The Apex Legends Characters That Just Got Improved

Some Apex Legends Characters are easy to hit that many players don’t like to pick them. For this reason, Respawn technically resolved their big boys with a new patch that can make them harder to kill. It is said that the receiving characters of this new ability are Apex legends characters names Gibraltar and Caustic.

Updated on 11 April 2024

What to Expect With the New Patch?

According to Apex legends characters abilities, the kit of Gibraltar makes this big guy a classic tank. Moreover, he is equipped with a shield that can be utilized when he aims down and his most amazing ability is his impenetrable shield. But why do players hardly use him? The answer relies on his huge built that makes him easier to hit.

Well, a character that is easier to hit is also a character that is quick to kill. And Respawn realizes this issue later on. As a matter of fact, it has previously modified the hitbox sizes that appear to work for Pathfinder.

Apex legends characters list of huge guys includes Pathfinder, Caustic, and Gibraltar. But since, the other two essentially needs an upgrade to address their easy to hit built, Respawn further send a new patch to improve them.

Gibraltar and Caustic now have a new advantage that is added to their previous set of abilities. This new advantage is what they call Fortified that can reduce the damage they take by up to 10%. Aside from that, this new patch improves Gibraltar’s gun shield by increasing the damage it can impose to the enemies it will hit. On the other hand, Caustic gets greater gas damage as well as the greater distance on his Ultimate throw.

Apex Legends Characters Guide

apex legends characters guide

During the first season of Apex Legends, the three big boys namely Gibraltar, Pathfinder, and Caustic were getting a lot of dissatisfied comments because of their huge hitbox size than the rest of Apex Legends characters list. Good thing Respawn is quick to catch their mistake on this part and they immediately released an initial solution that only Pathfinder got better.

Numerous user feedbacks were sent to the game developer saying their initial fix affected the other two characters only a little. This is the reason why they developed another one to technically address Gibraltar and Caustic this time.

Along with the patch is a weapon that has the cool ability to transform to make sniper rifles better by reducing damage and sway. This can also increase the magazine size of energy weapon as well as nerfing the magazine size of Wingman. This gun is not intended to dominate the stock gun battle because of its stellar damage effect per bullet.

Apparently, the Wingman gun led the meta version of Apex legend after weeks of its launch. Moreover, if you are curious about the full content of the patch. Respawn provided the full patch note that states every bit of the new addition in detail.

Final Thoughts

Will these new abilities make Gibraltar and Caustic frequently picked Apex Legends characters this time? Let us know your thoughts about this new in the comment section.

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