Top 3 Finest WD NAS 2019 for Optimal Storage

The promise of more storage space is the very reason why people acquire a NAS device. Not only has that it added enough storage space to a local computer. But also, it allows you and your business to be efficient by boosting the storage space available for you. Even more, that most computers and laptops today only comprise a limited amount of storage. Good thing that we have here the 3 of WD’s finest NAS 2019 to get optimal storage.

Updated on 22 July 2024

WD Finest NAS 2019

WD My Cloud EX4

Get a NAS that can give you storage higher than the sky. For that, we recommend you WD NAS My Cloud EX4. This Network Attached Storage is extremely easy to use as well as very affordable 4-bay NAS system that is very ideal for home use. My Cloud EX4 promises a set of outstanding personal cloud features that includes ultimate reliability, high level of convenience, speedy file sharing, and more.

WD build it from the ground up including reliability and quality that you will never expect. In fact, My Cloud Ex4 works perfectly right after you got it out from the box which includes integrated excellent WD Red hard drives that provide ultimate compatibility within the ever unique 24×7 NAS operating system. It is also pre-set in the mode RAID 5 to get ultimate protection to cover your critical data from the beginning until the end.

I know everyone loves an easy to set up a device. So, it is good news that you can actually get it with this excellent WD NAS. You can now experience an easy to manage and easy to set up network attached storage by effortlessly installing hot swap or drives within five seconds. This is only possible because WD has an advanced enclosure design that is purely composed of metal. Furthermore, it is equipped with a powerful dashboard which allows you to take full control.

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WD My Cloud EX2


The My Cloud E2 is another WD NAS product that came out one of the finest of its kind. In fact, this WD NAS 4tb offers high-performance with its 1.3GHz dual-core processor as well as with its 1GB memory to render ultra-fast file sharing and seamless media streaming. And just like the numerous WD NAS my cloud EX2 ultra review you have read before. We will also stress out that this device is really the deal when in terms of convenience. Which means, this NAS is ideal for videographers and photographers semi-pro or avid amateur that doesn’t prefer storing their files on a server outside their physical control.

And when it comes to its user interface, the My Cloud EX2 is amazingly user-friendly. Not mentioning that it is also easy to access remotely. For this reason, it is greatly recommended for those who are not yet very familiar to NAS and its usage to have EX2 as a starting line. Most of all that it comprises very illustrative configuration pages. As well as, you can access the files you stored in it via any mobile device or PC. However, you need to connect with the internet to get access then afterward simply enter a code or password.

WD developed My Cloud EX2 with a strong set of feature. In line with this, WD designed it as a dual-bay which means it has two drives. Moreover, these boxes are available in 4TB, 6TB, and 8TB flavors. But since we are reviewing the 4TB version, expect to get a clean 2TB storage.

All the three offered capacities of EX2 arrives with two USB 3.0 ports. This provides the capableness to expand the backup and storage it has just in case you need to. Plus an extra 1GB Ethernet port for wired internet connection. This NAS device from WD can allow you to backup all your files into another EX2, to a four-bay EX4 or to a remote EX2. All its drives are vertically mounted and easily accessed from the top part of the NAS unit.

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WD My Cloud Pro

Lastly, we have here the core of every team’s collaboration, none other than the WD My Cloud Pro series. Well, that is how WD put the greatest strength of their My Cloud Pro. And we can’t blame them to say that.

NAS devices are made to centralize files which makes it easier for teams to collaborate. Moreover, it appears that this WD’s finest can pass as the greatest initiator of this phenomenon. With its huge space where you can keep almost everything virtually, the My Cloud Pro series helps your team to afford network storage where they can edit, share, and save production files completely from anywhere they can connect with internet. Like so, it is compatible with PC and Mac alike. This means you are allowed to keep your media files organized and protected in one location to simply your creative workflow.

You can now organize everything in a single storage.  Keep everything easily found when you need them either it is a.Raw photo, production file, or final mixes. Get everything ready to access using its high capacity network storage.

Furthermore, WD NAS apps are also included in My Cloud Pro series. As a matter of fact, it arrives with Adobe Creative Cloud tools too so you can turn all your ideas into life. Another advantage to enjoy is that it comes with My Cloud mobile application too. This allows you to access the Creative Cloud if you want to edit and save your files anytime and anywhere.

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Final Thought

This is your time to get away from your local device’s limited storage. You need freedom and if you really opt for something higher than the sky, then don’t hesitate to use one of these finest WD NAS devices 2019. Let alone that limited storage can also limit the opportunities for you. For that reason, think about getting something more that not only provide you bigger storage capacity and organization but also a fine NAS device like WD’s that can help you to barge into a bigger world of excellence.

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