What Is SEO? The Basics 2018

Today, we will give you a quick 500 words SEO basics 2018 beginner training to teach you the Google SEO basics guide. Moreover, we will illustrate the most important things you need to know about search engine optimization to improve the ranking of your website. So here we go.

Updated on 20 May 2024

The Basics of SEO 2018

To teach you the roots of this SEO basics guide, you must learn its meaning first. As you can see, Search engine optimization (SEO) is simply the method of leading audiences on your digital assets (ex: websites) to make a good traffic that comes from search engines.

Quick SEO Basics 2018

There are three simple things that can completely illustrate the SEO basics 2018. Learn them and keep them on your mind.

  • Relevance of Documents

Make sure to use documents that are relevant to search engine users. Otherwise, make it a goal to increase the relevance of your existing contents to catch the user’s interests.

  • Increasing Authority

You have to increase your assets’ authority outside in order for search engines to identify it as a trustworthy and user-relevant page. Some of the things that you must consider to enhance are views, favorites, sales, and links. These are useful tools to enhance your page’s authority.

  • Technical Optimization

Behind every SEO friendly assets are professional SEO partners. More so, it is best to consider hiring professional SEO companies for a quality technical optimization.

How does it Work?

Let’s go straight to the point. All of the three mentioned keynotes are the three main areas where many SEO companies specialize.

Relevance of Documents

In order to provide what people wants and needs at the moment, a good SEO must provide timely and relevant contents. Like how every search engines work hard to generate the most relevant results for users. SEO, on the other hand, must also provide the right content for the users through these search engines. That was the relevance of documents everyone.

Increasing Authority

For this area of SEO, you must consider how your contents will be popularized through different platforms. Mostly, search engines measure content’s authority through clicks, shares, links, and others. For example, if your content is uploaded on YouTube, search engines will likely measure the authority of your content through video views and the range of time in which your video is viewed.

Technical Optimization

Lastly, there are a lot of websites that are already up online. There are actually billions of them. In which, online librarians or search engines like Google constantly organizes. Good thing that technical optimization of SEO can help to build up your contents relevance, authority, and further place your assets on top of Google’s SEO ranking.


Search engine optimization is not simply about Google. Places like, Pinterest, YouTube, and Amazon also includes searches. It is along with places like App Stores, Yelp, eBay, LinkedIn, and Google Places and more where mobile searches exist. We will now end the SEO basics 2018 beginner training here. Rank your websites on top now with this SEO basics 2018.

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