OnePlus 6T successful in unlocking the smartphone early

OnePlus 6T is the first-ever OnePlus device to be sold by U.S. carriers. Also, T-Mobile is the first to offer it. Moreover, since the device is sold via carriers, the OnePlus 6T does come with no carrier unlocking condition for forty days.

Surprisingly, a report suggests that T-Mobile has been allowing OnePlus 6T owners to unlock their devices right away.

Updated on 8 June 2024

Carrier unlock potential

Definitely, smartphones that are sold via carriers usually come with some restrictions. Such as no dual-SIM functionality, no carrier unlocking as well, until the handset has been fully paid for, and been used for more than forty days.

In addition, several T-Mobile OnePlus 6T users claim that they are able to unlock the device quickly after purchasing it. Though, according to users, it requests T-Mobile for the bootloader, which the customer care representatives agreed.

According to one user, says in a statement, “I called Customer Service and tell them that I buy the smartphone in-cash from T-Mobile store. Thus, it doesn’t make sense to put me in a 40-day hold to unlock. I own the phone outright, she said.” “I asked was there any way to override the forty day policy because I’ll travel, and sure enough would bypass the policy.”

In line with this matter, not all users were able to get the devices to unlock. As for some reports, some customer care representatives were also declining the unlocking request. Like so, it is advisable that you should keep trying if one representative refuses to honor your requests.

T-Mobile OnePlus 6T owners’ success in unlocking the smartphone

Moreover, if you own a T-Mobile OnePlus 6t, your handset differed in a few ways from the ones you can buy directly from OnePlus. Like so, one of those noticeable differences is the T-Mobile variant that is both networks locked, also bootloader locked.

For this reason, there are actually four steps to attain a fully unlocked phone – when you buy the handset directly from T-Mobile;

  1. Pay off in full the handset
  2. Request for a network unlock
  3. Wait for 40 days to get the network to unlock
  4. Proceed with the bootloader unlock steps

Thus, it looks likely as many OnePlus 6T users who have been purchased the device from T-Mobile are having a complete success. Even if, they’d skipped the third step, which is ‘Wait for 40 days to get the network to unlock’.

If your question now is, how they’d do it? Most people say that they have simply asked for a T-Mobile support representative if they could be able to skip the forty days wait. Thus, the customer care representative is happy to oblige. However, other people used excuses. Such as, they have an upcoming international travel, or moving to a new place or location. In which resulted in a customer care representative obliging.

In such a way, there are also been reported situations wherein customer care representatives declined to unlock the device. Or saying such thing that it is not unable to. But still, it appears the majority of users in finding success with this kind of method.

Do keep in mind, however, that there is no point in asking to have your device network unlocked, if and only if you have not yet already fully paid it off your handset. Like so, only users with a handset purchased in cash or an equivalent are able to get unlocked.

Nevertheless, once your T-Mobile OnePlus 6T network unlocked. You can now use the handset on another carrier. Thus, it can unlock the bootloader, root the device, flash custom ROMs, and more others.

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