Top 5 Tech Gear and Gadgets 2019

Most people save up money to buy themselves tech devices as a reward. But the question is, do they always get the most rewarding thing after the long haul of saving and searching? The truth? Not always. However, we rounded-up a top 5 list of tech gear and gadgets 2019 that are sure-fire when it comes to satisfaction and pleasure. So here it goes.

Updated on 22 May 2024

2019’s Best Tech Gadgets and Gears

Jabra Elite 65t

One of the coolest gadgets 2019 that incredibly satisfies is Jabra Elite 65t. Today, wireless headsets and earbuds are placed as some of the greatly desired gears for everyday use and this is not questionable at all. Well, everyone loves freedom and apparently, Jabra Elite 65t can provide that.

This truly wireless earbud can last up to 5 hours of active usage on just a single charge. Perfect for calls due to its clean noise cancellation feature, Jabra comprises elegant 4-microphone technology that provides effective noise reduction. You can now hear and be clearly heard.

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Additionally, this convenient ear gear allows you to use your own voice to control it. Moreover, ask Alexa to make a call or play nice music for you and you are about to experience a totally hands-free control all day.

Dell XPS 13

If you are looking for a totally rewarding tech gadget this year, then, behold this borderless laptop is coming. Besides, who would choose an 11-inch laptop if they can have a 13-inch InfinityEdge laptop instead? Enjoy a wider display with Dell XPS 13 that is equipped with a powerful 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8550U processor. This laptop is one of the latest gadgets 2019 that runs a 64-bit Windows 10 Home and has a high-graphical Intel UHD Graphics 620 video card. Also, it carries an 8GB memory and up to 256GB PCIe Solid State Hard Drive for faster and bigger storage and performance.

Now, talking about its 13.3 inches display. Do you find it very rewarding to have an edge to edge viewing too? In fact, it also features a bold and clear quality sound for an ultimate exclusive theater experience just for you. Not mentioning that it boasts the outstanding Dell Cinema that makes this laptop an excellent device for movie streaming.

[amazon box=”B01MF7A38B” title=”Dell XPS 13″ image_alt=”Dell XPS 13″ rating=”3.3″ image_size=”medium” description=”13.3 inches Borderless Laptop”]

For those who may ask if why Dell XPS 13 is included on this list, we only say three words, “it’s history breaking”. To tell you the truth, this 13.3-inch borderless laptop is the world’s very first laptop to have an InfinityEdge display. It maximizes its screen space by mounting a 13.3 inches high-graphical display in an 11 inches frame.

Garmin Forerunner 935


This next gadget is must-have gear for those who want to satisfy the inner health conscious person on them. Garmin Forerunner 935 is actually one of the future gadgets 2019. Well, it’s not that new but considering its futuristic and essentially beneficial features, you can say that it is eligible to be called as one.

Garmin Forerunner 935 is a premium GPS Triathlon/Running wristwatch that allows you to monitor your own heart rate. It provides various advanced multisport and running features in a lightweight and compact watch wherein you can wear comfortably all day. Good thing, it only weighs 49 grams so you wouldn’t even feel it on you while you do your usual routines.

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More so, through its built-in barometer, you can now see your elevation changes. It also analyzes the status of your training in order to point out if you are overdoing it or it is not enough. As well as, providing advanced dynamics for cycling, running, and swimming which includes stride length, ground contact time balance, and a lot more. Enjoy long-lasting advantages and benefits from this cool heath gear for up to 2 weeks battery life on watch mode, up to 24 long hours of use in GPS mode, and a maximum of 50 hours in UltraTrac mode.

Shure SE425

While most of us want to go completely wireless, others enjoy the presence of wires too. Apparently, newest tech gadgets 2019 like Shure SE425 equally provides a rewarding feeling for anyone who utilizes it. Imagine, this sound isolating earphones features a true to life quality of sounds. Moreover, it contains high-definition drivers that makes it capable of providing accurate and almost natural sound via its secure over the ear structure as well as with its detachable innovative cable system.

[amazon box=”B003NSBKSC” title=”Shure SE425″ image_alt=”Shure SE425″ rating=”4.1″ image_size=”medium” description=”Sound Isolating Earphones”]

Shure SE425 possess some of the best key features that a quality headphone must have. First, it has two High-Definition Drivers intended for woofer and tweeter that delivers accurate and amazingly natural sound. Second, it comprises a clean Sound Isolation capability provided by its comfortable sound isolating sleeves. This blocks a maximum of 37 decibels of ambient noise. It also prevents the noise around your current environment to interfere with the experience you get while streaming. It is indeed an ideal gadget for a traveling companion.

Sonos Play 5

Now for complete mobility and quality sound streaming combined, Sonos Play 5 is the one to abide. Get that rewarding experience of absolute mobility while streaming your favorite music with this wireless smart speaker from Sonos. The old stereos you knew will be completely dumbfounded if they are only alive. Well, who won’t be astounded with this super stereo sounding wireless speaker? Include the fact that you can connect it via WiFi connection and ask Alexa everything you need.

Additionally, Sonos Play 5 has a completely sealed architecture combined with three mighty woofers that provide an excellent bass response. It delivers precise, and big bass response that includes no echoes or reverb. Furthermore, you can now play multi-room music through this smart wireless device. From one room to another, host the ultimate music party ever staged in your village. With this amazing addition, you can now hear the coolest songs of your age everywhere in your house.

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Final Thoughts

Do you find these gadgets and gears rewarding or you are still looking for something more? It always important to consider the things that can make you satisfied than getting the cool things that you have never even wanted after all. So, the choice is yours. Check out our next review articles for more.

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