Top 3 Cheapest NAS of 2019

While many users are still new to the idea of NAS. This device obviously shows multiple reasons to be a wise investment to many. However, various individuals enter this investment cautiously. And due to low Network Attached Storage device price from NAS brands including QNAP, Synology,  WD among others, more and more people are now utilizing this amazing hardware. So, without much ado, we now introduce you three cheapest Network Attached Storage best buy 2019.

Updated on 8 April 2024

Cheap NAS 2019

WD My Cloud Home

Would you like to experience a new way to experience ease in a complete package? If you do, then here comes WD My Cloud Home.


In the past, Western Digital has already released various versions of their sleek and famous home NAS device to cover the needs of its users. However, the level of convenience people can have from the new WD My Cloud Home offers a lot more. Well, think about it. This Network Attached Storage device Amazon is selling right now costs extremely cheaper than other similar products that cost almost double My Cloud’s price. To prove this, check different Network Attached Storage device reviews today and see a huge difference. Not to mention that this WD NAS is the one and only device that comes with a high-end Realtek ARM 64bit CPU that has a FULL version of the media server application Plex.

On the other hand, there still are other ARM-based Network Attached Storage devices that support the Plex Beta version up to this date. Yet, this incredibly cheap NAS product is solo when it comes to having a perfectly compatible version. Apparently, this can explain why it is capable of boasting an extremely low price.

Additionally, WD My Cloud Home comes pre-populated having WD Red hard drives inside it. With these, you will surely struggle to get a much lower price Plex media server afterward.

This NAS allows you to organize everything in one place. It offers a large space where you can securely keep your files, photos, plenty of videos and more from your phone, tablet, laptop etc. via your network at home. Meanwhile, it provides you the ability to get at your files anytime and anywhere you want. Just keep in mind that you need an internet connection for this.

[amazon box=”B076CTK55W” title=”WD My Cloud Home” image_alt=”WD My Cloud Home” rating=”3.0″ image_size=”medium” description=”4TB Personal Cloud Storage.”]



When it comes to NAS, QNAP has a long history in it. In fact, there is no second thought when we included it as one of the most cost-efficient NAS devices today.

The year 2018 when QNAP TS-128A first arrived featuring an incredibly impressive ARM Quad-Core based Central Processing Unit that has the most popular ability to handle HD multimedia greatly. On the other hand, you can’t really expect to see any glimpse of 4K abilities from it. However, to think that you can have a generous storage space in just under $130, this excellent QNAP product is a wise option if you want to loosen your tight budget.


Alternatively, its Qsync technology can be used for easier real-time file sync best for mobile and computer devices. With this, you can share files across multiple destinations making the process of file sharing way easier than before. Like so, QNAP involves a file snapshot protection on its offered features. It also includes additional network/data security trait to ensure your security during file transfer and data safekeeping.


Additionally, utilizing this outstanding NAS can give you the freedom to combine and set multiple auto sync/backup functions if you want to keep such critical data safe and secure in order to make your mind at peace at all times. Plus, it has three dedicated multimedia stations including Music, Photo, and Video to aid you effortlessly manage, centralize, organize, and browse your large multimedia files.

The best thing about QNAP TS-128A is that it allows its users to stream their multimedia collection directly from it using a compatible smart TV, game console, music player, and more. Let alone that you can modify your music playback via an intended app from your smartphone.

[amazon box=”B078Z4Y85P” title=”QNAP TS-128A” image_alt=”QNAP TS-128A” rating=”3.7″ image_size=”medium” description=”ARM Quad-Core 1.4GHz NAS”]


Synology DiskStation DS218j


Do you opt for a NAS device that can let you easily share, store, and protect your important data? If you do, then let us introduce to you the DiskStation DS218j of Synology. This hardware device can become your own private cloud. Like so, it offers large storage capacity to keep your photos, movies, important files, among others that make it a sleek option to create your private cloud and manage it.

Actually, this NAS from Synology is an award-winning DiskStation Manager or DSM operating system that is capable of simplifying the backup process for your computers. Let alone that it is intended to make it faster for you to access your files on the go. Moreover, you can now stream all your multimedia files through this powerful over-the-network storage and do a lot more.

Check the key features of Synology’s DiskStation DS21j below and be astounded with its amazing capabilities available for you at a cheap price.

  • File Sharing and Syncing
  • Personal Multimedia Server
  • Bulletproof Backup
  • 24/7 Smart Security Solution

Can you imagine, you can now access you a wide-range of your files anytime and anywhere in your personal cloud? Just connect to the internet and you are about to get what you need without the need to place them over the internet’s set of free and paid storage apps. DS218j is a versatile entry-level 2-bay NAS ideal for your home that can act as your personal cloud storage. Get advantage of its cheap price and wide-ranging capabilities today and grab it on Amazon.

[amazon box=”B076G6YKWZ” title=”Synology DS218j” image_alt=”Synology DS218j” rating=”4.2″ image_size=”medium” description=”Diskless 2-Bay NAS for Home”]

Final Thought

While most of Network Attached Storage rolling out in the market today comprises intimidating prices, there still are some reasonably affordable ones that offers almost the same benefits. So if you need huge storage for your files and you don’t want to compromise them over the unsecured environment of internet cloud. Then, the ideal solution for your storage needs is an intended NAS specific for your requirements. Check our list, maybe one of these cost-efficient hardware is perfect for you.

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