Spider-Man PS4 Pro Bundle Is Every Marvel Fan’s Dream

Updated on 1 June 2023

Marvel’s Spider-Man was one of the most anticipated games this year. With the game being officially released around the world, different gaming shops already went sold out on the first day of its release.

The game has been receiving a lot of praise as it offers amazing gameplay unlike any other previous Spider-Man games before. With the hype train still going, Sony released a limited-edition PS4 Pro that is based on Spider-Man.

This console gives goosebumps to the fans as it only doesn’t give players a physical copy of the game, but also an incredible Spider-Man-inspired console and controller. However, some fans suggest that the 2000’s Spider-Man font used in PS3 should have been used in the PS4 Pro Spider-Man Edition to give it a more classical look.

There are no words or any names in the PS4 Pro Spider-Man Edition besides the large logo of Spider-Man on top. Some fans even tried to customize the PS4 Pro Spider-Man Edition into a Venom edition, as they believe that Sony won’t be releasing any Venom games anytime soon.

Spider-Man PS4 Pro

Sony releases a limited-edition PS4 Pro Spider-Man bundle.

Unboxing The PS4 Pro Spider-Man Edition

According to Sony, the color of the PS4 is officially called Amazing Red. It has a blend of glossy red with a large white Spider-Man logo. Despite Spider-Man’s default blue and red suit, the console seems to reveal only the red colors without any signs of the blue.

There is also a shiny PS4 logo on the side, giving it a more classic look. Fans can even see a mirror reflection on top of the console due to its glossiness. This PS4 Pro Spider-Man Edition also comes with a 1TB hard drive with a DualShock 4 gamepad that is also inspired by Spider-Man.

The whole controller is matte red with white buttons giving a cool and refreshing look. However, there is only one controller in the package, given that there are no multiplayer functions on Spider-Man.

Sony PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro Spider-Man Edition comes in bright red color.

The bundle also comes with a disc copy of the game as well as a digital deluxe edition content code that cost $79.99. The digital deluxe edition of the game is hard to find these days. Due to this, fans should take the opportunity to grab the package as it will only be available for a limited time.

The digital deluxe edition of the game comes with most of the pre-order features and freebies like the Iron Spider-Man suit of Peter Parker. This PS4 Pro package also comes with all the cables needed to run the console.

Where To Buy It

The PS4 Pro Spider-Man Edition is now available around the world for only $399.99. Fans should get the console as early as possible as it is expected to run out very fast. The back of the PS4 Pro Spider-Man Edition also comes with an amazing artwork of Spider-Man battling Mister Negative, which is a perfect souvenir for collectors. Marvel’s Spider-Man is also expected to receive a new DLC in March 2019.

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