LiveTemp Pro Review 2024: Is It Really The Best Thermometer In The Market?

In 2020, we’ve been interfering with the coronavirus, the virus that people are panicking about. It can cause serious illness to death. Having a fever can scare you and people because it’s one of the virus symptoms. Checking the body temperature by the thermometer is the way that people can easily notice themselves from the virus infection or a fever. Or we can say that the thermometer is becoming the important tool we rely on as the first wall of virus protection. For this purpose, there’s a LiveTemp Pro thermometer – a thermometer that seems to be the perfect one. We’ll determine if it’s perfect or worth buying. Let’s find out in our LiveTemp Pro review. 

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Updated on 10 June 2024

Are you sure that the thermometer tells you the accurate temperature? 

It’s important to make sure that every single number of results you see on the thermometer’s screen is accurate. What for? To make sure that your body temperature is in the typical range stated between 36.5-37.5 degrees Celsius; no fever or any signs of virus infection. So If you’ve got a thermometer that is starting to delay showing results on the screen even in a few seconds or it indicates a sign that gives you an uncertain feeling of accuracy, it’s the perfect time to have a new better one.

livetemp pro

What is it?

LiveTemp Pro is a fast and accurate infrared thermometer that automatically detects body temperature without any contact. The results will show in digital numbers on the screen with no disturbingly delay and accurate measure temperature in under a second. Also, it can be used to measure body temperature or any objects including any type of liquids. This is very useful and very convenient simplifying with technological features for everyone.


LiveTemp Pro Review: What are the specifications?

There are many LiveTemp Pro reviews from real users about the LiveTemp Pro thermometer, which it’s the best infrared or laser thermometer. That’s because the LiveTemp Pro thermometer is made to be a better one. The LCD screen is easy to read with three different colours reading temperature. Only use two AAA batteries in a compact size; 95×42.5×56 mm., and the weight is only 124 grams that’s very light to easily carry with one hand.

livetemp pro functions

LiveTemp Pro Review: How to use it?

Because it is an infrared thermometer, so no need to contact any body’s parts and it is easy to use in a few steps; point, press, and read

    1. Point a thermometer onto a subject’s forehead in just 2-5 cm. measuring distances and press the button.
    2. Read the screen, a person temperature will display on it with three different colours for three different temperature ranges;

          🟩   Green: normal temperature
          🟨   Yellow: medium temperature
          🟥   Red (plus sound alert): high temperature livetemp pro alarm system

Even a thermometer is accurately measuring temperature, it still works on recording data in case you want to see the previous results of the temperature you’ve measured.


LiveTemp Pro Review: Why should you buy a LiveTemp Pro thermometer?

The undeniable fact about something that you’ve been using for a while and it’s deteriorating. Throwing it away isn’t guilty at all. The important thing is which one will you buy to replace? So the thermometer. If you’re hesitating to buy a new thermometer, here are the characteristics of LiveTemp Pro thermometer that will intrigue you more and more;

1. Fast & Accurate Thermometer: only 0.5 seconds measuring, unlike other thermometers which take much more time.
2. Non Contact Measurement: with infrared technology – it’s safe to prevent the virus infection with distances of 2-5 cm.
3. Easy to Read Screen Monitor: the results will show on the screen with three different colours that are easy to recognize, also will warn you if your body temperature is a little bit higher than a typical state in yellow colour.
4. Data Record: LiveTemp Pro thermometer is able to record 64 readings that you can use for tests or track the progress.
5. Have a Stress-Free Environment: this thermometer can ensure you don’t have to turn the light off or worry about room temperature. It can effectively and accurately work itself.

LiveTemp Pro Review:

“My previous thermometer was starting slowly measuring. I’d used it for a few years. Actually, I feel like it’s fine to use because it’s still working, then the covid-19 situation has come and I’m panicking a bit. I need to make sure that everyone in my family is absolutely alright but when it slowly works it makes me feel doubtful about the results if it’s accurate? The thermometer’s supposed to be accurate. To be honest, at the first time I found LiveTemp Pro. In an online shop, I didn’t feel anything special about it. It looked the same as the others but when I bought it I realised it’s better than the ones I owned. It’s faster and more convenient. There are 3 colours to tell me the temperature states. I can tell that I’m really happy with the results.
Grace V. Fossan
My health isn’t well. I get cold easily and I used to have a thermometer to measure my body temperature which is very old. I used it for 3 years till it’s dead. Then I found LiveTemp Pro, it’s the best thermometer. I can record and track my temperature every day. That’s much better for my medical treatment.
Peter Lee
I’ve never been interested in infrared thermometers before because I don’t feel I can trust the result. I mean, how can it measure without touching a body? Then I changed my mind because the one I got was a digital thermometer that needed to touch a body. It took time to measure. I think I need one which is faster and LiveTemp Pro is a good choice my friend recommended. Still, It has to make me trust it. I compare it with my digital thermometer and I determine it’s faster and accurate the same way as the digital one can do. I started to like it and now it has become my favourite.
Christina Young


LiveTemp Pro Review: Price and money-back guarantee

You can buy LiveTemp Pro thermometer on a LiveTemp official site with a -50% discount at ฿3,038 and free shipping. It’s worth buying now! Plus, buy more units, get a cheaper per piece. You can choose the payment options which are available on MasterCard, Visa, and Amex.

There are 30 days money-back guarantee after your order is confirmed.


Q: Can I use LiveTemp Pro to measure baby formula milk?

A: Sure, it’s an infrared thermometer, so you can use it to measure any subject including baby formula milk by pointing it on a subject’s surface and pressing the button. LiveTemp Pro will proceed itself at baby formula milk as well as proceed at body temperature.

Q: Is LiveTemp Pro a scam?

A: It’s impossible that a LiveTemp Pro thermometer will be a scam. You probably find out it sounds exaggerated but it was improved by technology to be the best.

Q: Is it necessary to measure body temperature?

A: It’s important to check body temperature every day, especially in COVID-19 situations. Fever is one of the signs of this virus and we need to be careful.

Q: Does LiveTemp Pro really work?

A: Sure, the infrared thermometers measure no contact with the body, they still work very well in a distance. The infrared thermometer works by focusing light that is coming from the object in the form of infrared rays and funneling that light into a detector called a thermopile which is absorbing the infrared radiation and turns it into heat.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still hesitating about buying a LiveTemp Pro thermometer – eventually you’re determining how good it is – but we’re all now realizing that it is the best thermometer with excellent features; fast, accurate, and non-contact. It’s perfectly suitable and safe for everyone. Body temperature should be in the typical state and it’s very important to stay safe from any virus. So, if you’re interested in having your own thermometer, it’s a good chance to have one.

LiveTemp Pro
9.5 Total Score
LiveTemp Pro Review

LiveTemp Pro thermometer is worth to buy

Value for money
Ease of Use
  • fast & accurate
  • non-body contact
  • infrared technology
  • sell on official site only
  • mixed review on effectiveness
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