Samsung CHG90 Ultra-wide Gaming Monitor Review

The popularity of monitors especially the ultra-wide ones in today’s age has increased to the highest level. In order to beat the other models, Samsung did release an ultra-wide monitor, the Samsung CHG90. This 49-inch and big gaming monitor has an aspect ratio of 32:9 that encases every user in its curvy display.

Actually, Samsung CHG90 isn’t only the broadest monitor we have ever seen and tested, but also it is the most talented. With its ability to display a huge game world as 21:9 screens that have lots of additional real-estate leftovers. Or serve as two well-defined 16:9 displays, this monitor is actually one of the most impressive and flexible gaming monitors we’ve ever seen and tested.

Updated on 15 July 2024

The Best Gaming Display Ever

 Positive Sides

  • Excellent contrast ratio
  • Colors are accurate and vivid – Impressive color reproduction
  • The high refresh rate is perfect for fast-paced games
  • An ungodly amount of screen real estate
  • Impeccable image quality
  • Flexible, Versatile screen splitting

Negative Sides

  • No USB-C
  • Under 300 nits
  • 3840 x 1080 screen could be sharper
  • High asking price


Honestly, it’s no of importance how crazy you may possibly believe a monitor in this broadness and size, you’ll smile widely like a fool as you bring in the irrationality of this 49″ ultra-wide monitor.

Actually, there is something exceptional on sitting in forefront of CHG90’s spectacular pixels. The colors are presented richly without being drench as well as the black is dark like the sky at night, owing to Samsung’s QLED.

The fast refresh rate (144Hz) of the panel is a nice extra which makes this screen even ideal for gaming. Apart from that, it will also allow you to watch your Windows while moving around with complete smoothness.  Thus, the Mass Effect Andromeda, as well as Battlefield One, were seen to contemplate when the games are running especially at the Ultra quality setting and full resolution.

As it was said above, now, users had the leisure of running such games on a decked. Like so, Samsung provided a test rig that is armed with a Radeon RX Vega 64 from AMD and a processor known as Ryzen 7. However, if you want to take all-inclusive advantage of this monitor, you will need a gaming machine that is tricked-out.

Oh, of course, it is impractical not to admire the huge amount of display real estate which the CHG90 offers you. Reports suggest, however in some personnel’s testing, they had a couple of applications which open simultaneously with ease but still had an available space to fit in more windows. Nevertheless, the Samsung CHG90 will definitely create multi-tasking masters out of the users.

More Features …

Moreover, through the use of Easy Setting Box, a desktop app, we’re able to break the CHG90 into six specific areas. On the other hand, there is a collection of more modes, such as one which breaks the area of the screen into 3 vertical panels. Or two horizontal splits that are extremely wide.

Over the OSD or On-Screen Display menu, you’ll be able to choose more splitting alternatives. For some instance, if you want to run 2 separate computers simultaneously, you can use the monitor in order to drag the two video sources. Then split it into two improve 16:9 ratio, 1920 x 1080 screen resolution displays. At the same time, you can obtain the screen serve as 21:9 displays for movies and games, whilst saving the rest of the Samsung CGH90 for your work or other agendas.

Samsung CHG90

Sounds ‘wow’ and funny, but yes, you can use the CHG90 in its wholly for size in order to make  Excel spreadsheets that are intended for Guinness World Records.


This monitor from Samsung is hard to long. The monitor’s very large 47.36-inch wingspan leads it an intimidating presence. Thus, when you are sitting at the center of the whole thing, it feels likely as the whole screen is about to wrap itself all to you.

The 32:9 aspect ratio of the monitor is equally overwhelming. There is simply no way to see the entire monitor at a first look because your field of vision just isn’t that wide enough. Your desk is unlikely to be able to handle the extremely wide nature of this display either. By any chance, the sides of this monitor are likely doing to hover above, also will past the ends of your particular desk. Reminder: Be sure your table is big enough to cater to the screen’s rather large stand.

In line to its overwhelming size, Samsung went with a really understated design for the CHG90. In fact, the 49-inch monitor’s simple and functional design helps it blend in, with any office environment. Moreover, the styling might be bland to some, but it stands o0ut from the Predator Z35 and ROG PG348Q’s use of edgy pedestals, hologram projectors, and red accents.

The only thing of beautification you will find on this monitor is a ring light built into the back part of the monitor. Samsung did really class up this area by incorporating such ring of swirling plastic molding, which does a great job of hiding the VESA mount.

flexible gaming monitor


It is an overwhelming price even for a 4K TV. With the same amount of money, you could buy yourself four or even more monitors. In such a way, the Samsung CHG90 has a believably better panel than anything you’ve ever seen and owned before.

There is no doubt that it is one of the biggest computer monitors on the market. With its 3840 x 1080 screen resolution splitting perfectly into two Full HD 16:9 displays. Where you could think to the Samsung CHG90 as getting two monitors for the price of one. In the same token, the HDR colors and 144Hz refresh rate of this massive CHG90 make it one of the best-looking ultra-wide gaming monitors that are available on the market.

Samsung’s 49-inch beast runs into stiff competition against the 35-inch Acer Predator Z35 that comes at a lower $1,099 USD price tag. Likewise, the 34-inch Asus ROG PG348Q is a smidge more affordable at $1,299 USD.

Up against its rivals, Samsung costs $999 USD still wins a few fights with its QLED technology and 144Hz refresh rate, whereas both the Predator Z35 and ROG PG348Q only utilize IPS panels that max out at 100Hz.

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