iMemories Review: Is This Service Worth What You Pay For?

If you have a stash of old films and photos from decades ago, you may be looking for a way to preserve them. While high-quality photographs, videotapes, and film reels are designed to last, they won’t last forever. Digitizing your family memories is the best way to preserve them, and iMemories provides a solution for this. If you check online, dozens of companies also offer the promise of making your memories last forever. So, in this iMemories review, let’s have an unbiased look at this service.

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iMemories review: digitizing your memories

Digitization of old formats is the best way to make sure that they stand the test of time. While you may still watch old tapes using their players, the wear and tear can soon damage the recordings. As for photos, they would fade out after being exposed to the elements.

You may do the digitization yourself, but this process takes considerable time and effort. But if you send your tapes, slides, and negatives to iMemories, they will do the hard work on your behalf. You just download them, and then you can view your videos and photos on your PC or smartphone. You can even share them with your friends and family over the Internet.

iMemories preserve your photos

iMemories pricing is also reasonable, as you will see in a later part of this review. You can get at a discount too, with an iMemories promo code.

iMemories review: What is it?

iMemories is a service that converts analog media into digital formats. They work on the most old-school kinds of videotapes, such as Hi8, Mini DV, VHS, VHS-C, and Betamax. They even accept 8mm, 16mm, and Super 8 film reels. iMemories offers digitization of photographs, film negatives, and slides as well.

Once iMemories has finished converting your media, they upload the digital copies onto their cloud storage for you to download. You can also opt to have your yearbooked iMemories saved to a disc, hard drive, or flash drive, which will be mailed to your home. iMemories will likewise return your original media.

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iMemories review: How to use it

First off, you will need to mail in your films, tapes, negatives, slides, and other media. You may mail them yourself or order a SafeShip Kit. With the latter option, iMemories sends you a box, bubble wrap, and waterproof bags for packaging your media safely.

iMemories SafeShip Kit

Once iMemories has received your package, it takes them approximately two to three weeks to digitize your media. Afterward, they will be available on the iMemories cloud for you to view and download. Your yearbooked iMemories will stay uploaded for one month, but if you want, you can pay an additional fee to keep them in the cloud for longer.

You can also ask iMemories to save your files onto a DVD, Blu-ray disc, or USB flash drive. You have to pay extra for these options, and they will arrive after a few more weeks.

iMemories review: Benefits and advantages

This iMemories review discusses how the service stands out from the competition. First,it has a solid reputation. So far, the company has never lost or damaged a single piece of original media. In case the films or tapes you send are not in good condition, iMemories will give you a heads-up right away, and they would even offer to repair them, but for an additional fee.

Their turnaround time is also faster. You can have digital copies of your yearbooked iMemories in as short as two weeks. Even if you opt for saving to digital storage media (DVD, Blu-ray disc, or flash drive), the most you would have to wait is one month.

iMemories digitize your photos

Perhaps the best part of iMemories is its cloud storage. With this, you no longer need to keep lots of discs and other media at home. The iMemories cloud lets you access your memories from any device, anywhere, and at any time.

Some people may find the price of iMemories too steep. The good news is you can get it cheaper if you use iMemories promo codes.

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Customer reviews of iMemories

Users featured in other iMemories reviews positively rate the service. Here’s what they say.

I had 19 mini VHS tapes that had videos of my kids. The tapes were just gathering dust in the closet, so I mailed them to iMemories and used iMemories promo code to get a discount. I was even afraid that the tapes would turn out blank. But once I got the email that they were done, I was able to watch hours of those videos! Best investment I ever made.
The video quality was not as great as I expected, but that could be because they’re really old. As to the cost, I find it a bit expensive. I did love the convenience of the service, though.
I hoped for a better quality of the videos, and they don’t really fit our screen perfectly. But all my memories are now in one place, and we can even share them easily, so that’s a great thing. Always use the iMemories promo code!

iMemories review: Pricing and money-back guarantee

How much does iMemories cost?

iMemories charges a flat fee for videotapes like VHS and Betamax. For film reels, the flat fee is set at the same price, but they charge for every 50 feet of tape. Photographs, on the other hand, are charged by piece. Tape repair adds several dollars to the total cost. iMemories pricing can be considerably lower if you use iMemories coupon codes and iMemories discount codes.

If you opt to save your yearbooked iMemories to storage media, extra charges apply for DVD, Blu-ray, Flash drives depending on the capacity (8GB, 16GB, or 32GB). They offer a monthly subscription to the iMemories cloud at $5.99 per month if you choose to keep your files there.

Unfortunately, in iMemories pricing, no money-back guarantees are offered.

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iMemories is an excellent choice for digitizing your old media, with their quick turnaround time, convenient service, and reasonable iMemories pricing. Their cloud storage solution is also the most convenient way to relive and share moments from the past. But that’s not their only option. You can even have your memories saved onto durable storage media like USB flash drives and DVDs.

All in all, based on this iMemories review, the service is a worthy investment. If you want to preserve the best moments of your life, go for the digital option.

Our iMemories Review
8.7 Total Score
Our iMemories Review

Value for money
Ease of use
  • Easy to send through the mail
  • Can view, preview, and share photos and videos
  • Able to work with several old formats
  • Not an inexpensive service
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