WiFi UltraBoost Review 2024: Is It as Good as Advertised?

WiFi has revolutionized internet connectivity since its inception.  Still, everyone admits that WiFi isn’t perfect. Different internet service providers and WiFi routers have different internet speeds and wireless coverage. You may sometimes find yourself in dead spots that make it almost impossible to connect to the Internet, let alone watch HD videos. WiFi UltraBoost aims to bridge the gap and help you get a more stable and reliable connection to your wireless router. Our WiFi UltraBoost reviews will show how it works and if it’s as good as advertised.

Say Goodbye to Dead Zones with WiFi UltraBoost

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Updated on 8 April 2024

Dead Zones and Unreliable Connections?

Have you ever noticed when you’re at home, there are areas where you cant get a decent internet connection and areas where you have trouble getting a reliable and stable connection? The areas where you cannot find a WiFi connection are called dead spots. These are areas farther away from your WiFi router and enclosed spaces with thick walls blocking your WiFi signals.

WiFi Ultraboost Repeater

WiFi routers work by transmitting a wireless internet connection signal to a specific range. But because of distance, obstacles, and the imperfection of this signal, you can easily find yourself frustrated over slow or unreliable connection speeds.

You might think that this is the downside to wireless connections, and there’s nothing you can do. Luckily, there are ways to alleviate the situation. Scroll down and find out from these WiFi UltraBoost reviews.

Presenting the WiFi Ultra Boost Repeater

A few clicks on the internet, and you are sure to come across different WiFi repeaters and extenders like the ones offered by TP-Link and D-Link. As much as these brands are reliable, according to WiFi Ultra Boost’s official website, they can boost your internet speed up to 87% more than leading brands.

Ultra Boost WiFi is a WiFi booster, repeater, or extender that takes the radio frequencies transmitted by your WiFi router and amplifies the signal before re-transmitting it super-boosting the WiFi signal in the process. It will increase your internet speed and increase the coverage area, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about dead zones anymore.


Now let’s talk about the technical side of WiFi UltraBoost extender. Designed with portability and mobility in mind, the Ultra Boost WiFi can easily b set up with its single-touch WPS Button that takes less than 5 minutes to be set up either through your laptop, PC, iPhone, tablet, or smartphone. With a single press, you get safe and secured encryption that supports WPA2, WPA/WPA2, WEP, WPA encryption.

WiFi UltraBoost Portable

It extends a high-speed wireless network up to 300 Mbps speed that creates a long-range, high-speed, reliable system. This WiFi repeater’s highly compatible Ethernet port allows it to connect with various wired devices. It is compatible with devices that have 802.11n/g/b connectivity. It also works with any wireless network, and WiFi-enabled devices, routers, and even TV boxes.

This WiFi extender has two working modes: (1) Repeater Mode that boost your internet connection for a more reliable wireless coverage and performance; (2) AP Mode, an easy way to create a new WiFi access point.

The package includes an RJ-45 network cable and a user’s manual.

WiFi UltraBoost Reviews: How to Use It

The Ultra Boost WiFi extender is not a complicated device. Unlike cheaper WiFi repeaters with endless configurations to set up, it only takes up less than 5 minutes. All you need is access to your existing WiFi connection from your internet service provider, available socket, and a WiFi capable device to configure your personal preferences and input your WiFi password.

When it comes to installations, Ultra Boost WiFi believes simplicity is always best. Even if you’re not a tech-savvy person, you’ll find it easy and convenient to pair your WiFi booster with your existing WiFi router.

To start, plug in your Ultra Boost WiFi to an existing wall socket, turn it on, press the WPS button, and you should be able to locate the device on your smartphone or laptop’s WiFi Networks.

And just like that, you are all set and ready to go.


WiFi UltraBoost Reviews: Benefits and Advantages

Our review of the WiFi UltraBoost extender would not be complete without highlighting the benefits and advantages that come with the device.

Farewell Dead Zones. Say goodbye to the frustrations of struggling with dead spots in your home with the WiFi Ultra Boost repeater. It promises broader coverage that reaches every nook and cranny.

Faster More Reliable Connection. WiFi Ultra Boost repeater re-transmits a more reliable signal that amplifies your existing connection. They boast that it can reach up to 300 MBps, even reaching through thick walls.

Accessibility, and Portability. The device itself is easy to operate, and with its ergonomic and mobile design, you can use it when you travel and pair it with other routers to ensure you’ll enjoy the internet to the fullest.

Outdoor Connections Made Easy. In most cases, a wireless internet connection doesn’t always reach your porch or backyard. If you spend time outside your house, it can be a problem. You can use your Ultra Boost WiFi to expand your WiFi’s reach so you can sit back and enjoy the sun and the internet.

WiFi UltraBoost Reviews: What the users says

“Easy to install. I’ve had my doubts, but it works perfectly.”

“Amazing device, easy installation. Does everything it needs to.”

“Our home internet speed went through the roof! It’s an amazing device that everyone should have”


Price and money-back guarantee

The Ultra Boost WiFi retails for $99, which is a small price to pay for the convenience it will bring you in the long run. And for a limited time, they are offering up to 50% discount with free shipping.

Once purchased, a two-year warranty will cover your WiFi Ultra Boost extender. Should you have any concerns or you’re unhappy with the product, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can easily coordinate with their customer support team through email at support@hyperstech.com.


🔍: Is Ultra Boost WiFi an authentic product from a credible manufacturer?

A: Of course. Many reliable WiFi UltraBoost reviews stated that this Wi-Fi booster device is, in fact, an authentic product from a credible manufacturer. It is a quality device that works effectively. When you compare the price it is sold for to those of its competitors, you won’t be hesitant to give it a try. It definitely does much more than you pay for. Most WiFi UltraBoost reviews are positive, but hey, they could be wrong, you have to see for yourself.

🔍: Do wireless Wi-Fi boosters really work?

A: No doubt about it! The Wireless boosters do work, and they work like a charm. By increasing signal strength and eliminating dead zones, the overall connection speed is better.

🔍: Can a Wi-Fi booster speed up my internet connection?

A: Absolutely! The Wi-Fi booster can effectively increase the speed of your internet connection by increasing the Wi-Fi signal strength. And by doing so, it reduces dead zones (areas where there is no Wi-Fi connectivity at all), resulting in an overall better connection speed.

However, please keep in mind that a slow internet connection can be caused by many factors. In most cases, it’s your internet service provider (ISP) that is slowing your connection down.

🔍: What is the speed and frequency of the  Ultra Boost WiFi?

A: The Wi-Fi booster device can provide a Wi-Fi speed of up to 300 Mbps, and the frequency is 2.4GHz.

🔍: Is Ultra Boost WiFi compatible with every network provider?

A: Sure enough! WiFi Ultraboost does not discriminate. It can boost the signal of your Wi-Fi, no matter who you choose as your network provider, as it is compatible with all internet providers and plans.

🔍: Do I have to install any additional programs from the company to use WiFi Ultra boost?

A: No, there is no need for any technical installation from the company’s side. The device is very easy to use and comes with a properly explained process of how to set it up in its user manual.

🔍: How do I install Ultra Boost WiFi?

A: You can set up your Ultra Booster WiFi in two ways, both are very quick and easy! Just follow these step-by-step guides, and you’ll have your device ready in no time!

How to set  up the WiFi Ultra boost using WPS

  1. Press the WPS button on your router, and hold it for 3 seconds
  2. Press the WPS button on the Wi-Fi extender, and hold it for 3 seconds
  3. Wait for them to connect
  4. Enjoy your faster-than-light Wi-Fi

How to set up WiFi Ultra boost with your Mobile Phone

  1. Plug the Wi-Fi booster into a power socket
  2. Locate the “WiFi-Repeater” wireless network on your phone
  3. Open your browser and input
  4. Use “admin” for both the username and password
  5. Start the setup wizard
  6. Choose “repeater”
  7. Choose the Wi-Fi signal you want to boost
  8. Enjoy your faster-than-light Wi-Fi

🔍: Does WiFi Ultra boost have a WPS feature?

A: Absolutely! This Wi-Fi booster device is equipped with a WPS feature that will protect you at all costs. You can rest easy knowing that you have a completely safe, private, and encrypted connection.

🔍: Is WiFi Ultra boost compatible with every device and boosts the signals of every router?

A: A big YES to both! First, it is compatible with every electronic device. You can easily connect it to your PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. And it also does an amazing job boosting the signals of all kinds of routers.

🔍: Can Ultra Boost WiFi fix my slow Internet connection?

A: Definitely. It can boost your Wi-Fi speed up to 300mbps, which is more than enough for your everyday use, even for multiple connected devices.

WiFi UltraBoost reviews: Does it work?

Let’s sum up this WiFi Ultra Booster review with our answer to the question “Wifi Ultraboost does it work?” Yes, it does.

When you’re already paying your internet service provider for your wireless connection, expensive fixes to dead zones aren’t an option. WiFi Ultra Boost is a more budget-friendly option for fixing your internet reliability and connectivity, whether you’re at home or the office. Lastly, the portability and ergonomics in its design and its ease of use make it a must-have for people struggling with the complications of their wireless router.

WiFi UltraBoost
9.3 Total Score
WiFi UltraBoost Review

Value for money
Ease of use
  • Minimizes dead zones
  • Faster and more reliable Internet connection
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easier outdoor connections
  • More pricey than other extenders in the market
  • Only available online
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