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Due to the rise of crime in almost every country in the world. It is incredibly important to invest in security systems that can help you protect everything that matters. Long ago, security cameras among other surveillance equipment are exceptionally expensive and considered as something hard to maintain. But today, this technology is now accessible. LaView security products are the most prominent you can find as the best example.

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Updated on 20 May 2024

Introducing LaView

A company based in the U.S., LaView belongs under home security and network video surveillance. They offer stealth industry standard surveillance equipment that features Full HD LaView camera system and high definition ID technology that has wireless options.

Their corporate values are Compassion, Family, Reliability, and Respect. More so, they promise to consistently update their security system using the most advanced state of the art technology. This brings confidence to all customers that they are utilizing the best solutions available. Also, they work hard to introduce you a support team that serves with solid quality and efficiency. This allows you to reap the best benefits of their lifetime tech support.

Since the year 2013, LaView commits to provide only the best security systems to effectively protect you and your property. They believe that everyone deserves the confidence and peace in which LaView security cameras provide. Among the list of their security equipment, LaView security camera system is considered as one of their core products. It is affordable and includes various kinds of LaView camera that comprises the essential features you need to stay on watch even as you sleep or away.

Enhance your life with formidable security that can help you stay peaceful and safe all night and day. Let LaView do the watching and just rest and relax wherever you are.

LaView Security Systems

laview camera

All LaView security systems are offered together with different kinds of LaView security cameras. These cameras have high definition video that includes two-way audio communication as well. Some of their products are HP Security Systems, HD Security Cameras, WiFi Camera, HD IP Security Systems, HD IP Cameras, and other Camera Accessories.

Benefits of LaView

The advancement of technology gave way to the greatest enhancements of security system equipment. This great enhancement includes the recording capability in the video camera, quality, and also, cost-effectiveness. More so, here’s a list of LaView’s benefits that you can enjoy using their products.

Peace of Mind

This busy life makes us run around in circles and mostly, worry about things. However, you can cut off those worries when the places you and your loved ones stay is equipped with immense security systems like LaView security.

A chaotic daily schedule can take all the remaining time you have to watch the security of your family. But with LaView, you will be able to provide the protection for your property and loved ones even if you are not always there. Besides, the number of crimes happening in our society today is continuously increasing. Good thing that there is a security and surveillance company today, that provides best-in-class security solutions that you can trust.

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laview camera system

When you are away for a business trip and your kids have to stay home alone, you can’t help but stress yourself thinking about them. But with Laview camera system, you can now relax and focus on what you do. Their 24/7 monitoring will allow you to skip the distance and know that your family is safe.

Ranging from large-scale businesses to small apartments, LaView’s DIY security will strengthen your setup and render a high-quality layer of surveillance night and day. Their solutions promise to improve your lifestyle. With their high-end products, you will be able to work and live freely without the need to worry about the things you care about.

Easy Installation Process

You can download the LaView app for free. Use this application to monitor your business and home anytime and anywhere. With this, you can check out a live video of your home or office, receive notifications which are triggered when suspicious activity is detected, and review video footage using your smartphone.

All of these features come free on the app. You don’t need to pay monthly for subscriptions and hidden fees so connect and monitor your family with no limit. It is also easy to set up.


Just like LaView doorbell, LaView camera is made to last. Security solutions stay up for almost 24  hours in all days of the year so there is no room for technical issues. It is especially that crime such as theft occurs in many unexpected times. Good thing that LaView products are durable and weatherproof that can withstand every type of climate.

In line with that, you can place them on both outdoors and indoors with no worries because they can operate from -22°F to 140°F. These include impressive IP ratings that provide an incredible resistance to water and dust making it perfect in all seasons.

The LaView Circle

Their DIY security solution will allow you to collaborate with their team to customize the system you need. The best thing about it is that you can have the freedom to expand and upgrade the coverage of your system. As a matter of fact, you can modify it at any time. This freedom will allow you to develop and make your home security strategy that can satisfy you the most.

Now, who says security is impossible to achieve?

Helpful Support

Among all the benefits of LaView, their support and compassion are one of the best benefits they provide. Not only that all their products come with lifetime tech support, but they also value and think about the security and convenience of their customers.

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Why Do You Need LaView?

laview security

There is no price that can equal the safety and security of your loved ones. While you can buy things when they get stolen, you can’t bring back life when gone. This strong reason keeps us looking for a truly reliable security system solution that we can recommend to everyone. So now that we found LaView security, we can now settle and inform everyone about it.

Check out the following reasons why you need LaView in your life. Learning about these things will allow you to fully understand the necessity of security systems:

Keep Out Criminals

Installing noticeable LaView security cameras outside your house is enough to keep criminals out. However, mounting fake and not working cameras is not a wise choice. Just for everyone to know, veteran criminals can easily identify if your security system is active or not. They usually inspect and study your home first so they can organize their wicked plan.

Now, if these bad guys learned that your home is secured by a professional security solution. They will definitely back out. But in case that your home is still attacked, at least you have footage that can help you to track them out.

Help Police

Just like what we have mentioned earlier. You will be able to obtain clear video footage of the incident especially if you utilize the HD security systems of LaView. This footage will help the police in your area to advance the investigation and catch the culprit who attacks your home.

Moreover, utilizing a security system can help your community to fight the rise of crime. This way, you can grow awareness of other people of the need for such technology.

Monitor your Family

The safety of your family is the best reason to utilize robust LaView net surveillance. With its help, you can remotely check on your children using any mobile device. Moreover, it is most often that parents are away from home especially when they have to attend business trips, work, and other things related to it. As a result, it is also often that they stress themselves out thinking about their kids.

Through the LaView security camera system, parents can now monitor what their children do even if they’re at work. With this technology, the gap between work and home is now something not to worry about.

Check on your Pets

For those people who have includes animals in their family (Well, some people even call them their babies), the tremendous help from LaView camera system can help to monitor them. While it can be sad and worrying to leave pets in your home, paying someone to take care of them can be quite expensive. On the other hand, you can install surveillance cameras on your home to check them out. This way, you can see them playing or running around your house anytime you are free to use your mobile.

Record Everything

The footage captured by security cameras can help not only to catch the burglars who attack your home but also to validate your insurance claim. You can use the footage as evidence needed to make insurance claim whether it is due to theft or vandalism. Since security cameras can take even up to 24 hours of video, you are guaranteed to record everything that happens in and out of your home.

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LaView Security Cameras

laview security camera system

Laview SKU LV-KNX966P1612W4-T3

Under their camera systems, this one has a skyrocket high prize. But the good thing here is the fact that it is loaded with high ends surveillance equipment such as twelve 4 Mega Pixel HD IP Cameras, 16 channel 4K NVR, 3TB pre-installed storage, and a comprehension capability of H.264+ that can help it have a longer storage time. Like so, it includes the LaView app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It also features night vision with a maximum of 100 ft.

Security systems have to render clear footage in order to be considered useful and cost-effective. This is one of the things you must consider in investing in sleek and reliable security systems like LaView.

Laview SKU LV-KT8216B06-T1

If you are looking for a comprehensive security system, this is the perfect one for you. It includes six 1080P HD Cameras, 1TB pre-installed Storage, and motion sensors that can allow you to receive notifications when suspicious activity is detected in your home.

LaView allows you of easy remote access that brings convenience, especially when monitoring a place far from you. It also boasts a night vision capability that can help you see clearly even up to 65ft. Let alone that these cameras are IP66 weatherproof rated. This means that this equipment can survive even in the harshest weather of the year.

All of this is bundled in the most affordable price.

Laview SKU LV-KNW9382F2-T1

I think this 8 Channel High Definition NVR is the most loved LaView security camera system. It is loaded with top-notch features and high-end components that any customer will surely desire. The best components you can get in this pack are Full high definition video quality two 1090P WIFI IP Cameras plus more than 100ft night vision capability. It also has two-way audio that can allow you to screen those who want to enter your home.

It is designed to be easily installed and it comes with the free LaView app for easy remote access. Additionally, it offers 1TB pre-installed storage that you can upgrade. This is quite useful, especially that security cameras capture video footage from day to night. It also boasts sleek motion sensors with a more advanced feature like smart search. It is also weatherproof meeting the IP66 ratings so you are assured that it’s durable.

For the pricing, it comes with an average cost of $550.

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How To Get Mine?

To start protecting yourself, your family, and everything you own. Get the best LaView security system by clicking the button below. They provide the sleekest surveillance equipment that can cover you with protection that runs from day to night. You can avail the most expensive or get the most affordable, the choice is yours. What’s important here is to choose the perfect one that fits your needs.

On their website, you can compare all their products and customize the level of security you will avail. Their team is compassionate and sincere when it comes to supporting you in creating a DIY security system.

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