New Microsoft Surface Headphones Review

When Microsoft launched its new 350USD Surface Headphones together with the Surface PCs, many people were actually a little bit surprised. Microsoft does accomplish headphones? It didn’t look like as unusual as it goes off, because, everyone appears to be using headphones on the date. But how good they’d be? Or instead, could it compete with other best noise-canceling headphones mainly from Sony and Bose – which happen also to have a price tag of 350USD?

However, before they (Surface Headphones from Microsoft) were formally announced, one famous site obtain a preview about the item out at Microsoft’s product development laboratory in Washington specifically in Redmond and was truly impressed. In fact, the very first thing which became very clear, as well as that the company wants to make clear on everyone, was that it wasn’t some quickly organized project in which Microsoft struck its name on headphones it disclosed from some partners in China.

The headphones were constructed in-house for about 3years by an enormous team of engineers and designers. It is no exaggeration to say that Microsoft is today’s one of the boldest and exciting hardware design companies in the tech world.

There are some debates over how appealing such headphones are. In fact, some people like the look while other didn’t. Furthermore, for the exciting part, this is what you’d wish for premium and decent noise-canceling headphones.

Updated on 15 July 2024


  • Excellent noise canceling
  • Surprisingly good wireless performance
  • Stylish look and premium feel
  • Innovative control dials


  • Some comfort issues
  • Soundtracks refinement and reeking energy
  • Uncompetitive battery life
  • Lack of support for AptX, AAC, r LDAC for higher quality sound

Bottom Line

  • The New Microsoft Surface Headphones do not quite match Sony and Bose noise canceling headphones. But, it is a strong novice effort with some compelling features and design elements.

The one thing that impressed me the most about the New Surface Headphone is something you would not see and might even notice for a couple of days. Their wireless performance is excellent. The Surface can keep a stable connection to the iMac at my living room desk no matter where I am in my place. Whereas literally, every other pair of wireless headphones would suffer impedance from the entire metal appliance in the kitchen. With the Surface Headphones, I can do other things while listening to YouTube video that is playing on my desktop on the other side of my place.

At First Glance

From the headphone’s headband to the headrest, these are certainly Surface hardware. It shares the same color scheme likely as the Microsoft’s Surface Book, Studio, and Laptop. The cups and bands are framed in a soft-touch and premium plastic. Thus, plastic usually specifies a step reverse to build quality and durability, but it still feels durable and must be able to manage a few falls. There is also a metal where it is actually needed. On the other hand, the twistable shed attaching the cups through the band is aluminum. Also, there is a metal in the headband’s inner part.

Surface Headphones

No two braincases are alike, thus it is great that the earcups have a range to it as well as a solid grip. The memory foam padding, however, has sufficient headrests for glasses as well as its material that’s leather-like has some absorption to it. Like so, it is comfortable to wear on the desk.

The New Surface Headphones conflict a little when you are out. It will stay on the head while you’re doing a light exercise or walking outside. But, likely as the majority of over-ears, it will become hot too. So, if you’re planning to place it in your neck, its hangars will twist flat. But the headrests stiffly aim up and do not entirely release its soft chokehold on the neck. In addition, it will auto-pause when you take it off. Though there are times that this kind of feature does not appear to respond.

Sony and Bose, however, have these similar problems with regards to travel fit. Thus our favorite on-the-go headphones are still the Plantronics BackBeat pro 2.

In such a way, if you are to buy for travel, knowing that the hangars allow the cups to twist flat is very important. In which, you can not entirely fold up these headphones to a ball which is similar to other competitors. Honestly, this was not a big deal, but it might be a catch depending on how you take care of them.

All about its Dials

Another good feature of this headphone is it dial in every earcup. If you want to adjust the volume, you can rotate the ring which is located on the right-side ear cup. And if you want to adjust the noise canceling you can utilize the left-side ear cup.

The dials, on the other hand, turn smoothly. In fact, there are lots of designs work flee towards it.  And technically, there are 13 points or levels for noise canceling. Moreover, the company has past experience with regards to dials, having made the Surface Dial intended for Surface Studio computers, a few years ago.

Microsoft Surface Headphones

In the same token, on the ear cups, there are also touch controls which let you end and answer calls, play music, and even end a call in just a single tap. You can also skip tracks backward (3 taps) and forward (2 taps). The said touch area is about the size of a quarter.

However, the touch controls are responsive and work really great while not becoming too sensitive on it. It is also worth sharing that if you remove the headphones, the music will pause automatically and resumes when you wear the headphones.

In addition to that, you can reach out the noise cancellation to suppress the reality. Or dial behind to the extent of allowing diffusive sound towards the headphones. In which, it allows you to talk to flight attendants on airplanes without removing your headphones. Indeed, the noise cancellation seems to be effective which is close to the Sony as well as Bose.

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