Study Says Majority of Americans Play Video Game as a Hobby

If you love video game news and you want to hear something about it today. It might surprise you to know that the majority of Americans plays video game as a hobby. In line with this, the median of gamers age is 33 which has dropped from last year’s study suggesting 34 is the median age and way back year 2016, the study says it is 35.

Updated on 8 April 2024

Video Game Addiction

In this digital age, it is widely known that there are a lot of countries having a hard time with their young ones because of video game addiction. While having no direct effect on society, video game addiction can cause a change in an individual’s lifestyle. This change can actually lead to other effects including on physical, emotional, and mental aspect of a person.

In America, there are 63% minor aged gamers that spend almost 5 hours a week playing games online. Adult gamers actually complete the percentage which means there are 37% of adults playing video games as a hobby. On the other hand, American gamers spend 3 ½ hours battling against opponents that are physically present. This is one of the facts that shows video game stores are gaining profit either through video game consoles or new game releases which gamers really look forward to.

One Home One Gamer

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It seems interesting that the study also suggests there are three-quarters of American household have at least one gamer. Like so, there is a significant number of child video game players in one family equaling to 70%. On the other hand, 70% of the time, the one who plays a video game in a household is an adult.

Apparently, this fact is not that surprising anymore.  Besides, there are countries like Japan where you can find even a white collared guy playing video games on arcades along with other childish games. It is said that they are doing this most of the time in order to release physical and mental stress. But it is another topic if addiction is involved.

From the alpha of video games on arcades, these exciting games became a lucrative industry in the country of U.S. As a matter of fact, it shows impressive sales including its 2018 massive profit surpassing $43.4 Billion. This news is according to ESA.HM/JB. And since Vide Game stores are consistently working on bringing new hits year after year, expect to see these stats grow big in the future.

Final Thoughts

Playing video games is incredibly exciting especially video games 2019. Like so, it is one of the best ways to upscale one’s imaginations in this somewhat boring world. However, video game addiction is one of the most dangerous things that might drag you into the depths of this hobby. For this reason, parents are recommended to set rules for their children. This is to limit exposure as well as to instill balance of the child’s priorities including studies and more. The study shows most adults are also into his hobby. This proves that this industry is one of the biggest that is continually growing by now.

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