Popular Apps for kids appear with secret dangers

If one time a parent began using a new application. And it is likely one of the most popular applications their child desires to download. It looks fun. It presents acceptable on the surface. It even looks so adorable. But, remember that looks can be surprisingly deceiving too. Like so, we have to go and keep on digging. And also, keep tapping on every little thing that is allowed to be  tapped in those popular apps.

To help you in this matter, we’ve rounded up handfuls in this list known to be famous with the kids, not knowing that these popular apps appear with a secret danger.

Popular Apps with secret dangers

Tik Tok

With this popular video lip-synching application, anyone can now create their own lip-synching videos while following a particular music. That follows or followed in a specific platform which appears likely as an Instagram app. Users of this popular app can likewise chat and keep up with their friend. The question is, ‘can a complete stranger add your kid to be their friend? Well, our answer is yes’.

Thankfully, much likely because in the Instagram app, a particular account is allowed to set as private. Like so, not everyone and anyone can view your profile. Thus, various features can also be customized. In which, only your friends can send messages, react, and comments to your performances. That can even you are to perform together.

Yes, of course, it is only simple for a child to turn on all those safety features and then toggle it back again before one of their parents do notice. But, the comments that will show on their posts and also their personal inbox will surely tell the truth.

On the other hand, it appears that a lot of applications acts like wormholes across others. Another danger is, Tik Tok app, the feature of associating a particular channel in YouTube in profile. In which, it is not that obvious in a first glance. Consequently, this feature is guarded as a dangerous feature because this links this application to an authorized and unmonitored channel in YouTube.


Lineplay is one of the popular apps these days. There is no doubt that this application is so adorable. In which, anyone can play various games, complete the quests in order to acquire gems and also to visit friends in virtual worlds. In which, it includes homes and towns. Thus, players are allowed to perform different tasks in all of these worlds in order to earn numerous gems just to purchase brand new outfits to dress their avatars.

Yes, the game was so adorable. However, the chat and the friend’s list are not that much. That includes a feature called “Nearby”. Which the consent mentions that the makers off Line Corp will get the location information in order to enable all the users to send a friend request to the other nearby app users. It will now then recommend people to be friends with. And disclose even miles far and away from you.

Though there is such a privacy function wherein the app users can disable both searching and public viewing of each of their profiles, allowing all the users to come and visit your own world. And even send a friend request, and enabling nearby suggestions. Like so, the feature to search along with the feature to visit other users all over the world, displays on search, and also allow random visits can be also toggled off. However, it could not search even a single parental control along with passwords and passcodes that can keep children from possible toggling every little thing on when play.

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