QuietBuds Review 2024: Is it the Best Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs?

Extended exposure to loud music or sounds can affect one’s delicate inner ear negatively. This can, in turn, lead to hearing impairment. So, it’s essential to protect one’s hearing at all times against loud sounds. The modern and ingenious QuietBuds come with custom-built cores which offer optimal protection under various situations. This product has been making waves in the market as the ultimate solution to protection against loud noises. In this Quiet Buds review, you will learn about everything about this product and if it’s a good investment

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Updated on 20 May 2024

What Are Quiet Buds? 

The Quiet Buds is developed by a team of professional audiologists. It is a truly ingenious invention in the earplug field, delivering optimal hearing protection to people of all ages in different circumstances. It comes with three different sound-muting cores; commute cores, concert cores, and ocean quiet cores. These cores are particularly developed for live events, travel, and ambient sound. These flexible earplugs high-grade, stylish, high-quality, and are incredibly comfortable to wear anywhere. 

Besides protecting the hair cells in one’s inner ear, it also offers users entire control of the surrounding sounds. Users can do this by selectively filtering noises to experience the best sounds without damaging their ears. In each pack of the QuietBuds, users will find three different cores to suit various sound experiences, a portable case for convenient storage, and 3 different cover sizes. Our Quiet Buds review will explain everything to you in detail.

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The Quiet Earbuds come with various exciting features, making them the go-to earplugs for numerous users. This section will explain some of them.

Swappable Cores

The selling point of the innovative earplugs is their swappable cores. Each of the QuietBuds has three various removable cores that can be interchanged anytime you want. This will allow you to select the level of noise you want. The first core is the commute core. It has the shape of an hourglass. This core helps to block ambient noises that come with daily travel. It is also an excellent option if you want to travel by air. This is because it eliminates background noises while still highlighting crucial noises like communication.

quiet buds review

The second core of this innovative solution is the concert core. This core helps to eliminate high-decibel sounds that can damage one’s inner ear. They are particularly beneficial for rock concerts, live events, and other similar events. This core is also incredibly effective for environments with high-level background noises, such as industries and other manufacturing facilities.

The last core is the ocean quiet core. Unlike the two previous cores that still allow for the transfer of noises, this core eliminates ambient noises to make an entirely silent zone. This core is recommended when you want to sleep and want to create a peaceful zone. It will also be incredibly beneficial if you want to do your tasks with zero distractions.

QuietBuds allows users to create the environment they want with these three swappable cores. You must choose your favorite noise mode and use the swappable core that works with it.

Variable Sizing 

Like the swappable cores, the Quiet Earbuds also come in three various sizes; small, medium, and large. This sizing helps users to adjust their earbuds until they find the right size that works for them. The top complaint that numerous earbuds have is that the shell of the user’s ear will start to feel painful and sore after using them for a long time. QuietBuds has been able to solve this issue with the different sizing it has. By producing more sizing options, the makers of Quiet earbuds can promote personalization.

quiet earbuds

Generally, the medium size is the perfect fit for most users because that’s the size most earbuds have. However, if you experience soreness in your ear after using it, you can try out the smaller or larger option. The Quiet Earbuds are made using soft foam. So, they are incredibly functional and comfortable. You can use it throughout the day without knowing it’s there.

Quality Construction

One of the things the Quiet Earbuds boast of is its quality construction. These innovative earbuds are made using unique materials that hold them in place, cancel out noise, and offer a comfortable fit. However, that’s not all there is to these effective earbuds. It is also made to protect users and their ears for a long time. The housing and frame parts of the QuietBuds are made using high- and industrial-grade aluminum. The earbuds attain their stainless steel appearance from the brushed metal used. This also means that the earbuds are incredibly durable and built to last.

You also don’t have to worry about electricity or static accumulation while using these earbuds. The rubber-blend tips and aluminum construction ensure that any charges are expelled harmlessly. So, you are assured that your inner ears are safe from any kind of charges.


The Quiet Buds price is pretty affordable for the value users will get from it. We advise getting the Quiet Earbuds from its official website to avoid scamming.

quiet buds price

Payment Options

Quiet earbuds offer users effective payment channels, which are PayPal and card payments. You can pay using PayPal or various card options such as Mastercard, VISA, Discover, JCB, Amex, etc. You can pay using your credit card, debit card, and net banking. Your card details are also completely safe. This is because Norton and other payment security systems protect the payment link.

Money-Back Guarantee 

Quiet Earbuds come with a reliable money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the device within the first 30 days of purchasing it, you can return it and get a full refund. Although there are terms and conditions attached.


QuietBuds has several exciting offers. You will get discounts when you buy more than one unit of Quiet earbuds. And with less than $10, you can extend your device’s warranty up to three years.


Each user will get a 50% discount when they order the Quiet Earbuds from the official website. It would be best if you got yours before the offer expires. 

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Technical Sheet 

Here are the specifications of the Quiet Buds.

  • Three swappable cores
  • High-grade aluminum
  • Silicon inserts
  • Portable case
  • Effective soundproof fluid

How Does it Work 

QuietBuds make use of advanced technology and have changeable acoustic filters that block out wavelengths of unpleasant sounds. This means that these effective earbuds block certain sounds from the inner ears while releasing the needed sound waves to the auditory canal. By doing this, the inner ear is protected from high-intensity sounds.

quiet buds ear plugs review

Customer Service 

The customer service of Quiet Buds is outstanding. They pride themselves on prioritizing their customers’ needs. Your needs will be attended to, and they will help you with any complaints you may have.  You can reach them today at +18557247406 (USA), +1844 429 4772 (Canada), +61872822011 (Australia and New Zealand), and +443308082095 (The United Kingdom and Ireland).

Users Reviews 

There are many Quiet Buds review online. Users were open to trying out this unique product, and they agreed that it works as advertised by the manufacturer. Here are some of QuietBuds reviews:

“This product works well. I have always had issues with noises because I don’t like them. A friend recommended it, and it has been with me ever since. I particularly like that I can control the noise around me. It’s true freedom.”
Angelina, 32
“I saw this earbud with a friend, and he was kind enough to explain to me what it does. I was a bit skeptical, but I ordered because I trust him. This is my fifth month using this earbud, and I can’t imagine how I survived the noise chaos before I got it.”
Danielle, 26
“My friend recommended this product to me, and ever since I started using it I do not have to regret it. Perfectly recommended!”
Allyson, 29

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This section of the Quiet Buds ear plugs review will highlight other alternatives you can consider apart from this product.

Design Go’s Quiet Zone Earbuds

Design Go’s earbuds have a dual filtration system that effectively eliminates low and high-intensity sounds. This earbud is great for commuters and travelers who spend lots of time traveling or on the go. The two various noise-canceling features it comes with make it a great option for users who like to control the noise level around them.

quiet buds

Decibullz Molded Earplugs

This incredible earplug has a thermoplastic design that allows users to get a perfect fit when wearing them. The Decibullz earplugs mold into users’ ears with a little heat. This implies that the ears will be protected from harmful noises. This earplug is ideal for people who work in industries or manufacturing facilities.

Quiet Buds Review: Final Thoughts 

Hearing impairment can affect one’s life negatively. Quiet Earbuds come with all the necessary features to protect your ears from harmful noises. With this Quiet Buds review, you now know everything there is to know about this product. With a hearing protection solution like QuietBuds, your ears will always be protected from unwanted noises.

Effective Noise Protector
9.5 Total Score

Quiet Buds offers effective protection from harmful noise

Ease of use
  • Effective and reliable noise-cancelation solution 
  • Three different swappable cores 
  • Developed by a team of professional audiologists 
  • It has a carrying case 
  • It is incredibly functional and comfortable 
  • Three various sizing 
  • It can only be bought online 
  • Can get lost if not kept in its carrying case because of its small size
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