and highlight how energydots can undo them.

Q: How can a sticker possibly save me from Electro-stress?

A: The DOTs are low-powered magnets programmed with a specific, naturally-occurring frequency. They work the same way as the magnetic stripe on a bank card. Magnets are the perfect storage device for frequency programming, as they are self-powering and are able to emit their own energy field, therefore do not require a separate power source.

Each DOT holds a different frequency and each one is tasked with different responsibilities. smartDOT, bioDOT, and petDOT’s task is to protect us and our beloved pets from the damaging effects of wireless radiation that our electronic devices emit. Meanwhile, aquaDOT and spaceDOT’s task is to harmonize our surrounding things.

Q: How long does it take to see the difference?

A: The time it takes for each individual to feel a noticeable difference depends greatly on each person’s level of sensitivity to EMFs. Your body needs some time to adjust to the effects of the smartDOT radiation protection device, and again, the time it takes is different for everyone. Some people can feel the difference right away, as they are highly sensitive to the  EMFs, whereas some may take a bit longer to see the benefits.

Most users reported feeling more energetic, being able to concentrate better, and being relieved from stress and tension. Some even said to have experienced some kind of detox-like symptoms on their first try. This could be attributed to the fact that we have become accustomed to such a high level of EMFs exposure. And as our body adjusts to a decreased exposure level, we experience these detox-like symptoms such as feeling foggy and lethargic — similar to the feeling you get when you suddenly cut out sugar or caffeine from your diet. In most cases, these symptoms last only a couple of days, and after that users will start to see the difference. You can read smartDOT reviews to learn more about the results it has on different users.

Q: Is smartDOT dangerous to use around children and pets?

A: Absolutely not! The smartDOT radiation protection device is 100% safe to use around children, toddlers, and pets. The product has been tested and proved that it is completely harmless. It counteracts electromagnetic radiation only, it won’t even irritate your skin! When you stick the products on your electronic devices, you won’t even feel it’s there at all.

Q: Which DOTs can protect my children from the harmful effects of Wi-Fi and 4G/5G?

A: It is recommended that your children have the smart DOT EMF blocker with them at all times. With the product with them, not only will it help strengthen their biofield, but it will shield them from ambient Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G emitted by any wireless devices around them. Ideally, the product should be placed on every wireless device they use or are being surrounded by, as the smartDOT radiation protection device is designed to retune any radiation emitted from these devices directly at their source.

Q: How long do the smart DOT EMF blockers last?

A: Forever! The smartDOT radiation protection device is designed to last indefinitely, so there is no need for replacing or upgrading whatsoever.

Q: Where on the device should I place my smartDOT?

A: Generally, you can put the smartDOT radiation protection device anywhere on your device. It doesn’t even need to be stuck onto the device to function. That said, the manufacturer suggests that you put the product centrally on the back of your phone or inside the phone case, just to prevent loss.

Q: Does smartDOT really work? Are smartDOT reviews trustworthy?

A: It’s hard to tell, isn’t it? Some overly positive smartDOT reviews sound like they could be sponsored by its manufacturer. While some overly negative smartDOT reviews sound like they could be sponsored by its competitors (other big players in the same market). What we can guarantee is that ours are legit, as we pride ourselves on that. Through, it is only right that you are skeptical, especially when it comes to health products. Our advice is to take the advantage of the money-back guarantee offer and get the product to see if it’s any help to you. If it doesn’t work out the way it claims, just send it back and ask for a refund. What you got to lose?

smartDOT Reviews: Final thoughts

All in all, this smartDOT radiation protection device is a great product that at least worth considering. There are several studies and research that prove the negative health effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) emitted from Wi-Fi, smartphones, and other wireless electronic devices have on us. Electro-stress is a real deal. Even the international health community has admitted that.

So if you are worried about EMF radiation, or are already suffering from its symptoms, this product is definitely worth a try. And even if you don’t think EMF radiation is a real threat to your health now, this product is still worth a try. Because you can never be so sure that those harmful health effects of EMFs won’t hurt you in the long run. You know what they said… better safe than sorry, right?

8.7 Total Score
Our smartDOT rating 2024

Value for money
Ease of use
  • Easy to use
  • Relieves symptoms of electro-stress
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Claims not officially approved
  • Mixed reviews on effectiveness
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