The best OnePlus 6T cases

The OnePlus 6T is the newest, and possibly the best smartphone yet from the Shenzhen-based Chinese smartphone maker. In which, 6T handset has the biggest display from any other OnePlus phone. Like so, it displays 6.41 inches that also has an in-display fingerprint sensor of features. And also, with a massive 3700 battery with excellent support for the CDMA network. Thus, all of that in a piece of smartphone costs only less than $550.

For this reason, with a piece of smartphone that has had all those features. Owners will likely want to protect the OnePlus 6T from any accidental falls and scratches.

Like so, let’s take a look at the best OnePlus 6T cases you can purchase to protect this latest affordable flagship smartphone.

The best OnePlus 6T cases

TopACE case

The TopACE makes tons of great smartphone case, and for the case of OnePlus 6T is no exemption. The case is made up of a thermoplastic polyurethane material. Thus, the case with textured design sections on the top and the bottom for an anti-slip feature. For this reason, it makes it easier for the user gripped in the hand.

In addition, the case comes in four different colors such as blue, black, gray, and red. Like so, it is available at a price of $6.99 on Amazon.

Spigen case

The Spigen still remains as one of the best smartphone case makers around the world. And for the OnePlus 6T handset, Spigen has had already released one o its Liquid Air Armor models. In which, the case was made of a thermoplastic polyurethane material with a sleek pattern that is on the back. It is designed to keep the device from slipping on a slick surface. For some instances, the case also offers a military-grade shock protection from spills and accidental falls.

Moreover, the Spigen case for OnePlus 6T comes in at a price of $13.99 on Amazon.

Anccer case

See another OnePlus 6T case from the Anccer. Like so, the case displays so thin for just 0.03 inches. Though the case’s polycarbonate material is very thin, still, it offers some protection from falls and spills.

Best of all, additionally the Anccer case comes in a variety of colors. That includes pink, gold, silver, red, green, blue, and gravel black. In which, you can now purchase it at only $12.99 on Amazon.

Bumber case

OnePlus does also sell a batch of OnePlus 6T bumber cases for added shock absorbing protection. Greetings to its thermoplastic polyurethane material used. Thus, the case comes in three different models. Like so, the cheapest one is the Nylon case, with a fine woven texture that only costs $24.95. And then, another option is the Ebony Wood case, with its real wood frame and its deep red and black hues. At last, the Karbon model of the bumper case, with a woven Kevlar fiber for extra protection, and also a cool design on the back.

In line with this matter, both models, Ebony Wood and Karbon model cases start at a price of $29.95 in the market.

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