New iPhone To Bring Back Fingerprint Reader: Is It True?

Recently, there are multiple statements concerning Apple saying that their upgrades are already ineffective to excite Apple consumers. The electronic manufacturing giant has tried various innovations so far just to make an ultimate essential upgrade for their comeback. Until a new report has been mentioned, and it is about the next move of Apple which is to bring back the feature loved by many. It is the Fingerprint Reader included on the previous models of iPhone devices such as the iPhone 6 fingerprint reader, the phone x fingerprint reader, and others.

Updated on 20 May 2024

iPhone’s Fingerprint Reader

Most of us ignore unrealistic rumors like UFOs and things like that. However, Apple to bring back a modernized Fingerprint reader on their latest devices has a great possibility to materialize.

The fingerprint scan iPhone is capable of is designed to let users unlock their cool Apple devices and make various purchases on Apple’s digital stores. These stores include iTunes, AppStore, and Apple Books. Since the year 2013, Apple added this fingerprint scan app on their devices until the year 2017. After the short moment of being gone, it is reported that iPhone’s Fingerprint Reader will be back again.

Moreover, it is said that the upcoming Apple devices will include an enhanced version of a fingerprint reader which will absolutely catch the interest of most of Apple lovers nowadays. This enhancement we are talking about will be brought to us by General Interface Solutions and TPK Holding. This company is the one Apple is currently observing right now, especially their biometric sensor supplies. What is interesting about it is that this technology will be first tasted with next years new iPads. Apple ensures to make it a success in order to implement it on their iPhones too.

Why Fingerprint Reader on iPads First?

You may be asking why would Apple apply this comeback on iPads first? Apple is currently finding an appropriate solution to eliminate and lessen the size of iPads home button. However, the company doesn’t want to compromise on adding Face ID either due to its costly price. As Apple imagined it, they saw the essence of their previous fingerprint reader and planned to turn it into a new one.

Finally, why Apple applied the modernized fingerprint reader on iPad is to lower the risk of failure in the future and to make it as a tool to inspect first the effectivity of the revised app.

Further Twists

Apple has plainly announced about O-Film, TPK Holdings, and GIS are also the one who supplies for Samsung’ amazing cutting edge technology which is none other than the “Ultrasonic in-display reader” which will be used in the rumored Galaxy S10. This Ultrasonic in display reader is capable of accurate and fast reading. Furthermore, an even secured tool for daily usage. It is just a bit discouraging that the existing versions of in display readers are slow and a bit unresponsive. Yet, this one surely offers a great deal. I am bidding for it as the next thing before Apple’s Touch ID.

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