Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone is a “Winner” in Galaxy S9’s Android Pie update

Samsung is working hard and serious in preparing the Android 9.0 for smartphones fleet. Hidden inside that code, you will find not only keys and padlocks for the current doors but also keys for future devices. That means, if you look closer, you’ll find confirmation of the incredible foldable smartphone.

DJ Koh, The President, and CEO of Samsung Electronics

Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone is a “Winner”

In the previous reports, back in September of last year, Samsung did have a plan for a foldable smartphone. And now; Samsung’s work on a folding smartphone has already been confirmed by the Android smartphone manufacturer.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the foldable phone will likely to have code-named of “Winner”. And will launch next year, though, Samsung have yet confirmed that it will launch this year. Thus, we have only two months remaining on this year 2018. So, we should expect to see more leaks of this Android Smartphone as we approach the launch date.

“Winner”: In where will unveil?

A confirmed release date has not yet revealed. But, DJ Koh said that the device may be revealed at the Samsung Developers Conference. However, on November 7 and 8, SDS 2018 will take their place in San Francisco, California.

 “Winner”: The Specs, Features, and Price

CEO of Samsung, Dong Jin Koh did not say any details about the specifications and features of the foldable phone. And also, the possible cost of the device when it launch.

But, as for rumors, the Samsung’s Foldable smartphone will cost around $2,000.

CNBC reports that Samsung DJ Koh tells that the main objective of this device has is to show its uniqueness especially when it was folded out from the tablet and when in the smartphone. Also, Koh mentions that the users will be able to perform almost all its key functions when the handset isn’t folded out.

In the time of need for browsing something in details is the time you can fold out the device. DJ Koh says, “Even if it is unfolded, what would be the type and degree of benefit it can provide in comparison with a tablet? Moreover, if an unfolded device experience will only equal the experience a user attain with a tablet. Then, what is the use of buying it instead of the previous?

In addition, Koh also mentions that every device, feature, and innovation Samsung develops, has to be significant and valuable to its end customers. He quoted, “More so, the moment that end customers use it(they may think) ‘wow’, this was the reason behind why the famous electronic chaebol made this innovation.”

Even though there were no details yet about the foldable device, it was spotted the latest leak of Android Pie build for Galaxy S9. The image below is from a decompilation of the framework-res file. Where it was found the 4 Samsung Galaxy S10 models in the same location where the “Winner” will now appear.

Final Thought – Samsung isn’t the only company that develops foldable devices. But still, it was really a much-awaited device for everyone. So, for now, let’s just wait for more details about the launching of Samsung’s Folding Smartphone – the “winner” from all other phones.

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