Samsung working on a foldable display laptop

Samsung the South Korean electro-mechanics chaebol is assumed to launch their very own concept of a foldable smartphone within the following month. Thus, the company is also working to produce devices with bigger displays or should be a laptop with a foldable body.

Updated on 29 May 2023

Earlier this week, the Vice President at Marketing for PCs at Samsung, Min-Cheol Lee says that like the foldable concept smartphones, the company is now working with display manufacturers to equip laptops with a foldable concept display. That is not only capable of simply folding out and in but does create an up to date feel, function,  and also experience for users, among the ever-changing and very dynamic and unpredictable trends in the laptop market. Thus, it was said throughout one of the events in the country of South Korea regarding laptops.

Samsung – works on a laptop with unique foldable concept display

Actually, foldable display in for laptop devices could really transform the market into two in one device. For this reason, the existing changeable laptop devices attempt to twist and flip from media and tablet modes. Thus, this foldable concept of display would absolutely help to create latest designs.

In addition, a foldable designed display guarantees to render convenience usingh this new display design. But, for some instances, this device is capable of expanding into a larger and more the moment it is opened.

To sum it up, the Samsung’s foldable up to date concept display seems to be literally flexible display type. Like so, if you should imagine as a laptop form of a factor, then it is so obvious to notice how this new design concept could come out.

However, Samsung does not reveal which company they are working with. Otherwise, on any date expected for retail devices or prototype. Really, Samsung has been in silence for the information in line with the project.

Samsung – not just the only company who’s working on foldable display

Recently, the Samsung Mobile CEO, DJ Koh points out that a new folding concept smartphone must be significant and meaningful to every customer.

And now, Microsoft is recorded developing their pocketable Surface tech device, also, featuring a foldable concept display. Like so, Huawei is also currently on a foldable phone that will seemingly come out with a tablet fit size fs screen.

In this matter, confirming that Samsung isn’t just the first and the only company that dreams big to this kind of project. Thus, it is assumed to this digital age in such of making a boom.

And as for the moment, however, the kind of industry we have is getting nearer and closer in delivering fresh and innovative devices. With this in mind, in which, it is exciting and so interesting just to imagine.

Final Thought – We have already heard that Samsung does currently working on a foldable smartphone. In which, that will probably in a release on the following month. And also, moreover, it is happening on a bigger device, or on the laptop. Samsung does confirm that the company is now developing a laptop with foldable displays.

The surprising part is that there are no information and details about the project and just a confirmation. For this reason, the only thing we can do this time is to wait patiently.

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