Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. iPhone XS: Which is Better?

Undeniably, 2017 was an enormous year of change for Apple’s and Samsung’s flagship devices. Actually, iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 took a big retreat from previous designs. Not only that, they also signaled a change into an all-screen future.

But this year (2018) it’s more about improvement than revolution. While iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S9 both come with lots of new features, both smartphones are quiet mid-cycle updates.

Nevertheless, we have a question for you. Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. iPhone XS: Which you think is better? However, if you’re not certain, then keep on reading to find out which of these two flagships is better.

Updated on 10 June 2024

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. iPhone XS: A Detailed Comparison


Both Galaxy S9 and iPhone XS are built from glass and metal, but that is where the similarities end. The iPhone XS is rounded and flat, whereas the S9 is slopes and curves.

On the other hand, the XS’s stainless rim is constructed to be perceived, however, the aluminum rim inserting the rear and back of the S9 fluxes to the glass.

On more dissimilarity of these devices can be noticed on the front. The Galaxy S9 outspreads the bezel marginally to suit this functionality in. The iPhone XS, on the other hand, adopts the uneven screen, featuring a cut-out at the topmost which consists of the front-facing camera.

However, not everybody will like the notch because it obstructs what is on the screen.

Another reason why Apple go for the notch is the absolute amount of technology needed for its facial recognition to function.  

Specifications and Features

Samsung Galaxy S9 iPhone XS
Storage 64GB and 256GB 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB
Software Android 8 iOS 12
Battery 3000mAh TBC
Front Camera 8MP 7MP
Back Camera 12MP Dual 12MP
Processor 845 Exynos 9810 AppleA12
Display 5.8 inches AMOLED 5.8 inches 19.5:9 (1124 by 2436) AMOLED


In addition to the above-mentioned specifications and features, both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone XS have voice assistants in Bixby and Siri correspondingly.


Actually, the largest update to S9 has been its camera. Its 12MP sensor comes with an adjustable aperture lens which can shift between f/2.4 and f/1.5 depending on what you are shooting or on the surrounding.

Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy S9 support 4K videos at sixty frames per seconds and slow-motion recording.

There is also a big improvement on the iPhone XS in terms of camera. Users will get dual 12MP sensors, one for a zoomed shot while the other one is for regular images. In addition, iPhone XS features a Smart HDR mode which is useful in improving highlights and contrast. Even so, its 7MP front camera is faster compared before and can shoot videos that have 4K stereo sound.


Without a doubt, both Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone XS are great flagship devices. But one thing is for sure, The Galaxy S9 is much inexpensive that iPhone XS. Nonetheless, it must be a significant consideration for a lot of prospective buyers.

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