ScratchUndo Pro Review 2024: Does this car scratch remover work?

Everybody loves their cars and can’t afford to see any scratches on them. However, these scratches still find their way to cars no matter how careful you are. If you don’t want to visit the garage every time you get a scratch, the ScratchUndo Pro is the ideal car maintenance product you need. Read our ScratchUndo Pro review to learn more about this amazing gel!

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Updated on 16 July 2024

What is ScratchUndo Pro?

ScratchUndo Pro is a contemporary pen that corrects scratches. You can easily apply this unique product to various car surfaces. It is one of the latest car maintenance tools that remove scratches from car surfaces effectively. This easy-to-apply scratch-removing gel can be used by everyone to manage various car scratches.

It is one of the most modern inventions in car paint management. The acidic solution of Scratch Undo Pro absorbs the color of the car easily. This allows it to cover the scratch and make it look like the other part of your car. It is non-hazardous and safe for use.

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Features of ScratchUndo Pro

This gel comes with various exciting features that make it unique. Some of them include:

Instant Scratch Free Finish 

This transparent scratch remover works immediately after you apply it. It shows an amazing result once you apply this gel-based formula to your car’s scratches. It eliminates and covers the affected areas without leaving any dent on the body of the car. Additionally, it gives an immediate smooth finish over the car’s body.

scratchundo pro review

Safe Ingredients 

The acidic gel formula is odorless, non-toxic, permanent,addictive-less, non-hazardous, and water-resistant. This transparent gel formula takes in the surrounding color, and also dissolves with the paint. It won’t destroy or harm the car’s color. This makes the Scratch Undo Pro incredibly safe to use.

scratchundo pro review

Super Portable And Compatible 

The size of the Scratch Undo Pro is 142 x 15 mm. This is as portable as a pen. So you can keep it anywhere and everywhere. It will always fit in. This unique pen is also compatible with all categories of vehicles. This includes cars, motorcycles, vans, etc.

Easy Application

Using the Scratch Undo Pro is straightforward. Anybody can make use of the product without having any technical or prior experience. All you need to do is follow some simple instructions and you will get excellent results.


The ScratchUndo Pro is relatively affordable. This product is only available online for now. It is advisable to get the product from the official website to avoid getting scammed or getting a fake product. Buying from their official website will also grant you a faster and easier checkout.

scratchundo pro price

Payment Option 

The only payment option available on the official website is card payment. It allows for various card options including VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, etc. This means you can use a credit card, debit card, and net banking options. Their online payment link is secured by the 256-bit SSL protection. This guards your card details against cyber attacks or unauthorized access. . So, you don’t need to worry about anybody stealing your card details

Money-Back Guarantee 

The Scratch Undo Pro comes with a return policy. If you don’t like your product in any way or it didn’t meet up to your expectations, you can return it. However, the return period lasts for 30 days after purchase. And you will get a full refund.


There are several offers available. They include “buy two get one free with 67% discount” and “buy three get two free with 75% discount“. This product also comes with a three-year warranty. And you only need $8.99 to extend its warranty for three years.


If you buy this tool from the official website, you will get a 50% discount on your purchase. Rush to get yours while the offer lasts.

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Technical Sheet 

The top technical features and specifications of Scratch Undo Pro include:

scratchundo pro

  • The quick and perfect result at first application
  • Transparent gel-based formula
  • Safe and easy to apply on various car surfaces
  • Compact scratch-correcting pen
  • 100% safe gel formula
  • Only demand a small amount of gel
  • Available in various discounts
  • Adequately fix all types of car paints
  • Zero wastage pen outline

How Does it Work?

ScratchUndo Pro is a simple and easy tool that anybody can use. You don’t need to have any prior expertise or knowledge before you can use this product. Use the following simple step-by-step process and you won’t have any problems.

scratchundo pro

  • Thoroughly clean the scratched areas of the car to which you want to apply the product to.
  • Shake the repair pan well. Ensure the cap is kept on and locked.
  • Then, carefully start pressing the pen while pointing its tip down. Continue pressing until the tip saturates.
  • Gently apply the gel to the scratched part. Also, never forget to protect the pen’s tip from direct sunlight.
  • Wipe the excess gel quickly with a tissue or dry paper towel.

If you follow these steps, the scratched area and other parts of your car will look the same in no time.

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Customer Service

The customer service of Scratch Undo Pro is unmatched when it comes to prioritizing clients’ needs. Its award-winning customer advisors will help you out if any inquiries you have. You can reach them via email and a phone call between 9:00 AM to 14:00hrs (GMT -5).

Users Reviews

There are numerous ScratchUndo Pro review from users who have used this product. Many of them agree that this product is unique. They also agree it works as advertised. Here are some of the reviews from users:

“The almost instant result I got from this product is amazing. I was a little skeptical because I just heard about it. But I am glad I went for it. I haven’t seen any product that can clean off the scratches of my car like ScratchUndo Pro. I recommend it to everyone.”
Jack M, 34
“What I like the most about this product is that it is affordable. With the kind of results it gives, one would think it will be expensive. I am very satisfied with this product. Works wonders.”
Tom.A., 26
“I am so impressed with ScratchUndo Pro. It cleans all the scratches on my car so fast. There is even one that looks kind of deep but the pen cleans it. I love it. My friend already collected the one I bought. I will order again.”
Jerry F.


Scratch Undo Pro is an innovative solution for car scratches. And without any doubt, it works excellently well. However, if you don’t want to go for Scratch Undo Pro, there are other alternatives that you can go for. Some of them include:

Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound

Meguiar’s ultimate compound is the go-to product for people who want to remove any scratch or surface imperfection from their car paint. It’s also cost-effective compared to other car scratch removers. The Maguiar’s Ultimate Compound works as advertised. It eliminates swirls and scratches from a clear coat. It also makes cloudy or tired-looking paint come alive. This product is also incredibly easy to use. Meguiar’s ultimate compound is not significantly harsh and works incredibly well on clear-coated cars.

Adam’s Car Scratch & Swirl Remover Hand Correction System 

Adam’s car scratch has two different applicator pads that ensure you have new tools you can work with. This way, you won’t need to look for something that works with them. Microfiber towels are the only thing you might need that is not added to this package. This unique scratch repair kit has one hand polish and a swirl and scratch remover. The first one which is more abrasive does more work of polishing out moderate imperfections and scratches. The hand polish then reinstates an attractive luster to the paint. You will love this product.

Final Thoughts 

It doesn’t matter how careful you drive your car, there will be times when mistakes will happen. ScratchUndo Pro is the product you need if you unintentionally scratch your car. This ScratchUndo Pro review has helped you to properly analyze this product. It is what you need to avoid spending so much money in garages. You just have to gently apply the gel of this unique pen to affected areas and eliminate the scratches there immediately. Once you have the Scratch Undo Pro, you worry less about your car scratches.

ScratchUndo Pro
Effective Car Maintenance Gadget
9.2 Total Score
ScratchUndo Pro

ScratchUndo Pro is the ideal gadget for you if you unintentionally scratch your car. It is effective and keeps you away from visiting the garage often.

Ease of use
  • The immediate result in the first application
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Affordable 
  • Incredibly effective
  • Can only be bought online 
  • Limited availability 
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