List of the Best USB-C Charging Accessories

Technology is in the move to gradually replace traditional USB ports to the advanced USB-C. For the reason that USB-C is capable of charging both laptop and phone which is not possible for the later. USB-C is a new innovation reaching to provide advantages to other tech gadgets such as Bluetooth wireless earbuds and MiFi portable hotspots. Apparently, this step taken produces the abundance of new USB type C charging adapter products being introduced today.

Best USB-C Charging Accessories

Lifepowr Car Charger


The most notable advantage of a USB type C charging adapter is that, it can charge laptops, mobile devices, and other selected tech gadgets. Not only that, because using charge a lot charging adapter like Lifepowr Car charger can make you do more. With its 60watts charging power, experience fast charging unlike the old USB port you are using currently using right now. And if it is hard to you to change traditions, don’t worry. Lifepowr is very much prepared for those instances. It also has a USB-A port to accompany the USB-C port it has. This two reaches a maximum of 18 watts which is ample enough to charge an iPad Pro quickly.

Lifepowr is the best for car guys who want to make the most out of a USB C power adapter laptop compatible. Good news, it is also capable of charging other gadgets such as MacBook, Asus, Dell, Chromebook, and iPad Air. You can also charge all three devices simultaneously using this useful charging adapter if you want.

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Innergie 60C

This Apple USB C charging adapter is made by the corresponding maker of some Apple’s own power adapters. More so, Innergie 60C has a lot of power in it despite its compact design. This feature allows you to squeeze it perfectly between other plugs on your power bar. But take note. Innergie 60C is not that cheap. However, the fact that it is tinier than a normal Apple charger makes it desirable and a must acquire item.

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Also, you can easily carry it around. With its foldable power prongs, you can nicely place it inside your bag and you are ready to go. Plus, it has a USB-C cable too. Using its 60 watts power, charging a 13 inches MacBook Pro will never be a hard task for this USB C charging adapter. In fact, you can also charge a 15 inches MacBook Pro with it which includes Apple’s 87 watts charger.

Side Winder

You can now unwind while charging your MacBook using this very convenient USB C charging adapter. Side Winder enables its users to wind up a maximum of 12 foot with its tiny travel designed body. More so, it carries multiple different ports to accommodate various power adapter sizes you will probably need. It includes a 61Watts, 45Watts, 60Watts, 85Watts, and also an 87Watts power adapter. But it lacks the 29Watts needed for charging smaller MacBooks there is.

Using this charger is an easy breezy task. If you want to spool it up, just twist the grip in its inner side and unspool it by pulling the ends of the cable apart. I can imagine how useful it can be for conferences and programs where people need lots of ports for multiple devices. It is also a great factor that you can swiftly wind and unwind this stuff. Just twist it and spool it for use and afterward, put it back in your bag with a quick toss using one hand.

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Furthermore, Side Winder is an original MacBook charger winder produces by Fuse Reel. Unfortunately, purchasing this charging accessory does not include fat extension cable and charger on its package.

Lifepowr Sun20C

Of course, who wouldn’t include this excellent solar panel in the list? Lifepowr Sun20C is a sleek portable solar panel capable of charging various devices directly on it or filling power banks for your later use. It comprises both USB-A and USB-C ports so a wide range of devices can enjoy its power charging capabilities. And it actually, includes different old-school plugs to accommodate traditional laptop charging.

Charging using energy emitted by the sun is a very clever and cost-efficient way to power your tech gadgets especially that we are promoting greener living for the world. By the use of solar panels charging accessories, we can altogether change the game of device charging. This is a change that can result to something that we can still hope for and count on in the future.

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Anyhow, Lifepowr Sun20C solar panel charger can fill an iPhone XS Max with 91% in just 40 minutes of exposing in direct sunlight. Like so, a Google Pixel 3 receives 95% of power, and beyond throughout the same time as iPhone XS Max.

Lifepowr USB-C Cable

Do you know who the beast is when it comes to USB-C power charging? Well, Lifepowr USB-Cable gladly claims the win. It is not only that this cable can handle high-power charging, but, this beast can also allow you to make a data transfer in a high ultrasonic speed. In fact, when you plug it in a USB 3.1, you can transfer up to 10 GB per second.

[amazon box=”B07DQCZ17N” title=”Lifepowr USB-C Cable” image_alt=”Lifepowr USB-C Cable” rating=”4.0″ image_size=”medium” description=”USB-C solar panale charger.”]

Additionally, you will never have a problem with its flexible stainless steel body. It is certified with E-Marker so you can safely transfer files using this USB-C power charging accessory. Moreover, you can charge Laptop devices such as MacBook, Asus, and Dell. Also, you can link devices such as cameras, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, laptops, and more using this amazing Lifepowr USB-C Cable.


Change can be a bit intimidating especially if we are not certain on the difference it can apply. However, we can never advance in a new world if we are not able to abide on the circumstances of these changes that technology provides. It is just a good thing that USB-C port is an innovation that precisely designed to transform life into the better and not for worst. And through this, we can expect that more charging accessories will come out in the future comprising greater features along with outstanding benefits to make our life easier and better. And that is how it supposed to be.

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