Top 8 Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed!

There are times when we do simple things in a complicated way because we don’t have any idea that we can do it easier. In the same way, we don’t buy the things we really need because we are not aware they actually exist. For that reason, we present you this compilation consisting some of the best gadgets that you might have never encountered or you never planned to buy before. From the coolest heads up display you will ever see to the sleekest smart lock, this list is made to satisfy your undiscovered needs. So, without much ado here is the Top 8 gadgets that you never knew you needed. Buy them and make them yours.

Updated on 10 June 2024


Whether you are a car guy or not, you will agree that driving is one of the most common causes of death. However, if you want to skip that fact. You have to make sure that you always focus on the road so you can drive safer and smoother going to your planned destination. But the problem is, you also have to use your smartphone from time to time for navigation. And that requires you to look away from the windshield right? Good thing we now have VIZR by FIXD which is a revolutionary heads up display that can help you to stay focused on the road.

If you always travel with your family, VIZR can help you to guarantee their safety. How? For this dash-mounted heads up display can reflect the screen of your smartphone so you won’t need to look down from your dashboard anymore. Besides, a quick glance off road can possibly lead to an accident.

This revolutionary gadget is a much-needed gadget for every car owner out there. So, before you drive and make your way out of the parking lot or the garage, make sure to read the full VIZR Review and make all your turns smooth with an unobstructed view with this cool heads up display.

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keysmart key holder


Most of us would probably ignore a random guy who will try to sell some things such as a key organizer, right? However, if you read our KeySmart Review you will definitely realize you badly need one. So, you better buy yours today!

KeySmart is the most excellent key organizer you will ever hear off. It boasts its patented S-shaped design that looks and works kind of like a swiss knife where you can attach your keys via their holes on the end of the holder. Moreover, you might be wondering about what’s the best thing about it. The answer relies on its swiss knife-like design.

If you want to use a key, you only have to slide it out. After using, simply tuck it in. Isn’t it incredibly easy? We recommend this sleek key organizer for those who are tired of utilizing traditional key holders that become too bulky and noisy especially when keys pile up. You can also add some of the most useful accessories such as nano light, pocket clip, flash drive, bottle opener, and more.

Everyone needs a sleek key organizer that can help to simplify things for us. Which means, we all need KeySmart in our lives. Quickly get yours by clicking the button below.

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XY Find It

Sometimes we can’t really determine the most frustrating part of misplacing valuable things. Is it the reason that we don’t know where to start searching? Or, because we badly need the thing we are searching for at the very moment we realize they’re gone? Whether it is this or that, we can now find the things we misplaced and never ever lose them again using XY Find It. It is the most outstanding key finder that everyone needs.

XY Find It is not the kind of key finder you know. It is a unique gadget best for finding misplaced items using the power of Bluetooth. Like so, it is different from GPS tracking devices. Yet, it is known to be extremely effective due to its incredible capabilities. As a matter of fact, it can produce the longest sound alerts that can be detected by your smartphone in the longest range. Plus, it features a durable battery that can last up to 5 years. Isn’t it amazing?

There are so much more to learn about this powerful Bluetooth key finder which you can find in our full XY Find It Review. Read it and you’ll see why it is essential to be a part of your daily life. Besides, we all know a person who badly needs this in their lives in order today and shares it with them.

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Triple Bristle

Raise your hands up if you are still using a traditional single headed toothbrush until this date. Well, you don’t have to be shy about that but to tell you. Everyone has to upgrade to a sonic toothbrush in order to achieve proper cleaned teeth and mouth in just a short span of time. And we achieve that by using Triple Bristle, the most outstanding electric sonic toothbrush.

Unlike other single-brush electric toothbrushes today, Triple Bristle is capable of cleaning all sides of the teeth and mouth at the same time. Which means you can have squeaky clean fresh teeth and mouth without the need to brush your teeth manually for a lengthy 2 minutes time.

It is said that most people commonly brush for only 30 minutes which is not enough especially if the toothbrush being utilized is a manual single headed brush. Therefore, switch now to Triple Bristle that offers a whole lot more beyond up and down brushing. This sonic toothbrush also offers 3 Speeds such as High, Massage, and Sensitive that you can learn more in our full Triple Bristle Review. Each speed has its own range of benefits so better check them out. Desire for an upgrade and order your sonic toothbrush today by clicking the button below.

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An adult has to sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours a day in order to attain the full potential of the body. However, some of us doesn’t attain the right amount of sleep that leads to health complications and poor work performance. Good thing we found Dodow. It is the best insomnia treatment that can give you the best shut-eye ever.

Dodow is the most effective insomnia treatment device that projects a rhythmic glow on your bedroom’s ceiling to help clear your mind, relax your body, and slows down your breathing that will gradually make you fall asleep. Basically, it utilizes the combination of breathing exercises and light unlike most of the sleeping pills that have chemicals that can possibly harm the body.

Moreover, this revolutionary insomnia treatment is guaranteed to be safe and effective because it utilizes light metronome with its calming blue light color to allow you to clear your mind as you slowly drift off to sleep.  It includes two sleep modes that allow you to choose your preferred time range of usage which are 8 minutes and 20 minutes mode. There’s more about Dodow that you’ll definitely love. You can read it in our Dodow Review and buy it right away using the button below.

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Brush Hero

Most people hate cleaning. Well, no one can deny that fact because basically, cleaning requires a lot of effort and time. But what if there is a powerful brush that can cut the time and effort required to get a sparkling clean surface? What if we tell you that in one click you can get and buy this power brush using the button below? You can read our full Brush Hero Review to believe.

Brush Hero is a power brush that can transform a simple hose into a rotating scrub-brush machine. It might amaze you to know but it does not require electricity nor a battery to work. In only utilize the pressure of water coming from the water hose which produces the right amount of torque to thoroughly clean anything. Yes, as in anything. Whether it is a car wheel, flower pot, basket, or shoe, this power brush can clean that for you.

In one package, you can have two different powerful brushes that allow you to utilize the right kind that can perfectly do the job. With this cool cleaning tool, you can clean anything with less effort required. Just plug it to a plain water hose and you are set.

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I know you wouldn’t realize that you are actually using the wrong kind of tool to mend those broken eyeglasses of yours until you read our full Bondic Review. Unlike your old adhesive, this liquid plastic welder is unique and effective in fixing all the things you need to put back together with a new like finish. In fact, it only dries when you want it to. Because it includes a special UV light used to harden the plastic liquid in just 4 seconds.

Bondic is the most convenient way to mend things. Moreover, it is a revolutionary product that will definitely change your life. This portable liquid plastic welder is capable of mending almost everything and it is effective in mending metal, plastic, glass, and more.

Additionally, this liquid plastic welder is clean and mess unlike glue, paste, and other types of adhesives you can find in the market. To use it, you only have to apply the liquid plastic to the damaged part, place the piece where it has to then shine the special UV light on it for about 4 seconds. Afterward, smooth the mended area using sandpaper to get a rock-solid and waterproof bond. Isn’t it perfect? Buy yours now!

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airbolt tracking


A traveler being stressed for losing a wallet, phone, or necklace is nothing compared to the frustration you will feel when you lose your whole luggage in the airport. Therefore, you have to utilize stealth security measure to lock your bags and luggage in the most convenient way and that is through AirBolt. You can read more about it in our full AirBolt Review so better check it for a much deeper explanation of what it can do to.

Basically, this smart lock is a high-end luggage lock that can keep your things safe and secure wherever you go. What makes it different from the traditional locks is that it is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth using its accompanying mobile app. This means you will never have to worry about forgetting a password combination nor losing a key again. More so, using this smart lock allows you to track and locate your bag or luggage just in case you misplace or lost them. It is because AirBolt has a tracking feature that you can never find on other locks today.

For all wise people who want to utilize the best measure to protect their belongings, this smart lock is the best product you can ever rely on. Quick now and buy yours while the stock lasts.

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Final Thoughts

While it is never necessary to buy everything you think is good, these top 8 gadgets are the things you really need in your everyday life. These are just simple gadgets yet, they make a huge difference especially due to the convenience they can provide. Therefore, chose to buy the things you really need from now on. You can find all of them here.

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