League of Legends Mobile Game Is Currently Under Development

The famous online game League of Legends is finally having its League of legends mobile game android version. According to a report, the creators of the game, Riot Games along with its major shareholder Tencent Holdings has started its development.

Updated on 27 March 2023

League of Legends Mobile Game apk is coming

Based on another report, the development of the game might have started a year ago. This means League of Legends mobile game online will not yet release as of this year.

Moreover, China’s Tencent has recently tried to replicate the popularity of League of Legends by launching two excellent combinations of mobile MOBAs namely Arena of Valor and Honor of Kings. Despite the fact that both of these LOL replicas became a big hit in China, neither of the two have actually made much impact in Western countries.

According to a report, Tencent’s move is in accordance with its plan which is to expand LOL’s user base in the countries of Asia. Most of all, Asia is the continent where mobile gaming is incredibly popular.

Once people learned about a new League of Legends mobile game download, it will definitely add a whole new dimension specifically to the world of mobile gaming. Speaking about this, mobile games such as Free Fire and Clash Royale are currently dominating the scene. Meanwhile, these titles comprise huge followings, yet, neither of the two has a 10-year history or cachet just like what League has.

Will it become another Hit or Miss?

league of legends mobile game online

Knowing that League of Legends desktop version is incredibly popular. As a matter of fact, it has 10 Millions of players and impressive popularity in terms of e-sports. Plus the recent rise of the now popular mobile games such as PUBG and Fortnite. We can clearly see that it makes sense for the game to have a mobile version.

For the meantime, there are no much details about the development, inclusions, as well as the release of League of Legends mobile game online version. However, it will not be a huge surprise anymore if the upcoming mobile game will arrive in both Android and iOS versions of apps.

Aside from that, it is not clear yet if how the game would exactly look like. Most specifically if how would it become similar to its desktop-based popular predecessor.  Like so, it is also unclear if its developer, Riot, has plans to allow the pairing of desktop users and mobile users. It will definitely make a massive impact in the gaming world if the developer allows that.

Although it is quite obvious that desktop users will have the upper hand over mobile users. This means it is more likely to have a mobile queue.

Final Thoughts

Are you excited about this new upcoming mobile game? For all the players of League of Legends, this might be the answer to your long waiting. The game has been a very popular desktop-based epic game. And it is quite exciting to know that it will soon arrive on mobile. Did you like the idea of LOL having a mobile version? Let us hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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