Triple Bristle: The Best Electric Toothbrush For Everyone

triple bristle review

From 3000 BC until the year 2010, we have been using the same old single headed toothbrush. Yes, you read it right. We haven’t really advanced that easily and this means each of us still needs to manually move the brush ourselves in order to thoroughly clean our teeth and mouth. Worst if you still use one of these until today. Fortunately, technology is not that forgetful enough to include toothbrush on its list of things needing of an upgrade. In fact, we already have an advanced electric toothbrush right now and you can actually have it today. But first, let us discuss its features and capabilities in this Triple Bristle review.

When we look back on the year 2017, the market size of the global oral care market totals to $28 BILLION and that was huge yet it is continually growing in a consistent way. Also, since we are now exposed to media and people are getting more and more aware about dental hygiene and its importance, the rise of dental care is expected to trigger the growth of the said market. More so, get your own unit of Triple Bristle electric toothbrush now and experience a wonderfully cleansed teeth and mouth right at this very moment.

Why Use Triple Bristle?

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With the use of this triple-headed electric brush, you can now skip a lot of work included when you use a single-head brush in cleaning your teeth. Proper cleaning can be a bit tiring because it is recommended that you must point the bristles of your brush in an accurate 45 degrees angle and brush it thoroughly for about 2 minutes long. However, a dentist in Beverly Hills, California named Doctor Keen, D.D.S. says most of us commonly brush for about 30 seconds only. And this means most of us do brushing wrong. In fact, dental health experts are right when they say that improper brushing method is very particular to most of us than we can ever realize and accept. Good thing, this Triple Bristle review will help you get the newest sonic toothbrush now here.

What is Triple Bristle?

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The WORLD’s FIRST ever 3-headed sonic toothbrush patented is none other than this sonic toothbrush. This electric toothbrush is actually made by a dentist and this means it is specially designed to provide your dental needs. Compared to other single-brush headed electric toothbrushes that are only capable of brushing a single side at a time, this automatic toothbrush can clean ALL SIDES of your mouth and teeth at the same time. Isn’t it nice to feel those unreached parts squeaky clean again? Well, most of the single-headed brushes we traditionally use miss some spots though and that is an honest truth.

Additionally, this best electric toothbrush has durable bristles that are strategically designed and angled to gently brush away and clean plaque and tartar buildup on tooth along with those under the gumline. It also has 3 SPEEDS namely High, Sensitive, and Massage to give you the best brushing time you have never experienced before. Who could imagine that brushing can be exciting too?

Also, this rechargeable toothbrush comprises one rechargeable battery. It also has a 2-minute timer that can allow you to follow the recommended brushing time. Like so, it is the best toothbrush for braces so you don’t need to worry if you like to use it with your braces on. It comprises veneers, a 30 long DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, plus 1 whole YEAR WARRANTY, and a lot more.

What Can We Expect About This 3-Headed Toothbrush?

Have you conducted electric toothbrush reviews before? Well, this might be your first time to learn about a Dentist designed variety. Since it is made by a Dentist itself, it surely means that it is also approved by the Dentist. In fact, there are some of its positive reviews in Amazon sent by Dentists too. More so, what more can we expect about this 3-Headed toothbrush?

Provides Brighter Looking Smile

One thing that people always desire when it comes to buying dental care tools is that it can give them a celebrity like a bright smile. And so, this might be good news for you. It is because you can now achieve lighter and brighter teeth using Triple Bristle’s 360-degree coverage. This outstanding device is specially made to reduce and remove various kinds of food stains. You can actually name it, may it be wine, coffee, tobacco, and others. Leaving your teeth a brilliant white smile will always be possible even if you eat food with annoying stains.

Improves the Health of your Gum

This advantage is only possible due to the strategically designed and angled bristles that can gently clean all the hard to reach areas on your teeth and even the persistent tartar under your gum. In this way, you can achieve a healthy gum through a more efficient and effective way compared other old existing electric toothbrushes out there.

Eradicates Hidden Plaque

This amazing 3-headed toothbrush is capable of producing 31,000 VPM or vibrations per minute. This feature creates micro-bubbles that can penetrate to the teeth and easily remove plaque hidden in our naked eye. Isn’t it a great thing to have Tripe Bristle right away after a meal? Have yours.

Gives 3 Speeds for More Option

When it comes to comfort, I don’t think it is only the fact that you will no longer need to move the brush yourself that makes this sonic brush very comfortable to use. In fact, it offers 3 different speeds that give you more option to choose three different kinds of comfort. First, if you select High you will get a maximum cleaning which provides squeaky brilliant teeth afterward. Second, if you select Sensitive you will get a more gentle cleaning which helps you to protect your dentures, braces, or any other types of dental accessories that you have without having to compromise a properly cleaned mouth and teeth. Lastly, when you choose Massage it is your time to relax while letting blood circulate healthily on your and cleaning your teeth simultaneously.

Toothbrush and Timer in One

You can now observe the recommended brushing time length with the use of this new and advanced electric toothbrush. To use it, just start brushing and the timer starts automatically. As the brush pauses vibrating you have to move the brush then stop again when the 30 seconds interval is observed.

Anyone Can Use it

Without irritating the gums the soft bristles of this sleek electric toothbrush can also protect your enamel from wearing down. It is also safe for dental implants, braces, crowns, veneers, and for children. Which means, anyone can actually enjoy it. Get yours now.

It has a Durable Battery

Its rechargeable battery can last up to 2 long weeks of active users in just a single charging. More so, you save more than you could ever imagine. Once the battery runs out, you can see its charging light turn on so you can recharge it on time.


You can purchase this effective sonic toothbrush without worry and doubt while placing your order. It is offered along with 30-DAY money back guarantee plus a 1-YEAR warranty that will definitely set your mind at peace.

The Advantage of 3-Headed Brush Compared To Other Types of Toothbrush

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First of all, using a traditional single headed toothbrush requires a lot of effort and work. For this reason, most people tend to brush quicker than the required time for proper cleaning. As a result, the entire mouth and the hard to reach areas are left untouched. This leaves it exposed to the risk of ROT and DECAY. Meanwhile, advanced electric brushes are a sure thing when it comes to reducing the time and effort needed. However, single-brush headed ones still give the same risk because it still misses the same spots where manual toothbrushes can’t reach. Furthermore, rot and decay are still possible if we still utilize the same single headed traditional toothbrush we use before. Which is why it is better to turn your backs on them right now and try the triple power of this all-new sonic toothbrush.

Additionally, it is also true that you can reduce the recommended 2 minutes brushing to 40 SECONDS instead by using this amazing brush. This electric toothbrush offers fast, easy, and effective cleaning in one compared to other electric powered toothbrushes available out there. So if you feel like completing the 2 minutes standard makes you waste much of your time already, then this is the right time for you to switch to this new 3-headed toothbrush right now. It is especially for kids, we all know that the little ones have shorter patience than us.

Is it Expensive? Where Can We Get It?

In this Triple Bristle Review, we can learn that this amazing sonic toothbrush is NOT expensive at all. In fact, you can have this cheap electric toothbrush for only $69.99. If you are surprised with this sweet revelation then better if you grab yours now on their official website. So, are you ready to upgrade your oral hygiene today with the use of this sleek 3-headed electric toothbrush? Well, if you do then throw the existing traditional single-headed toothbrush you use today and enjoy the wonders of the new one that is coming to your way.

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