Top 3 NAS for Video Editing

Updated on 13 May 2024

Speed is everything. As a matter of fact, all video producers will definitely agree to it especially in terms of choosing the best storage solution for video editing. More so, let us explore our top 3 NAS candidates in which we handpicked to be the best ones in the multitude of storage devices in the market today. Before this article ends, you will definitely find the best one for you.

Network Storage for Video Editing

best storage solution for video editing


For content creators, the QNAP TVS-1282T3 managed to become one of the most favorites due to its innovative features that we have never seen on other NAS before. Besides, it has 8 RAID-enabled hard disk drive slots that show how QNAP discerns that people need a reliable and powerful NAS that can exceed anyone’s expectation. For this reason, this NAS storage for video editing is loaded with high-end technology including auto data tiering, block-based snapshot, and SSD caching. Utilizing these features will allow you to perform better and faster while keeping your digital assets safe and secured in one place.

Moreover, this one of a kind storage solution provides 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports to render a seamless mode of collaboration across both Windows and Mac devices. Not only that because it has a higher bandwidth that provides smoother and better 4K video transfer as well as live video editing. This NAS is recommended for those who are utilizing Mac and Windows devices equipped with Thunderbolt technology. Combining it with such devices will result in high-speed file sharing, greater 4K workflows, and flexible file storage.

Flexibility and power are two of the main characteristics of this best NAS storage for video editing. These attributes make a NAS ideal for professional creatives. First of all, it provides an easier way for a team to share and access files over a network while providing a different level of permission on each user. Along with its 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports, Mac and Windows devices can freely and easily collaborate with each other even without the need of adapters.

With QNAP TVS-1282T3, your data are surely protected. It is thanks to its RAID Configuration that allows IT administrators to arrange a right data protection level with ease. With RAID, IT admins can select from the following protection levels: 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 5, 50, 60.

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Synology DS3617xs

best nas storage for video editing

If you are a video producer who needs the capabilities of a thunderbolt NAS but you prefer a more affordable one, then Synology DS3617xs for you. It is a reliable storage solution with a stellar performance that can satisfy the needs even of large-scale business. Because, why not? It has scalable storage that you can upgrade up to 12 hard disk drives. This network storage for video editing provides a huge storage capacity where you can save and share your files.

Since video editing requires a massive storage capacity to house every high-resolution file needed, Synology offers this solution that can contain large-scale data. This NAS also offers security over data-corruption and at the same time delivers flexible backup. Moreover, it is easy to use and easy to set up. This proves that Synology DS3617 is more than just mere large storage.

Additionally, it includes lots of useful apps that you can choose from. With these, you will be able to do more things productively and easily in one single place to get them. Let alone that you can easily access all the files stored in it anywhere. This storage solution works as your private cloud accessible as long as you are connected on the internet.

The ability to get your files quickly when you need it will effectively improve file distribution especially for teams.

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network storage for video editing

Every Video Professional needs a high performing network attached storage that can protect all their video assets from file-corruption. Moreover, a QNAP NAS that can serve that need is none other than the QNAP TVS-871T. It comprises four main features essential for all video editors. This includes RAID Protection, SAN plus NAS, Expandable Storage, and High performance.

If you utilize this best NAS storage for video editing. You will no longer have to worry about data loss due to hard drive errors. Moreover, the QNAP TVS-871T includes RAID management that provides every IT admins with the utmost flexibility to set up an effective data protection level. This will result in a robust reduction of risk in data corruption.

This NAS also deliver virtualization which adds efficiency of IT management as well as the availability of IT resources and applications. Moreover, this storage solution provides affordable, reliable, and high-performance capabilities for virtualization apps like vSphere, VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V, and XenServer.

The main reason why video professionals need a network attached storage is that they need a place to keep a huge size of data that they can easily reach from time to time. Because of this, we greatly recommend this device due to its impressive storage management. The QNAP TVS-871T features flexible volume management that supports personalized volume type selection. Through it, you can choose which type of volume to utilize to match your storage requirement. You can choose either “Thick Volume”, “Thin Volume”, and “Static Volume”. These three provides different methods of storage suited for different kinds of usage.

When we say Thick Volume, the device allocates a particular space to use as general storage as well as virtualization usage. More so, the allocation part is done before the storing process even begins. On the other hand, Thin Volume also provides the benefits of Thick Volume storage management. But it does not provide a pre-allocated space for storage and it allows dynamic allocation which makes it more flexible.

And for the Static Volume, the NAS allocates every usable space in a single volume. As a result, random access becomes better.

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Final Thought

As our final thought, high-Speed storage, transfer, and sharing are the best attributes of the best storage solution for video editing. In line with this, video production is one of the industries today where creativity is affected by which kinds of editing tools and equipment are utilized. Now, that we have learned that powerful network storage devices can level up video editing performance. I believe that utilizing these can help every video professional in the most outstanding way.

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