BarXStop Review: Does it stop your dog’s barking habits?

BarX Stop is the new hype. And dog owners are going crazy about this revolutionary technology. So what is this gadget and why dog owners and even the not-so-dog-lovers getting excited about this ultrasonic anti-barking device? Welcome to our in-depth BarXStop review, the best anti-bark device in 2020.

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Barks are annoying

Since the beginning of time, dogs have always been one of man’s greatest companions. And with good reason and countless proofs, they have earned the title; man’s best friend.

However, is your dog gaining notoriety for loud-meaningless barking or aggressive behavior towards other people or other animals?

For instance, have you ever walked your dog around the neighborhood and there are other animals in the area? As a result, you are having a hard time stopping your dog from getting too aggressive.

Have you ever walked down the street and a dog started attacking you?

Because you’re an active person, have you ever run one morning and there’s a pack of stubborn dogs charging at you? Well, I have! However, I believe most of us do!

If you’re experiencing these problems, I encourage you to continue reading.

The BarXStop, Ultrasonic Anti-Barking Device

This ultrasonic device will help you stop your dog’s annoying barks and put them into a calmer state. This device is both a life-saver for the conscious dog owner and those who are afraid of getting attacked by stray dogs.

It’s a revolutionary new technology that uses ultrasonic sound or high-pitched tones that calms and relaxes a dog’s state of mind.

Uniquely, these sounds are inaudible to humans, cats, and other domesticated animals. Therefore it’s both safe for both humans and animals alike.

Barx stop specifications

The tones produced by the device cause a comparatively meager discomfort on dogs but is unheard of by other animals. This guarantees the safety of any animal you might otherwise have in your home.

So whether you’re a dog owner, a runner, a traveler, a hiker, or just an ordinary individual who is afraid of dogs, this device is for you.

Here is our BarxStop Review. We gathered everything you need to know about this anti-barking device.

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Device Specifications

  • BarXStop Anti Barking device uses a 9-volt battery. Moreover, It has a dimension of 12.5 x 4.5 x 2.6 cm.
  • It’s very portable weighing equally around 18.1 grams only.
  • It has a maximum effective range output of 10 meters or 50 ft.
  • BarXStop comes with two different color options; black and yellow.
  • It uses an LED light with three settings, namely, LED, training and bark prevention.
  • It has a frequency of 25 kHz.

How to use BarXStop

BarX Stop’s ultrasonic sound deters any dog you point the device into. Of course, all you have to do is choose from the three different settings (LED, Training and Bark Prevention.)

How to use barxstop.

In light of the ultrasonic sound, the device produces, this influences your dog’s mind to associate the tone with barking so they will understand that every time they bark unnecessarily a slightly uncomfortable tone will enter their ears. Again, this influences correct behavior.

Notably, it’s like a negative reinforcement to restrain a dog’s stubborn behavior and make corrections into them. With this in mind, this method is more effective and does not harm the animal in any way. Hence, it’s also a hundred times better compared to spray and shock collars.

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Slide Functions:

  • Lighting – First, by getting the slider into the first site, and pressing the button of the device, it can be used as a flashlight. Because it’s compact and portable, you can bring the device with you anywhere you go. In like manner, this mode can also be used as a visual stimulant for any dog that you might encounter.
  • Dog training – Secondly, sliding to the middle site and pressing the button, it becomes a training device. This mode produces a soft ultrasonic sound just enough to aid you in training your dog to get into the correct behavior pattern.
  • Stop barking mode or the bark prevention mode – Thirdly, the last site is meant to stop dogs from barking immediately. With an effective range of 10 meters or 50 feet, in fact, this mode is a little bit severe compared to the training mode but very useful for visual and additive activation on the aggressive dogs.

BarX Stop Review on Product Benefits and Advantages

It’s Safe

Nonetheless, unlike shock collars and chemical sprays, this anti-barking device is the most humane way in training and stopping any dog’s excessive barking habits.

Because the frequency produced is just enough to disturb a dog’s mind, this device is both good for training and protecting yourself against attacks.

It has a multi-function design

Compared to the older anti-barking devices in the market this goes beyond functionality. It can be used as a flashlight, training aid and protection against aggressive dogs.

Barxstop slide functions.

Easy to use

It has a one-button system which makes it very user-friendly. The minimalist design is encouraged to help users to operate the device easily and accurately.

Can be used quickly

Training your dog requires you to correct the behavior before the dog does it. (Cesar Millan a.k.a The Dog Whisperer often does this in his videos.) This device is designed for quick corrections and or the user is in a situation where he needs to quickly protect himself.

It works well with all dog breeds

Although different dog breeds have different characteristics and personalities, BarX Stop is proven to work on all breeds. It doesn’t matter whether big or small, it can stop the biggest dog’s loud barks and smaller dog’s shrills.

It can keep you safe

If you love outdoors; running on familiar trails, around parks or if you’re new to a place, there’s nothing more annoying than a pack of dogs barking in your direction. This device is what you need to keep you safe against canine attacks and you can do it easily with just a click of a button.

The device is designed especially for dog owners whenever a certified dog trainer is not based in the area. It is meant for correcting a dog’s behavior and protecting yourself from aggressive dogs charging at you. However, this device should be handled by responsible dog owners or ordinary citizens without having the intention of harming or making fun of the animal in any way possible.

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BarXStop Users’ Review

Thanks to you guys my furry best friend is now getting a behavioral check. And I’m loving it. Kudos. Also, I’ll recommend BarXStop to all my friends.
I’m a first-time dog owner and I adopted a chihuahua from a local shelter. BarXStop really is a big help in training my first dog. I loved how it responded to corrections when I train him. Thanks, guys. You’re a lifesaver. Likewise, I’ll tell my friends about BarX Stop.
I’m a trail runner and a cross-country cyclist and it’s always a pain for us when a dog or a pack of them come charging at us especially in remote areas. As a matter of fact, we’re enraged by it. But thanks to BarXstop, it surely lived up to its reputation. Truth is, not only me but the entire cycling community will surely be happy about this.

Price and money-back guarantee

Do you want more good news?

BarXStop only costs around $39. Yes. In case you don’t believe it, here’s another good thing for you.

As a matter of fact, during its introduction, it costs around $100 – $150.

Barxstop review

Additionally, with all these great benefits, it’s amazing that this revolutionary device is so useful yet it’s affordable at the same time.

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It’s annoying to hear your dog barking unnecessarily when you want that elusive good night’s sleep after a long day at the office. Right? But granted your dog is barking excessively without any threat whatsoever, wouldn’t it be nice to have something to click on and everything will be fine?

Just like the Adam Sandler movie, Click sort of thing.

In reality, this is the device you’re waiting for. Regardless of the size of your furry friend, BarXStop will automatically shift your dog’s behavior into something more pleasant. In addition, remember, this device does not harm your dog or you in any way.

We hope that this simple Barx Stop Review will be to you and your beloved pooch.

Barx Stop review: An essential gadget!
9.3 Total Score
Barx Stop review: An essential gadget!

Value for money
Ease of use
  • Applies on all dog breeds
  • Works from a distance of 10 meters or 50 feet
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Inaudible to humans and other animals.
  • Harmless to the animal
  • Recommended by top dog trainers
  • Easy to use
  • It activates all dogs within 10-meters.
  • Limited stocks only.
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