KIA VIK mobile app to enhance customer service

Kia Motor Corporation has had launched a mobile app to enhance customer services that range from the car, which purchase to used car sales.

Updated on 22 May 2024

About Kia Motor Corporation

KMC (Kia Motor Corporation) was founded in 1944. It is South Korea’s oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles. And also, it is now a subsidiary of the Hyundai-Kia Automotive group. Like so, over 1.5 million vehicles in a year are produced by 13 manufacturing and assembly operation in over eight countries. Hence, these are then sold and serviced through a network of distributors and dealers that covers 172 countries.

Additionally, Kia today has forty thousand full-time employees globally and annual revenues of over $14.6 billion USD. Thus, the company brand slogan is “The Power to Surprise.” In where, from August 2009 up to December 2012, the company has had been led by Hyoung-Keun Lee.

Moreover, beginning in 2006, Kia identified design as its “core future growth engine”.  That leads to the 2006 hiring of Peter Schreyer and to the 200 hiring Tom Kearns as the Chief Design Officer. Actually, Scheyer has had previously worked at Audi and Volkswagen and had won the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. And also, Kearns has had previously worked at Cadillac as Chief Design Officer. As well as he is responsible for influencing Cadillac’s director of hard angles and sharp lines within their design.

Kia Motor Corporation, stylized as Kia, was headquartered in Seoul. In which, Kia is South Korea’s second largest automobile manufacturer. That follows the Hyundai Motor Company, with sales of over 3.3 million vehicles, back in 2015.

In this matter, as of December 2015, the Kia Motor Corporation is minority owned by Hyundai. That owns a 33.88 percent stake valued just over $6 billion USD. Moreover, Kia in return is a minority owner of more than twenty Hyundai subsidiaries ranging from 4.9 percent up to 45.37 percent, which sums up more than $8.3 billion USD.

KIA VIK mobile app

The KIA VIK mobile app allows Kia customers to check on the prices of the Kia vehicle. Thus, to check drive vehicle there are about or in consideration of buying. And also, to look upon vehicles repair and even maintenance and put the used cars up for auction. The company has had said in a statement.

The new KIA VIK mobile app is the first of its kind in the South Korean automobile industry. In such a way, the mobile app can download right away on Samsung and Apple smartphones by the owners of Kia vehicles.

In more other efforts to boost sales of its said vehicles, Kia also has plans to launch a Galaxy smartphone. It which, it carries the KIAVIP app from the outset early in the next year – the company has said in a statement.

Nevertheless, Kia Motor Corporation and Samsung Electronics Corporation has had already signed an initial agreement. In order to push forward the smartphone that is customized for owners of Kia vehicles. Also, the company has had said in a statement.

In line with this matter, surely, the said app will be much help for those who had the Kia vehicle.

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