PUBG Mobile to fix its Graphics Quality First before Vikendi

Have you heard that PUBG will get the coolest upgrade this year? Yes, that is the snowy-themed Map which will add to its three existing named Vikendi Map. But before that, PUBG prioritizes Graphics Quality Fix first before this most awaited update comes.

Updated on 10 June 2024

The Reason behind This Fix

The PUBG mobile lite update fix on graphics quality is in preparation of the upcoming fourth map of the game. The PUBG mobile Vikendi map needs better graphics to allow users to enjoy its newest gameplays. More so, its developers are now working with an update before the PUBG mobile snow map come out on December 20, 2018.

The most played game of the year will have its update available to the public from 5:30 am on December 21 onwards. However, the graphics quality fix must come first. This need is the result of the previous update it receives which creates a bug in the game. As a matter of fact, the bug resets the graphics quality of PUBG to default on rebooting and then the other makes its channel audio louder the usual. For example, when other players from the right run towards you, you can hear the left channel audio louder which makes you mistake that you are being attacked from the wrong side.

Good thing that the fix takes effect today. For that, Tecent advised the users to restart the game in order to apply the changes form the update. This update to arrive earlier than Vikendi PUBG mobile update allows users to have ample time to get the changes essential for them to get the most out of Vikendi. Knowing that they have to download the fourth map when it becomes available, players will surely make a deep sigh and thanks to the developers because the update arrives just in time.

The Notes on PUBG Mobile Fix


The notes from PUBG’s graphics quality fix allows us to clearly see that there are 5 bugs they gave a solution that includes the things we have mentioned a while ago.

Beyond Vikendi is a lot more than what you could expect. Moreover, waiting for it to come is becoming more intense due to expectations that we want to come true. In line with this, PUBG mobile is said to be the first PUBG version to get the fourth snow-themed map Vikendi outside the public test servers of PUBG in which players use PC to play the game. And as it is already known, the new update is currently on its testing processes.

Vikendi is Coming Soon

Yes, winter is coming soon to PUBG. In short, you’re waiting will soon be over. Anyway, you have to hope that no more bugs will come out along the way to get this cool update to reach you instantly. Like so, Tencent made a statement that PUBG mobile now has its 30 million active users daily and that was a big achievement. Not just that, the company also announced that the outstanding game has now reached 200 million downloads proving its superiority over all the games available today.

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