The Internet Is Transforming Africa for the Better

The country of Africa is having evident improvements because of the internet. Tech giants put their interest in helping Africans to engage more in the technology that the world has today. This is by bringing them training and tools that are truly helpful.

Updated on 19 July 2024

Andela of Zuckerberg and Chan

In the year 2014, the 29-year-old developer Obiora started to code when Andela hired him. Andela is a tech company sponsored by Zuckerberg and Chan located in Nigeria. Moreover, the company provides paid training to Africans regarding tech-related areas such as software development.

Speaking about Obiora, he says that his colleagues are consist of more men that are older than him and around his age. But recently, it became mainstream which means more and more Africans are becoming interested in technology. In fact, young Nigerians now understand that they are also capable to develop programs and write code. As well as to do it for a living and earn money in a relatively fast way.

Today, the average age of programmers in Africa became different. From young to adult, software development is transforming their lives. In addition to that, Obiora also said that Africa’s programs are not just guys anymore. He says that he has lady colleagues now and even older ones with kinds as well married men with children. He also added that women wearing a hijab are also likely to see in Africa internet group careers.

Widespread Africa Internet Access

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Internet Africa statistics show very impressive results since internet access is now widespread in the country. This great advancement is continually changing not just the country but specifically how people live and make a living.

The credits must be given to the rise of smartphone unit ownership as well since it is the easiest and the most affordable way for the people to access the web. In line with this, many African people who can’t afford to buy computers and avail costly broadband internet connections are now turning to the sub-$50 smartphone units that run the Android operating system.

The surge on Africa’s absorption rate in terms of the internet is reportedly growing. In fact, a study from GSMA suggests that Africa will reach up to 300 Million new internet users by the year 2025.

Obiora is now the CTO of his own startup tech company and his previous colleagues in Andela are riding in the same technology wave too. This only proves that Internet Africa Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg and his co-sponsors are leaving a great impact on African people. Not just that because hope has come to the country because of such efforts.

Final Thoughts

The Internet can transform someone’s life and it can open a lot of minds in its own way. However, the guidance provided by training, seminars, and the likes are essential in order to mold an open mind to become equipped with the right things to learn that can be applied in a more fruitful pursuit. If this happens, this technology can make a good change in a broad, powerful, and beneficial manner.

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