The Best Laptop Bags and Backpacks 2019

Updated on 10 June 2024

There is a sea of the rain dust cover for laptop bags and backpacks you can choose from today. However, this makes it harder to pick the best item to protect your laptop against unforeseen hazards there is. Which is why better for you to check out our list of the best laptop bags and backpacks for 2018 that you can choose from this year to make the wisest choice in an easier way.

2019’s Best Laptop Bags and Backpacks

Moshi Treya

Are you looking for best laptop bags and backpacks ideal for a commute or for daily office use? Here is the 15 inches satchel premium vegan leather Moshi Treya. This laptop bags backpack style item is designed for MacBook Notebook and more. With its completely padded compartments, you can guarantee the safety and protection of your personal computer. A 15 inches laptop can fit perfectly inside it.

[amazon box=”B07H3KZ318″ title=”Moshi Treya” image_alt=”Moshi Treya” rating=”4.0″ image_size=”medium” description=”15 inches MacBook and Notebook Laptop Backpack and Leather Bag.”]

Moshi Treya makes sure to secure itself on your shoulders with its two durable straps in which you can use as a backpack or a crossbody bag. Like so, it has an RFID pocket for better handling of your personal data and a zipped main compartment that contains a magnetic fold cover. Surely that you will be happy to see a Treya Clutch included in when you purchase this item on Amazon.

Mobile Edge SmartPack

What I personally look for when buying a bag is its level of durability along with a unique style. Which is why Mobile Edge SmartPack has that vibe that makes me want to buy it the moment I saw it online. Besides, I doubt if someone doesn’t take a peek at it twice the time they glance at it once. With its eye-catching Crimson color, matched with lightweight materials, it will definitely grab attention.

[amazon box=”B019L9Z6RW” title=”Mobile Edge SmartPack” image_alt=” Mobile Edge SmartPack” rating=”4.0″ image_size=”medium” description=”Lightweight 15.6 inches Laptop BackPack with Tablet Compartment.”]

Actually, you can choose from six different vibrant colors of this 1680D Nylon made bag. Mobile Edge SmatPacks are durable protective laptop bag that comprises a secure compartment that can accommodate a maximum of 15.6 inches device. Moreover, it has a very roomy inside that has an added fleece lined pouch in it designed to contain a tablet. Meanwhile, if you are worried about your gadgets getting hot in there then you better chill. It is because this backpack is specially designed with an Ergonomic Ventilated Panel on its back. Also, mention about its well-padded shoulder straps that can add superior comfort to your everyday journeys with your important things behind. Along with an exterior water-bottle mesh pocket for your drinks and other stuff.


If you want to go with a sophisticated but protective laptop bag, then here is the Timbuk2 for you. With this command laptop messenger bag, you can now organize your every travel and commutes well than before. This sophisticated bag has separate internal compartments to organize your things.

In fact, to tell you everything it contains phone, pens, and other compartment designed to accommodate more of the things you want to bring on your trips. Together with its well-built interior, this protective bag also has a removable coordinating well-padded strap. Feel how stable it is to carry your things using this bag and regret why you haven’t bought this before.

[amazon box=”B00X9NVMRU” title=”Timbuk2″ image_alt=”Timbuk2″ rating=”4.5″ image_size=”medium” description=”Command Laptop Messenger Bag.”]

For me, the most annoying thing about bag straps is that they tend to be hard to adjust. But it seems that I found the best one that could make me change mind. Timbuk2 has an aluminum hook containing a tensioned elastic with webbing loops included enhancing the speed and security of its closure. It also has bag silencers in it and that was awesome. This feature encourages stealth entry every single time you put your things in it. Now you can say goodbye to that annoying crisp sound.

Mobile Edge ECO

In one look, you can mistake this for Timbuk2 but it isn’t the real thing. Actually, this sleek and sturdy bag is Mobile Edge ECO made with completely natural cotton canvas exterior. Comprising 4 different cool color options including black, olive, ash, and clear, this laptop bag displays not just style but also quality. In fact, it has a well-padded compartment dedicated for computer and a secure removable ID holder that has various anchor locations that combine both security and functionality in one.

[amazon box=”B0029L7N9E” title=”Mobile Edge ECO ” image_alt=”Mobile Edge ECO ” rating=”4.5″ image_size=”medium” description=”17.3 inches Max Green Laptop Messenger Bag.”]

Notably, it gives comfort to its user using its rubberized handle and padded back panel. And when you look at it behind, you can find a full-sized back strategic pocket and a padded superior comfortable strap that will make you say wow in an instant. You can carry a maximum of 17.3 inches laptop in it with its 16.8 inches x 2 inches x 11 inches compartment.


An Amazon’s choice that allows you to carry your laptop with grace and comfort is AmazonBasics. A bag that can accommodate both your laptop and tablet is here. Speaking about this, this bag allows you to take every important thing with you whenever you go to school, work, or just roam around somewhere. It features a three accessible selection that ranges from outside organizers to inside, definitely that this bag can make you carry your own world.

AmazonBasics is designed to be slim but compact to bring out an easy to carry bag for the public to enjoy. It has a maximum of 15.6 inches compartment that can cater your laptop perfectly fitted inside while decluttering extra bulks so you can put more useful things inside. More so, it has a shoulder strap which is well padded to ensure carrying comfort and support. Plus, it has extra storage intended for your pens, phones, iPod, portable mouse, and other small things that you need.

[amazon box=”B00DUGZFWY” title=”AmazonBasics ” image_alt=”AmazonBasics” rating=”4.6″ image_size=”medium” description=”15.6 inches Laptop and Tablet Bag.”]

It is just amazing how these things can sit well and perfect inside a tiny slim bag without worrying how messy and troublesome it looks inside. Furthermore, if you love being organized and you are looking for a bag that can serve you that then here is the best item for you.

Final Verdict

From thousands of choices into five amazing bags and backpacks, there you have it, our list of the best laptop bags and backpacks. So, have you found the one for you? If not, then don’t wait for our next list any longer. Visit the online stores yourself and break a leg finding the best laptop bag and backpack for you.

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