TapNcharge Review 2024: Sublime Wireless Charging Device

What is the most frustrating thing about mobile phones? Charging the batteries! You think charging a phone is no biggie until one night when you are groggy and tired, then you suddenly hear the beep that signals a low battery. You think of the hassle of untangling charging wires and plugging into the port just right. Sometimes it takes several tries just to get it right. However, if you get a TapNcharge wireless charging pad as I did, you may not have to stress about wires and 6-way USB ports. Read on to learn more about this innovative charger.


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Updated on 8 April 2024

TapNcharge Reviews: What is this device?

Tap N charge is a wireless charging device that powers mobile phones. It has a sleek design and slim construction. This device weighs 45g. It is 100mm wide and 7mm thick. It comes only in the color black.

Unlike some wireless chargers that are painfully slow to charge, this device charges super fast. Also, it’s not the kind of charger that gives your superficial battery power that quickly drains away. This is one of the best things about this charger. It charges quickly and lets you enjoy a normal battery life span, the same as when you use a regular charger.

Also, we know that wireless charging just recently became a rave and people with old model phones may not be able to access this feature. Some phone brands are not even making their devices wireless charging compatible.

With Tap N Charge you don’t have to worry about what model your phone is or if it’s an older version. The adapter that comes with this device can make any phone compatible with wireless charging without any downsides. The adapter makes it suitable for all smartphones, even an iPhone 4. It works with Samsung, Apple, and Nokia phones, basically all iOS and Android phones.


TapNcharge Reviews: How does it work?

In the pack, you will find the sleek charging pad, an adapter and an instruction manual. I love that the Tap N Charge wireless charger comes with an instruction manual that makes it super easy to set up. It is not difficult to set up at all, more like a plug and device.

The first thing to do is to set down the charging pad on a stable platform. It’s compact so you don’t have to stress about how much space it would take. Mine fit just fine on the bedside table and I didn’t even have to move anything around to create space.

After ensuring a stable placement, plug in the charging pad and you are ready to charge your phone. Just like that!

If your phone isn’t made to be wireless charging compatible originally, the adapter of this device is a feature you would need and love. All you need to do is attach the adapter to the back of your phone before placing it on the pad. You’ll enjoy high-amp, fast charging just like anyone else with the latest wireless charging phone. My phone needed the adapter and using it presented zero challenges. The adapter is ultra-slim and I could fit my phone case over it with no problem. So you can charge without having to take off your phone case.

Like I’ve previously implied, charging your phone with Tap N Charge is as easy as dropping your phone on the pad. This charger is great for people with visual impairments, whether they just have poor eyesight or are completely blind. Even the elderly who have shaky hands will enjoy having a Tap N Charge charger around.

If you ever need to charge your phone while you are drunk, sleepy or extremely tired, you will appreciate the ease of using the Tap N Charge.

tapncharge review

TapNcharge Reviews: Benefits/Advantages

  • Zero tangling stress: this charger is almost 100% wireless except for the cord that powers that base. The cord is thick so there are no tangling issues. With no need for charging cables, you can charge your phone without having to sort out twisted cables every time. We know that tangling wears out charging cables and you soon need a replacement. Bid those worries goodbye with this wireless charging pad.
  • Portable: Tap N charge is designed not to take up too much space. It is lightweight and portable, you can easily take it on trips. The base fits perfectly on any desk or countertop. I keep mine on the bedside table. It is so small that you can fit it in a handbag or fairly large pockets.
  • Universal adaptability: With other wireless chargers not everyone can enjoy wireless charging without upgrading to the latest model. With this product, wireless charging is available to people with old models of Android and iPhones.
    This device comes with a free adapter unique to the kind of phone you use.
  • Durability: this device is sturdy and has durable components. I love that I no longer have to fret about accidentally ruining my phone’s charging port and incurring repair expenses. Not only is the device long-lasting, but it also helps your phone too.
  • Fast charging: Whether you have to use an adapter or not, this product charges your phone fast. It gives you the same experience as when you use a top-quality charging cable. You can even optimize slow-charging phones with this wireless charging pad.
  • Tap and charge: Tap N charge is easy to set up and use. You just take it out of the box, connect the base to a power source and start charging. If you use an old model phone, you will need to attach the adapter to the back, if you use a manufacturer optimized wireless charging phone, no need for an adapter. Usually, distance is an issue with wireless charging but Tap N charge supports a 1cm charging distance, so your fancy phone cases can stay on while it charges.

tapncharge reviews



  • One color: This product only comes in the color black. That doesn’t allow users to explore color options. Everyone has to settle for black.

Tap N charge Reviews from Users

Here are some verified TapNcharge wireless charger reviews from users, who are happy to tell their experience using the device.

“I have very poor eyesight and it’s always been a challenge to plug in my phone to charge. I dreaded having a low battery. My daughter got me this wireless charger and I honestly don’t know how I managed with this incredible device before now. It makes charging my phone easy and fun. No more charging frustrations for my poor old self.”
Matt H.
“I hate clutter but always had a problem with chargers. Due to the nature of my businesses, I have multiple phones and change phones at least twice a year. I get a new charger and because of how fragile charging cables can be I had no choice but to keep them all. This amazing wireless charger freed me from the chaos, now I use wireless charging for all my phones.”
Vera B.
“I had used two wireless chargers before I switched to Tapncharge. I have stuck with this charger because it is faster and the battery lasts longer. It was easy to set up as well. I’ll be recommending this product to anyone and everyone.”
John C.

Price and Money-back Guarantee

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TapNcharge Reviews: FAQs

Q: I don’t have the latest wireless charging enabled iPhone, will this work?

A: Yes. Tapncharge charges any model of Android or Apple phone with the use of a special adapter.

Q: Can I charge two phones simultaneously on this charger if I place them face to face or side by side?

A: No. You can only charge one device at a time. Place the phone centrally on the pad for fast charging.

Q: Will this charger ruin my phone’s battery?

A: No. Tapncharge reviews show that users enjoy normal battery life and durability.

TapNcharge Reviews: Conclusion

A wireless charger takes away all the inconveniences associated with regular charging. You just place down the phone and your phone is charging. So to the question, is TapNcharge any good? The answer is a resounding yes as you can see from TapNcharge reviews.

This device is one of the best quality wireless chargers available today. This wireless charger allows you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with wireless charging regardless of the type of mobile phone you use.

TapNCharge Wireless Charger
9.5 Total Score
TapNcharge rating 2024

Ease of Use
  • Fast charging
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Compatible for all device type
  • Compact
  • Only available in black color
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