Top 5 Office Gadgets to Boost Your Productivity and Health

A work that requires you to sit in front of a computer from 9 to 5 is not as nice as it seems. While other jobs appear to be way harder than working in a nicely air-conditioned office, both can actually have an equal share of issues. Pains, niggles, and strains become too familiar especially if you are using lousy things just to get through out of the day. Without any doubt, we know what most of you feel. Which is why we offer you these top 5 office gadgets that can help you to boost your productivity without compromising your health.

Updated on 17 May 2024

Top 5 Office Gadgets

VIVO Standing Desk

The aftermath of long-hour sitting is a throbbing pain in our back. One of the most common health issues of working in an office is back pain and there is nothing more annoying than that. So for that, we recommend you one of the best office gadgets Amazon offers right now and that is VIVO standing desk.

VIVO is an adjustable dual-tiered platform which sits over your current office desk that allows you to stand and sit when needed. You can switch between standing and sitting from time to time which as a result provides various health benefits for you. Some of these are enhanced posture and increased blood flow.

Just what we have mentioned a while ago, sitting for a long time results to back pain. However, Standing throughout long hours can help you keep you productive while you work at the same time with mind alert. In fact, its top platform can stand at least 4.2 inches from the actual surface of your desk and can extend from 10.5 inches to 19.7 inches.

[amazon box=”B075JYG2TB” title=”VIVO Adjustable Standing Desk” image_alt=”Samsung Q9FN QLEDr” rating=”4.6″ image_size=”medium” description=”Adjustable Sit to Stand Standing Desk.”]

Readydesk 2

One of the ideal choice for individuals who want a better platform for themselves is Readydesk 2 convertible standing desk. Good multi-tiered converter office gadgets 2019 are hard to find. However, what we found right here are cool office gadgets for productivity such as Readydesk 2.

This convertible birch wood office table is not that ordinary. In fact, you can transform it into the most comfortable place in the earth. With its adjustable shelves, you can always achieve the accurate position you are most comfortable with. Furthermore, it allows you to achieve the best standing posture for you.

Readydesk 2 is recognized as the first ever desk to provide proper posture while standing up. Its shelves that are independently adjustable renders comfortable and easy working for you. You’ll definitely get throughout of the day happily with this gadget.

[amazon box=”B015TLMIPE” title=”Readydesk 2″ image_alt=”Readydesk 2″ rating=”4.3″ image_size=”medium” description=”Adjustable Dual Monitor Standing Desk.”]

ProBody Pilates Siting Ball

If you don’t really like the idea of standing while you work, but you approve to the idea of being active during office hours, then this stylish fitness ball might interest you.  More and more people are choosing active and healthy lifestyle over either overly relaxed or tensed day. For that reason, we included ProBody Pilates Siting Ball that allows you to sit but stay healthy at the same time.

With this you can now augment and take control of your fitness goal this 2019. It will improve the strength of your lower back and your abs which reduces the risk of back pain and more. But how does it work? While you comfortably sit in this fluffy looking ball during the day. Simultaneously, you will be needing to utilize the core strength of your body in order to keep balanced. As a result, it enhances body alignment, proprioception, and flexibility as well as reduces numerous risk of acquiring health conditions.

[amazon box=”B078KGQ7ZX” title=”ProBody Pilates Siting Ball” image_alt=”ProBody Pilates Siting Ball” rating=”4.2″ image_size=”medium” description=”Stability and Fitness Ball.”]

Ergodriven TOPO

If you have decided to use a standing desk like VIVO or Readydesk 2, we recommend you to match it with a not-flat standing desk mat like Ergodriven’s TOPO. This quality mat is verily designed for your needs. In fact, it is ergonomically designed as an anti-fatigue mat intended for standing desk users that has perfectly calculated terrain that will prime you to move more than you usually do. Isn’t it a clever way to keep your mind and body active without being disturbed with what you do?

The most amazing thing about it is that the simple raised features on this mat can trigger your brain to engage subconsciously. This makes you move your feet to articulate, explore, and stretch while you stand on its high-grade cushioning supportive terrain.

Meanwhile, using a balance board or treadmill at work can either distract you or your workmate. But with TOPO, you can discreetly work out without getting you and others distracted. This excellent mat can make it easier and faster for you to switch between standing and sitting too. For it is specially engineered to stay still when you need it and effortlessly slide it under your office desk when you don’t.

Lastly, TOPO is made with 100% high-grade polyurethane foam covered with a strong and wear-proof integral skin. Greatly pebbled to provide an extremely comfortable experience for a hardworking person like you.

[amazon box=”B00V3TO9EK” title=”TOPO by Ergodriven” image_alt=”TOPO by Ergodriven” rating=”4.8″ image_size=”medium” description=”Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat.”]

Logitech MX Vertical Mouse

A wireless mouse like this must not slip out of your hands. It is because if you are a total desk junkie, your back is not the only area of your body that needs to be taken care of. Your wrists, arms, among others also needs your care. For over the long course of the day, these parts also struggles.

Which is why we introduce you to a reliable wireless mouse like Logitech MX Vertical Mouse to assist you on your day to day office task. This excellent gadget can help you to reduce muscle strain, free your wrist to pressure, and raise better and a more ergonomic posture for you. Although changing your current mouse seems to be just a small change for you. Switching to a sleek vertical wireless mouse like Logitech’s can actually make a difference for your health.

[amazon box=”B07FNJB8TT” title=”Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse” image_alt=”Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse” rating=”4.0″ image_size=”medium” description=”Advanced Ergonomic Design Wireless Mouse.”]

Final Thought

The solution for your office pains has long been laid before you. And right now, we have broken them down in this top 5 list in order to help you easily decide on what’s the best ones to take. Since life is a matter of choice. Tend to choose the best, for you to make yourself better and work more with excellence. May these top 5 office gadgets help you to do well and live well this 2019.

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