The 2019 Best Indoor Security Camera

A smart home does consist of all kinds of interesting gadgets from app-controlled lightning and heating to robotic vacuum cleaners, for instance. In such a way, smart home cameras will not only keep you an eye on your home while you are not around. But, you can also use your smartphone to check in on things, as well as getting notifications if something is not quite on how it should be.

However, whether, you are after a nice and excellent model to watch the dogs while you are at school or work. Or you just want something a little more substantial, like as one siren or one that can sing a lullaby.

Updated on 20 May 2024

Like so, here are the best indoor smart security cameras, which is available.


[amazon box=” B00MNM0T4A” title=”Withings Nokia Home” description=”Features: Night vision, 12x zoom, two-way talk, LED light and music, air quality monitoring” image_alt=”indoor security camera” rating=”2.5″ image_size=”small”]

Withings, that was sold to Nokia and then bought back, does offer the Home camera. Thus, the camera records what was happening around the house, does monitors the air quality, and also will play a lullaby when the nightlight is turned on, as well.

In addition, the bottom of the stylish-looking camera doubles up as the night light. Whilst the top has had features environmental sensors to measure temperature, humidity, and levels of VOC (volatile organic compound). There is a 5 megapixel CMOS sensors, also two digital microphones, an HQ speaker, 135-degree wide angle zoom. And also, a night vision on the Home camera.


[amazon box=” B07CBPQC9D” title=”Hive View” description=”Features: Night vision, two-way talk, compatibility with other Hive products, zoom, person detection” image_alt=”indoor security camera” rating=”2.5″ image_size=”small”]

A British Gas-owned Hive offers two smart home camera options, which includes the latest model – Hive view. This indoor camera offers 24-hours rolling camera history on the cloud. It comes only in four color options, compromising a brushed copper, a black, white, and a champagne gold model.

In such a way, though this camera does not offer as many of the fancy features of some of the others on the list, likely as facial recognition. But, it does have two-way audio, also zooming. However, it offers person detection as well, along with its sound and motion.

Additionally, one of the best things about this Hive camera is that it joins the company’s smart home tools or products. That includes lighting, smart plugs, and motion detectors – making and creating a smart home in simpler ways.


[amazon box=”B016LJMRCW” title=”Netgear Arlo” description=”Features: Night vision, IFTTT and Alexa compatibility, custom modes, smart scheduling, weatherproof” image_alt=”indoor security camera” rating=”3.5″ image_size=”small”]

The Netgear does offer numerous smart home camera options, which includes its standard Arlo. Like so, it claims as the first one hundred percent wire-free camera and is also weatherproof. In the same token, there is the Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, and Arlo Go in wireless range.

Moreover, the Arlo does offer night vision and motion alert. Similarly to the rest of the camera that is on the list. But, its camera resolution is much little lower than others that have had 720 pixels video recording, instead of 1080 pixels. Thus, it also has a slightly narrower field of vision than any other.

The one thing that shines most about the Arlo is that it provides seven days of viewing, sharing, and even downloading without a subscription. Aside from Netatmo Welcome, mostly other smart cameras require a monthly subscription to access video recordings over twenty-four hours old. Whereas, with Arlo, it is only a requirement for videos over seven days old.


[amazon box=”B00X5X1XPU” title=”Netatmo Welcome” description=”Features: Night vision, person alerts, facial recognition for up to 16 faces, customisable privacy settings” image_alt=”indoor security camera” rating=”3.5″ image_size=”small”]

Netatmo Welcome security camera features facial recognition technology. Though, aside from the so-called Nest Cam IQ, Welcome is the only camera that can do so, which requires a subscription for the privilege. It can capture images of people and allows you to create profiles. After which, the camera will send names of the people it recognizes. Whilst also notifies you when it detects unknown faces.

In line with this matter, it is possible to customize profiles, so if ever you do not want it to record your roommate at any time, for example. You can set it to make sure it doesn’t. Or, you can stop notifications coming through when are already at home.

Unlike to the other smart home cameras, Welcome does not offer a speaker for two-way talk, music or night-light capabilities. But does not ahs subscription charges, so the price you’ll pay for the camera is all you pay to access videos. In which, the included 8GB SD card will store up to one hundred videos, and once the storage runs out, the oldest videos will be replaced.


[amazon box=”B077N5Q8SZ” title=”Canary All-in-one” description=”Features: Night vision, air quality monitoring, 90-decibel siren, person detection, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible ” image_alt=”indoor security camera” rating=”3.5″ image_size=”small”]

Canary all-in-one indoor security camera can be set up in just for minutes. It will learn over time to deliver you excellent notifications. Besides, it is capable of Full HD video recording, HD audio recording. Which, you will get instant alerts when the activity is being detected, along with the ability to view the recorded video. In addition, it also offers person detection with no subscription, two-way talk, and desktop streaming with a subscription.

However, there is a 90=decibel siren on board to scare off any unwanted visitors. In which, it can be controlled remotely. Canary monitors air quality, temperature, and humidity to give you a better idea of your home, as well.

If ever you are after a weatherproof feature, Canary does offer the Canary Flex. That can be installed wire-free or plugged – whether on the inside or outside of your home. It is a smaller tool than the standard Canary, which does not have a siren, but still, does have a built-in speaker. Take note: The 24 hours of free recording access is shared between all the Canary devices you had.


[amazon box=”B0711V3LSQ” title=”Logitech Circle 2″ description=”Features: Auto night vision up to 5-metres, two-way talk, 8x digital zoom, adjustable pan and tilt, weatherproofing, person detection with subscription, Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit compatibility” image_alt=”indoor security camera” rating=”3.5″ image_size=”small”]

The Logitech Circle 2 takes the place of the Circle smart home camera. And, bringing the choice of wired or wire-free, weatherproof and a wider field of view over its previous model. Furthermore, it is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. Also, there is a range of mounts and accessories that are available for it, which allows you to mount it wherever you want to.

Additionally, the Circle 2 has had a 180-degree field of view that records video in 1080p – offers night vision up to five meters, as well. Moreover, it has a two-way talk and a listen function. Surprisingly, for those who choose for the Circle Safe Premium subscription, you will have an access to person detection. And also, access to motion zones, advanced event and alert filters options too.

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