Prime Tracking Review 2024: The Best Portable GPS Tracker

Our Prime Tracking GPS review is comprehensive and adequately researched. In this Prime Tracking GPS review, you will learn everything about the Prime Tracking device.

GPS trackers have continued to evolve in performance, size, and price. This makes it more straightforward to monitor everything you own and love. It can be incredibly soothing always to know the whereabouts of your assets and loved ones, especially older people. One of these modern and advanced GPS trackers is the Prime Tracking GPS. Keep reading the Prime Tracking GPS review to learn more!

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Prime Tracking Device

This unique portable GPS tracker is all you need to monitor your possessions and loved ones.

Updated on 11 June 2024

What Is Prime Tracking? 

This personal GPS tracker is an ultramodern tracking device that employs a smartphone, GPS sensors, and a 4G network. The tracking device shows monitoring results in real-time with incredible accuracy. It gives a report every ten seconds and can last up to two weeks or more when fully charged. You can use this unique portable device to track everything, including your kids’ movements, elder loved ones, vehicles, etc. The GPS tracking device is portable so that you can take it anywhere. It is also resistant to dust and water. Read our Prime Tracking reviews to learn more.

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Prime Tracking Reviews: Features

Below are some amazing features of this GPS tracker:

Small But Solid Design 

The tracking device is reasonably flat and portable. Its measurement is 2.7 x 1.5 x 1 inch (HWD), roughly half the size of an array of cards. This portable device also has three LED status lights which indicate GPS connectivity, power, and cellular connectivity. These three lights are located in the front. It also features an SOS button that sends your location out if you are in a dangerous situation.


Geofencing is a feature that allows you to set a virtual boundary for your tracker. So, you will automatically be alerted if your Prime Tracking Personal GPS Tracker leaves your set limit. So, if you are keeping tabs on any of your possession and asset, geofencing will let you know if your asset or possession leaves the boundary you already set.

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Battery Life 

The Prime Tracking features an inbuilt rechargeable battery. This battery has a high charge storage ability. Once fully charged, it can power the tracking device for up to two weeks without dying. Also, you will get an alert when it’s time to charge your GPS tracker. So, you will never have to keep checking every time to see if it’s time to charge.

The next part of this Prime Tracking GPS review will explain using this portable device.

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How to Use

The Prime Tracking GPS is straightforward to use. All you have to do is follow these steps. You will be able to track your possessions and loved ones in no time.

  • Make sure your tracking device is fully charged.
  • Visit the official website of Prime Tracking to activate your tracking device.
  • Download the Prime Tracking application on Google Playstore and Apple Store after completing your connection.
  • Finally, put your tracking devices where you want to monitor and receive live updates every 10 seconds.

Benefits And Advantages 

In our Prime Tracking reviews, the tracking device offers a lot of benefits. They include:

Real-time Tracking 

The GPS tracker uses a high-speed 4G connection to communicate the location of what you are tracking in real-time. You can know the whereabouts of your loved ones or possessions on the google map with an icon. The real-time tracking is also updated every 10 seconds to ensure that you get the accurate position of the asset you are monitoring.

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Simple Setup Process

It is a straightforward process to set up. All you have to do is make sure your device is fully charged, enter your device’s details on Prime Tracking’s official website to activate it, and choose the tracking plan you desire. After which, you will download the official primetracking personal GPS tracker review application and monitor your possessions and loved ones on the go.

Speed Checker 

The Prime Tracking application allows you to track the speed of your car when you are not the one driving. This will let you know who to trust with your vehicle. This is particularly great for your kids that are just starting to drive on their own. You can use Prime Tracking to monitor their speed and caution them if they are overspeeding.

Location History 

The application allows you to access up to 400 days of tracking history. This ensures that you can go back in time to monitor your assets if you missed them. The location history gives you detailed information and allows you to rewind, forward, and playback for a thorough assessment.

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Users Reviews 

There are numerous positive Prime Tracking reviews. A high percentage of users agree that the tracking device works perfectly well. The following Prime Tracking GPS review was gotten from users that have used this tracker.

“Excellent software. It has the highest quality and speed. I can tabs on my kids if they hang out with their friends or go to their after-school activities.”

Branch Mckeown, 32

“I appreciate the design. So thoughtful and user-friendly.”

Max Charles, 43

“With this tracker, I can track my valuables and my kids. I love it.”

Anne Bartram, 29

These are a few out of the numerous primetracking review online. Every user agrees that the tracker works incredibly well.

Price And Money Back Guarantee 

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You can get this device at the official store. The price also varies since Prime Tracking is always doing promos. Even though the official price is $99.97, this unique portable GPS device is currently $19.97 as and when this article is written.

This portable tracker also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with the results of this Tracker, you can return it within 30 days and get a full refund.

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Final Thoughts On Prime Tracking Reviews

It is safe to say this tracker works as advertised with this Prime Tracking GPS review. If you want to track your loved ones and possession in real-time, we recommend the Prime Tracking GPS. You will have peace of mind when you, your loved ones, and your assets are safe.

Prime Tracking
Excellent GPS tracker
9.1 Total Score
Effective GPS Tracking Device

In this prime tracking GPS review, you will learn everything about the Prime Tracking device. 

Easy to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Gives you a tracking history of up to 400 days
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Long battery life
  • Requires 4G network to track location
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