Virtual Reality Is Changing How We See Movies

Avengers: Endgame is previously making box offices all around the world. It is the final part of the Infinity Saga Marvel that runs for 11 years and up to 22 movies now. The movie is packed with the best Hollywood actors and actresses that obviously cost Marvel a huge fortune every single time it produces one of its blockbuster movies. Let alone that most parts of the movie are actually augmented with computer generated imagery and it is made very well that viewers almost believed them. Even without using the best virtual reality headset for watching movies.

Updated on 7 June 2024

VR to Revolutionize Movies

Computer Generated Imagery is still distinguishable from what is real. But with the advancement of this technology, determining what’s real and what CGI is makes it harder and harder. As a matter of fact, there are times that a whole movie set and environments on-screen can be purely CGI.  And the surprising thing is that most people don’t notice them.

For movie makers, CPI is one of the most important things to consider. It is because utilizing CGI environments in the near future might become as easy as choosing an asset that is already produced for a previous purpose. What they only need to do is to find the right one that can perfectly fit the scene.

The apparent result of this is that movie producers will no longer have to film anything. Even the need for human characters if they decide to make a completely CGI generated characters. The upcoming Lion King remake actually implement this concept and it is a huge thanks to Virtual Reality.

While you might have watched virtual reality movies on Netflix or the first movie about virtual reality, but the utilization of Virtual Reality to revolutionize movies is another subject to discuss. As an example, the remake of the movie Lion King that will be released this year is currently being produced by the cast member if Avengers: Endgame which is none other than Jon Favreau. The movie was made using advanced tools that are fundamentally alike to a modern game engine.

The Lion King 2019 Remake

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According to a report, Favreau explains how making the 2019 Lion King remake was significantly different. It is in comparison with the previous movie The Jungle Book which was released the year 2016. The Lion King 2019 does not include any human character, instead, it is made purely with CGI.

The new Lion King Movie is not just a film about VR nor animals that look like cartoons. Well, that’s what most people talk about when they pertain to Lion King.

The producer of the movie actually revealed that they have basically developed a multiplayer VR filmmaking game in order to produce the movie the way they want it to be. Now, people are getting excited about it. Aside from that, the use of VR for movie production is another way to make things easier for production artists. The seasons, the weather, the lighting, and among others are mostly created and edited procedurally through physical-based rendering.

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