The Pros and Cons of a 5G Hotspot

There was 3G, 4G LTE, and now it’s time for us to welcome 5G hotspot. If you haven’t already heard, this is going to be the new mobile internet that’s said to give us incredible speeds. Although it hasn’t been completely implemented in all mobile devices yet, there are a lot planning to release newer models supporting it.

Updated on 10 June 2024

Should You Get 5G Hotspot?

Of course, 5G will also be available os use as a hotspot. This means you can share your super-fast internet connection over WiFi with any other device you may have. You can connect your laptop, phones, tablets and so much more with this nifty little feature.

The 5G mobile hotspot is expected to be in such a huge demand that even all the big Telecomm companies are preparing for it. Soon enough, you can definitely expect an AT&T 5G mobile hotspot coming your way.

Although this new piece of technology is certainly appealing, there are also some factors that you definitely need to take into consideration. While getting this would probably be more beneficial for the future, would it really fit right into your everyday lifestyle right now?

Benefits of a 5G Hotspot

Amazing Speeds

Like we keep hearing time and time again, 5G without a doubt is said to offer internet speeds you’ve never experienced before. After all, this is said to be the new wave in the future. It’ll be available on pretty much everyone’s devices and will definitely give everyone the internet connection they’ve been craving for.

In addition, using this as a hotspot will definitely ensure that your devices have faster speeds in comparison to the usual 4G LTE.

Why You Shouldn’t Get a 5G Hotspot

Now that we’ve covered that one basic area, let’s try to move on and see why a 5G hotspot just isn’t necessary right now.

Doesn’t Work with Everyone’s Location

Since 5G is fairly new to the market, it’s only available in a select number of regions. This means, that no matter how much you’d love to get it right away, you can’t really do anything about it.

The cities that 5G is available in just isn’t as massive as you perceived it to be. However, if you’re one of the lucky few that did make the cut, then you should definitely try it out!

It’s Hella Expensive

It shouldn’t be a surprise anymore that all new tech that comes our way also comes with a hefty price tag. It’s not just paying for the device you have to worry about, you also have to upgrade your data plan with your courier too.

No Networks Available Yet

If you get 5G hotspot right now, chances are, you still can’t use it even if you’re in a geographically approved 5G region. According to PCMag, it is said that the “existing 5G plans in the U.S. might not offer enough data for an average month’s network usage”.

So what does this mean? Basically, even when you’re streaming something that isn’t data draining, 5G will still use up more of your monthly data than you usually do. But of course, it’s still too early to tell and this could easily change sometime in the near future.

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