Different Search Engine Ranking Tools for Small Business

The small and medium business is growing intensely every year, making market dispersion harder and increasing the rivalry. However, business who want to succeed and to be at the top of every search engine result pages (SERP’s) must have the right tools and a clear strategy.

Many small business proprietors end up seeking for SEO experts, and unfortunately, they don’t have any idea that there are some search engine ranking tools that are stress-free to use nevertheless perform the job efficiently and quickly.

Perform a Comprehensive SEO Site Audit

A detailed and complete site audit will aid you to understand what prevents your site from having a higher rank. Moreover, a site audit tool permits you to inspect many pages and offers effective recommendations. This tool analyzes using more than seventy parameters and determines all SEO faults, including content related and technical problems.

Beat Your Opponents with PPC/SEO Competitor Research

Defeating your competitor is critical and today beating them in a most effective way is important. Checking who your competitors before promoting your site are is a must. However, you can utilize different tools such as competitor research tool, to acquire competitor’s insights and used this insight in beating them.

Develop a Detailed SEO Strategy Through marketing Plan

Several SEO checklists are available online. Yet, what you actually want is a detailed plan in order to develop the best process.

The Marketing Plan of Search Engine Ranking is pretty unique since:

  • The strategy is simply customizable – meaning users can make their own checklists depending on the business requirements or recommendations.
  • You can give tasks to many users. But you need to use CRM so that it will become more convenient for your SEO policy.
  • It is based on best practices.

This tool includes all needed points so that you would be able to create a successful and effective SEO strategy. This tool analyzes:

  • Metadata
  • Pages
  • Website health
  • Images
  • Links

In addition, you can test how your website looks and works on the tablet, smartphone, and desktop.

Monitor Rankings: With 100 Percent Accurate Information

Once you’ve finished on-site optimization, the next thing you should is to manage your site ranking by getting off-site optimization. However, keyword rankings may be affectedly changed because of SE algorithm update.

With search engine ranking, you can acquire hundred percent accurate information to monitor your rankings, even if the algorithm changes.

You can also use these tools in monitoring your website ranking:

  1. Local Rank
  2. Target URL
  3. Youtube Rank
  4. Mobile Rank
  5. Google Maps Rank
  6. URL Changing History and Alerts
  7. Quick Recheck
  8. 360-Degree Assessment of Your Information

Acquire Additional Visibility through Social Media

Using the search engine ranking tools for social media posting will make your life at ease. Simply create updates and posts that you desire to contribute to your target audience and the system will be the one to post it. Moreover, you can also view analytics through social media and add this in your reports.


For many small and medium business owners, SEO is hard to manage. But in reality, managing SEO only requires minimum knowledge and you just have to use sufficient SEO tools. And when you are looking for a tool, reading some recommendations and evaluating platforms is a must.

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