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Let us drop our personal thoughts about the Ready Player One full movie and confess that the idea of the Oasis is nearly realistic but very futuristic for our technology to reach. However, the concept of an online multiplayer Virtual Reality game is not impossible to attain. We could be shocked if one day, we hear about this game being on its beta testing phase. Like so, we will not focus as on Ready Player One review. As a matter of fact, what we want to emphasize here is the search of Ready Player One OASIS experience which people are now searching for by exploring different Virtual Reality MMOs.
Updated on 15 July 2024


In Ready Player One, Oasis is a very compelling concept of a massive multiplayer simulation online where different individuals is allowed to engage themselves in socializing, adventures, and game playing while dressing up in unique Ready Player One characters they personally modified to match their own. Moreover, people today desires to experience the same things too. In fact, you can nearly imagine how people become envious over Ready Player One cast especially the ones which play the role of the cool gamers in the movie.

Here is a question though. Can our technology today reach the required components for us to dive in to the world of OASIS too? Are we able to take a taste on the excitement and thrill of a massive multiplayer online game just like this one in the near future? Well, if we can, hopefully it is not based on cliché things based on pop-culture of 1980s this time.

Find It Out

There is one guy who spends a whole day finding out if it is really possible to experience Oasis using our actual technology today. PCgamer’s Livington played the Ready Player One game which is an MMO in search of Oasis gaming feels. This makes sense because originally we are using Oasis as a get-go.

The said game is still on its beta stages. It claims that players can become anyone they want, be anywhere, and do anything they desire. Hence, the only limit of the game is your own imagination. But unfortunately, there are actually some limits in the game that they did not advertise. Well, who would advertise such things?

Yet, the game is still in beta and there are still a lot of enhancements to make. At present, the avatars are limited so you can’t really be anyone you want. But you can be a cowgirl in the mean time.

All in all, the game is quire fun and full of excitement. As a Virtual Reality MMO, you will definitely be immersed on its cool graphics and epic gameplays. We can consider the fact that its developers are still working on its full finish. This only means, there are things that are still on their way to surprise us in the future.

Final Thought

It is so cool to think about Oasis finally coming in our reality soon. I personally watch out for VR news and games to check if it is possible for us to experience the same in the Ready Player One movie. But while Oasis is still on its beta, it is nice to check some of the best VR MMOs and VR devices while waiting.

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