Xbox One will save your Console Settings in the Cloud

Updated on 20 May 2024

The best thing about the present generation of consoles such as the Xbox One and PlayStation4. Is that Microsoft and Sony have steadily enriched their abilities with software throughout the years. On the other hand, Microsoft shows some proof that they already enriched their capabilities in terms of a software update. By releasing their new firmware update known as alpha. Based on the preview version, the alpha firmware is an update to Xbox Insider, which allows them to store not only saved games but as well as console settings to the cloud. This update will make your life easier if you want to play with your friends using Xbox One or upgrade to Xbox One X.

In addition, this will absolutely come convenient for users that have pinched each potential setting on their Microsoft Xbox One to excellence, and would moderately save little clicks (and annoyances) when improving or upgrade console and change a defective console. Moreover, Microsoft stated that these settings will be applied throughout the sign-in procedure.

Backing up

But aside from these, Microsoft also allows you to back up your OneGuide and TV settings. It means, changing from one console to another through this backup settings to your application’s storage device and external games will give you simple experience. However, the Xbox mobile application will aid you in setting up your Xbox One X even though you are still downloading the initial update.

For sure, Xbox Insiders will surely love and enjoy these new additional features. Furthermore, there are added niceties incorporated for good extent or known as game gifting. Today, Microsoft Store allows their user to flair games to their friends. In addition, they will also able to flair Xbox Live, DLC subscription as well as Xbox Game Pass. In order to prove your kindness, you can select an item or subscription through Microsoft Store by selecting the “Buy as Gift”. After which, you need to enter the email address or recipient Gamertag to complete and finish the gifting procedure.

Other improvements about this latest firmware update?

The latest update is capable of adding club blocks to your Home Screen to show what is happening in your group. And new screensaver notices. On the other hand, you can still download these updates. While completing the setup process of your latest Xbox One via the Android Xbox app or iOS

Moreover, the Guide consists of mini-game hubs for frequently and newly used titles. In checking the hub content, you don’t certainly have to lose whatever you are playing. And if you feel ashamed of having achievements, you can easily cover those achievements in your public and personal profiles.


As stated by Microsoft, Xbox Insiders will be able to see these updates on their system very soon. In addition, they need more time in order to release these updates for all Xbox One consumer. On the other hand, if the Xbox One X were already released and you cannot justify buying it. The experience would be better when you create a leap.  

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