Muama Ryoko Reviews 2024: Latest 4G WiFi Router

Companies now operate remotely. Colleges and universities are embracing distance learning due to Covid-19 protocols. Zoom conferences and eLearning are now the new normal. And for many people, wifi is a crucial need for running their businesses. If you are looking for a convenient, efficient, cost-effective 4G wifi Router, you should read our Muama Ryoko reviews. The 4G wifi Router provides you with private and fast internet connections on the go.

You will find Muama Ryoko reviews everywhere online, but is the device worth the hype? What makes this device so special? Read on to discover everything you need to know about the 4G wifi device.


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Updated on 8 April 2024

Why should you get the Muama WiFi device?

ryoko wifi

Connecting to a public wifi network can result in a slow network due to a large number of users, this can be frustrating. Moreover, there is a high possibility of losing important data to hackers when you are connected to an unsecured public network. And if you are a frequent traveler, you’ll have been to a location with weak signal strength. Then you’ll probably want to look for high ground to boost the signal.

This device is a portable 4G wifi device that provides you with a fast internet connection regardless of where you are in the world. The device is lightweight and can fit into your pocket or palm. That means you can carry it with you easily. The device has a built-in antenna to enable you to boost the network in a dead location.

According to the manufacturers, UAB Ekomlita, the device is encrypted by Norton, TRUSTe, and McAfee. So your data is secure and cannot be accessed by third parties. Furthermore, you can connect up to ten devices to the wifi network.

Muama Ryoko Reviews: Features


The device is made with sleek and lightweight materials. You should be able to use the device for a very long time without issues. That is why it comes with a one-year warranty which can be extended to three years warranty if you pay extra. Furthermore, the device protects you against viruses, malware, and other malicious material online according to the provider.

Fast Internet Speed

This device allows you to enjoy a very fast internet connection of up to 150Mbps. This means that even when you connect up to 10 devices, you won’t still have a slow internet connection. Furthermore, you will not struggle with downloads or streaming online.

Device Connectivity

I have mentioned earlier that this wifi router allows up to 10 devices to connect to it at once. So you can securely connect all your devices in your household or office to it.

The Size

This 4G wifi router is a portable device that can fit into your pocket or palm.

4G LTE Coverage Plus SIM Card

The device always comes with a VIAOTA 4G LTE SIM card with a 500MB of data allocation. VIAOTA is accessible in 38 countries. However, you don’t need to use the SIM card if VIAOTA is not available in your country. You can use any SIM card of your choice with this 4G wifi router.


The battery of this device lasts up to 12 after a full charge. However, the device switches itself off when no device is connected to save battery.

Power OFF Feature

This device has a power OFF feature that automatically switches it off when you are not using it. This feature lets you save data and battery.

QR CODE Connection

There are many ways to connect to this device. One fascinating way to connect is to scan the QR CODE displayed on the device’s screen.

Muama Ryoko how does it work?

This 4G wifi router is easy to use. However, it will be best if you charge it for a few hours before using it. Then you’ll need to insert a SIM card before you turn on the device. Follow the steps below to install and secure your router device.

First, you’ll need to download and install the VIAOTA app on your Android or iOS device. After a successful installation, you should complete the registration, verify, and log in to the app. If you plan to use the VIAOTA SIM, scan the barcode on the SIM to activate the free 500MB. Insert the SIM card and connect your device.


There are two ways to connect your device to this WiFi router:

  • Press the WPS button two times and scan the QR code displayed on the LCD screen.
  • You can also connect your device by searching and connecting from your Wi-FI settings. You will find the password displayed on the screen by pressing the WPS button once.

However, you can change your wireless name and password. Here is how you can change your password and device name:

  • Connect your device to the Router with the default password. You can check your default password by pressing the WPS button once.
  • Open the browser and enter “” in the address bar.
  • Log in to the Web Management System (the default password is ‘admin’)
  • Tap on Change login password to change your password.


Muama Ryoko WiFi Reviews: Benefits


This device is very simple to use. There is nothing complicated about the device. From the interface to the navigation, you should not have a problem with the device. There is a user manual that contains all information on how to operate the wifi router.

Fast and reliable connection

Even in a location where there is a poor network, this router will give you a fast and reliable internet connection. You don’t need to bother about connectivity when you are on a trip or camping.

Lightweight and Compact

The device is portable and can fit into your palm or pocket. You can use it on the go on a train, car, bus, or when you are camping.

Long battery life

A single charge will give you up to 12 hrs of standby usage. Besides, its automatic power OFF feature will help you save and preserve your battery life.

Secure connection

This router is always password protected and secure. And only the device with the password can have access to the wifi connection. Moreover, the device is encrypted. However, that is according to the manufacturer.

Users’ review (Muama Ryoko Reviews)

“I spent a lot of time trying to find a good 4G wifi, and I was happy to buy this device after reading Muama Ryoko reviews online. In general, I am very satisfied with the strong wifi connection.”
Nikos Marov

What drew my attention was the LCD screen. I love the fact that it provides a user-friendly interface and shows my data connections. The battery is also one of the thing that am I am very happy about as I was able to use it for more than 8 hours at work.
D Lopez

The wifi connection range is incredible. I can connect to the device even when I’m on the third floor of my house. I used to have a poor internet connection until I read the Muama Ryoko reviews and I decided to purchase one. This decision has been the best for my business so far.
Cortney T

Price and money-back guarantee

The official site currently offers a 70% discount on every quantity of the product purchased using the button below. Currently, the Muama Ryoko price is $89 for one which also comes with a 1-year warranty. However, if you pay an additional $16.95, you’ll get a 3-years warranty on all units purchased through the button below. Furthermore, you will get free shipping on all orders directly to your location when you order with the button below.

ryoko price

This device’s manufacturer offers a 30-days money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the product. Contact customer care support via their email to initiate a return. You must include your full name, email, order number, the reason for return, and product name in the email.

A link will be sent back to you if your order meets up the return condition. The link will contain instructions about return and refund.

However, for you to return the product, it must be unused, brand new, in manufacturer condition, in original packaging, and with all the accessories included.


Frequently asked questions (Muama Ryoko reviews)

Here are most of the questions I get from customers’ Ryoko reviews.

Can this device work with a local internet SIM card?

Yes, you can use this device with any SIM card.

What devices can I connect to the Muama Ryoko portable WiFi?

You can connect your android, iOS, laptop, tablet, or even smartwatch to the device. It can connect up to 10 devices at once.

Where can I buy the device?

You can purchase the 4G wifi at their official website or popular online and local stores.

In which countries can I use this device?

The provider has listed 139 countries on its official website where the Wifi router can be used without any problems.

Conclusion (Muama Ryoko Reviews)

After you have read the Muama Ryoko reviews, you should have a clearer picture of what the device is all about. If you think the device is good enough to make your life easier, you can order it through their official website.

MUAMA Ryoko WiFi Router
9 Total Score
Muama Ryoko rating 2024

Cost efficient
Ease of Use
  • Fast
  • Secure connection
  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • User-friendly
  • Require the VIAOTA app to set up.
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